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Lord Michael (Art Department, Candy. (2010))
Edward Mickle (II) (Producer, No One's Watching (2012))
Edward Mickle (I) (Miscellaneous, Report to Murphy (1982))
Micki Stickford (Actress, 100 Centre Street (2001))
Clifford Michel (Actor, The White Rose (2014))
Sanford Michaelson (Music Department, Death by Invitation (1971))
Lord Michael Banks (Actor, Sugar Hill (1993))
Lord Michael Onslow (Self, Mondän! (1998))
Richard Mickelson (I) (Actor, David and Bathsheba (1951))
Richard Mickle (Writer, Mirror Image (2015))
Leonard Mickelo (Actor, Spear (2015))
Richard Mickelson (II) (Actor, The Survivalist (1987))
Lord McConickie (Actor, The Manicurist and the Mutt (1913))
Howard McCormick II (Art Department, Over the Top (1987))
Kuzmickii Dmitrii (Transportation Department, Letopis vremyon (2007))
Witold Mickiewicz (Cinematographer, Identification Marks: None (1965))
Mick Ford (I) (Actor, Scum (1979))
Ditmar-Eckehard Mickeleit (Actor, Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (1976))
Constance Ellen Bedard-Mick