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Colin Ford (I) (Actor, We Bought a Zoo (2011))
Colin Ford (II) (Actor, Outside Candy (2009))
Colin Ford (III) (Cinematographer, Nasty Woman )
Colin Gordon (I) (Actor, The Pink Panther (1963))
Crawford Collins (Actor, Freakish (2016))
Richard Collins (V) (Actor, Trailer Park Boys (2001))
Gord Collings (I)
Gord Collings (II) (Self, No Days Off (2017))
Gerard Colin (Actor, Boy Meets Girl (1984))
Bernard Colin (Actor, Praline® (2007))
Gérard Colin
Howard Colin (Camera Department, The Casual Vacancy (2015))
John Ford Coley (Soundtrack, The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996))
Sid Colin (Writer, Whoops Baghdad! (1973))
D. Colin (Composer, Stillstand (2004))
David Colin Jr. (Actor, Beyond the Door (1974))
Edouard Collin (Actor, Côte d'Azur (2005))
Richard Collins-Moore (Actor, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006))
Richard Collins (II) (Producer, Bonanza (1959))
E. Lawford Cole (Actor, Gang Wars (1976))
Bradford Cole (Sound Department, UFO Hunters (2008))
Gord Colliar (Stunts, Texas Rangers (2001))
Colin A. Borden (Miscellaneous, Thor (2011))
Bradford Coleman (II) (Editor, Last Supper (2018))
Simon Crawford Collins (Producer, MI-5 (2002))
Colin Andrew Ford (Composer, Hope Is Not a Plan (2013))
Colin De Ford (Camera Department, T.J. Miller: No Real Reason (2011))
Ward Collin (Transportation Department, Saint Hubert (2017))
Gérard Collin (Director, La nichée (1978))
Fred Colin (Actor, Gardons notre sourire (1939))
Richard Colinet (Actor, Cinéma 16 (1975))
Colin Manford (Actor, The Split (2018))
Colin Lord (Assistant Director, Department S (1969))
David Colin (I) (Editor, Project M.I.C.K. (2012))
Desmund Colin (IV) (Actor, Halogen Squad (2013))
Jared Colins (Composer, Daughters of Our Lord (2014))
Morand Coline (Assistant Director, Elle (2016))
Desmund Colin (I)
Desmund Colin (II) (Actor, Halogen Squad (2013))
Arnaud Colin (Producer, Pardon Cupidon (1994))
Desmund Colin (III)
David Colin (II) (Visual Effects, Le grand tout (2015))
Dominic Crawford Collins (Composer, Savage Hearts (1995))
Raphael Buford-Collins (Actor, Expiration Date (2012))
Nicholas Herford-Collins (Actor, 62 Sleeps (2004))
Simon Crawford-Collins (Producer, Outcasts (2010))
Celeste Crawford Collins (Actress, Invisible (2018))
Clifford Coleman (II) (Actor, Creepy Canada (2002))
Colin Coquillard-Corre (Actor, L'équipier (2004))
Scott Edward Collins (I) (Art Department, Independence Day (1996))
Lenord Coleman (Actor, East End Hustle (1976))
Bradford Coleman (III) (Miscellaneous, Barney & Friends (1992))
Bradford Coleman (I) (Actor, Lust Combo (1970))
Ioni Beresford-Cole
Clifford Coleman (I) (Writer, The Ice Runner (1992))
Bradford Coleman (IV)
Carolyn Ford Compton (Actress, All of This!!! (2018))
Richard Collins (XV) (Camera Department, He Was a Quiet Man (2007))
Richard Collins (X) (Cinematographer, Suspicion (2004))
Richard Collins (VIII) (Actor, The Hyena (1997))
Richard Collins (XVIII) (Make Up Department, Farewell Darkness (2007))
Gerard Collins (V) (Sound Department, A West Side Story: The Film and the Philharmonic (2013))
Richard Collins (XXI) (Art Department, Reign of Fire (2002))
Gerard Collins (VI) (Composer, Add Me (2011))
Richard Collins (XVII) (Actor, The Passion (2007))
Richard Collins (XXVIII) (Actor, Thought Tracker (2012))
Gerard Collins (III) (Sound Department, :Dryvrs (2015))
Richard Collins (III) (Actor, Squanto: A Warrior's Tale (1994))
Gerard Collins (I) (Special Effects, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005))
Richard Collins (XXXIV) (Editorial Department, Heroes for Hire (1984))
