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Frank Fontaine (II) (Actor, The Covenant (2006))
Frank Fontaine (I) (Actor, Hit Parade of 1951 (1950))
Frank Fontaine (III) (Make Up Department, The Italian Job (2003))
Frank Fontaine (IV)
Frank Fontaine (V) (Music Department, Daddy's Little Girls (2007))
Frank Fontaine (VII) (Self, Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story (2014))
Frank Fontaine (VIII)
Frank Fontana (Actor, Takeover My Makeover (2006))
Hank Fontaine (Actor, The Fontaines: Always (2017))
Franck Fontaine
Frank Fountain (Producer, Walk with Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith (2016))
Francine Fontaine (Visual Effects, Everest (2015))
Francis Fontaine (Actor, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (2010))
François Lafontaine (I) (Composer, Gabrielle (2013))
Francois Lafontaine (Visual Effects, Warcraft (2016))
Fontaine Franck
François Fontaine (Special Effects, Les Pigeons Ça Chie Partout (2015))
François Lafontaine (II) (Composer, L'innommable (2017))
France Fontaine (Actress, Le frère André (1987))
Jean-François Fontaine (I) (Actor, Hivernam (2002))
Jean-François Fontaine (II) (Cinematographer, Power Corps. (2004))
Francisco Lafontaine (II)
Francisco Lafontaine (I) (Cinematographer, Manifest (2014))
Francisco Lafontaine (III)
Françoise Césarie Fontaine (Actor, L'enfance déracinée (2013))
Jean-Francois Fontaine (I) (Actor, Upside Down (2012))
Jean-Francois Fontaine (II)
Jean François Fontaine (Visual Effects, Mirages (2010))
Jean Francois Fontaine (Camera Department, Life and Times (1996))