Richard Collins (XXXIII)
Edward Collins (III) (Camera Department, Baby, Take a Bow (1934))
Bernard Collins (IV) (Self, Holding on to Jah (2011))
Richard Collins (XXX) (Special Effects, Robot Wars (2016))
Richard Collings (Transportation Department, Golden Years (2016))
Howard Collins (I) (Actor, The Situation (2006))
Edgard Collins (Self, Basura (2013))
Richard Collins (XXXVIII) (Actor, Heroin (2016))
Richard Collins (XX) (Producer, The Devil and Tom Walker (2008))
Richard Collins (XXV) (Camera Department, The Joy of Painting (1983))
Richard Collins (XXXIX) (Actor, 36 Steps on a Curved Road (2017))
Richard Collin (I) (Actor, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945))
Richard Collins (IX) (Sound Department, Tales of the Unexpected (1979))
Richard Collins (XXXII) (Actor, You're 24 (2013))
Richard Collins (XI) (Producer, Vostok Station (2009))
Bernard Collins (I) (Art Department, Criminal (2016))
Hayward Collins (Self, Unsung Hollywood (2014))
Maynard Collins (Writer, Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave (1980))
Edward Collins (II) (Actor, The Mystery of Carter Breene (1915))
Howard Collins (II) (Self, The Tube (2012))
Hayward Collins III (Actor, Copy (2015))
Lil Ward-Collins (Costume Designer, HipBeat (2019))
Richard Collins (XXVI) (Self, VidBlogger Nation (2011))
Richard Collins (XL)
Richard Collins (XLVII) (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
Richard Collins (XLVI) (Writer, Stand Up - The Pilot (2014))
Richard Collins (IV) (Miscellaneous, Excalibur (1981))
Gerard Collins (IV) (Sound Department, 5... 6... 7... 8 (2009))
Richard Collins (XXIX) (Self, Courier Culture (2012))
Richard Collins (XXXV) (Composer, Zoe and the Astronaut (2018))
Scott Edward Collins (II) (Miscellaneous, Creature (1998))
Richard Collins (XIII) (Actor, Always Greener (2001))
Richard Collins (XLIV) (Actor, Supernatural GenderSWAP (2013))
Richard Collins (XVI) (Actor, Deep Sea Conspiracy (1987))
Bernard Collins (III) (Actor, Rire et châtiment (2003))
Richard Collins (XXIV) (Actor, Black (2011))
Richard Collins (XXXVI) (Producer, The Curious Kitty & Friends (2016))
Richard Collins (XXII) (Producer, A Glorious Morning (2009))
Bernard Collins (II) (Actor, Mapp & Lucia (1985))
Richard Collin (II) (Writer, Timewatch (1982))
Richard Collins (XXIII) (Make Up Department, Cool Baby, Lame Baby (2011))
Richard Collins (XXXI) (Self, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (2004))
Richard Collins (XLV) (Actor, No More Lights in the Sky (2018))
Edward Collins (I)
Richard Collins (XXVII) (Camera Department, The Ref (2011))
Edward Collins (IV) (Actor, Fractured Boy (2012))
Richard Collins (I) (Actor, Love in a Hurry (1919))
Amber D. Collins (Miscellaneous, Speedway Junky (1999))
Edouard Collinet (Producer, Stand-Up (1998))
Richard Collins (XIV) (Actor, Brothers (1977))
Heyward Collins (Producer, The Guitar (2008))
Eduard Collins (Actor, Hostage Syndrome (1988))
Gerard Collins (II) (Actor, Success? (2009))
Richard Collins (XXXVII) (Actor, Affliction (2016))
Richard Collin (III) (Art Department, The Periwig-Maker (1999))
Richard Collins (XII) (Actor, TrashHouse (2005))
Richard Collinson (Actor, Fearless Game (2014))
Richard Collins (XIX) (Assistant Director, Moll Flanders (1996))
Richard Collins (XLII) (Miscellaneous, How Harry Became a Tree (2001))
Richard Collins (XLIII) (Actor, Pursuit (1997))
Richard Collins (XLI) (Make Up Department, Off Camera with Sam Jones (2014))
Edward Collins (V) (Actor, Camp Death III in 2D! (2018))
Richard Cooling (Actor, Devil's Gold (2018))
Reginald Colin Rowley (Actor, Millennium (1996))
Colin Telford (I) (Self, Time Team (1994))
Colin Foord (II) (Director, The Get Out (2011))
Colin Bradford (Producer, The Reunion (2018))
Colin Gordon (IV) (Actor, Star Wars: Tremors of the Force )
Colin Kerford (Producer, The Reshoots Presents (2017))
Colin Deford (Miscellaneous, The Fighter (2010))
Colin Trawford (Miscellaneous, Arrivederci Millwall (1990))
Colin Crawford (III) (Stunts, Flight of the Phoenix (2004))
Colin Stanford (Actor, Long Forgotten Fields (2016))
Colin DeFord (Sound Department, Barney & Friends (1992))
Colin Crisford (Miscellaneous, SexLife (2014))
Colin Efford (Assistant Director, Bloodstream (1985))
Colin Foord (I) (Special Effects, The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again (Zhuangzi Dreams of Coral Reef) (2014))
Colin Corder (Self, Bouillon de culture (1991))
Colin Gifford (Actor, Zooport Group (2018))
Colin Offord (I) (Composer, Felicity's View (1999))
Colin Crawford (I) (Composer, The Curiosity of Penny Parker (2009))
Colin Gordon (II) (Producer, Jurassic Park (1993))
Colin Nordel (Animation Department, George and Martha (1999))
Colin Crawford (V) (Composer, Dungeon Dudes (2017))
Colin Crauford (Actor, Z Cars (1962))
Colin Telford (II)
Colin Gordon (III) (Self, Compass (1988))
Colin Linford (Self, Footie (2007))
Colin Crawford (II)
Colin Crawford (IV) (Producer, A Soldier's Wife (2013))
Colin Gorden (Actor, Ain't No Way Back (1990))
Colin Welford (Composer, Voice Lessons (2010))
Colin Botsford (Camera Department, The Truth Within (2008))
Colin Nordin (Miscellaneous, Property Brothers (2011))
Colin Wordell (Camera Department, Red, Black & Blonde (2009))
Colin Jordan (Miscellaneous, The Famous Five: Five on a Treasure Island (1991))
Colin Woodford (Music Department, Vanishing Act (2012))
Colin Offord (II) (Composer, The Salt Maiden (2013))
Arnaud Colinart (Director, Notes on Blindness (2016))
Colin Stafford-Johnson (Cinematographer, Broken Tail (2010))
Broken Chord Collective (Music Department, Behind the Curtain: Eclipsed (2016))
Clifford Coleman Baynes Jr. (Art Department, Colors (1988))
Arnaud Colinard (Producer, La Petite Mort (2017))
David Colin Ross (Actor, Venice/Venice (1992))
Françoise Grandcolin (Actress, Légendes de la forêt viennoise (1993))
Brad Colin Rogers (Actor, Machete Girl, the Hacker Chronicles (2012))
Ailed Colin Gama (Producer, El Viaje de Paganini (2007))
Dennis richard Collins
Joseph Richard Collins (Costume Department, Man of Steel (2013))
Louie Blystard-Collins
Orlando Edward-Collins (Actor, Rosamunde Pilcher (1993))
Robert Edward Collins (Actor, The Jericho Mile (1979))
William Edward-Collins (Actor, Rosamunde Pilcher (1993))
Caroline Woodward-Court (Music Department, The Theory of Everything (2014))
Colin Batchford (Miscellaneous, Four Lions (2010))
Jordyn-Nicole Dolin (Actress, My Roommate the (2010))
Colin Beresford
J. Colin Crawford (Actor, Table Manners: The Horror Comedy That Sings (2009))
Arthur Colin Mogford (Miscellaneous, Ladies in Lavender (2004))
Jordi De la Colina (Actor, Papá soltero (1987))
Colin Rutherford (II) (Actor, Sidewalkers (2016))
Colin Rutherford (I) (Producer, Out of Reach (2012))
Colin J. Crawford (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
Colin Commerford (Animation Department, How Cartoons Are Made (2014))
David Colina Nagasaki (Camera Department, This I Know (2014))
David Colina Nagasaki (Cinematographer, Ven conmigo (2012))
Lance David Colin Flynn (Actor, Abigail - The Salem Witch Trials Rock Opera (2010))
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Edouard Corniglion-Molinier (Producer, Hatred (1938))

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