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Emerson Lake and Palmer (Soundtrack, He qi dao (1972))
Emerson Lake & Powell (Soundtrack, Rock Family Trees (1995))
Emerson Lang (Actor, Ghost Sniffers, Inc (2011))
Emerson Lane (Actress, Sketch Box Kids (2018))
Emerson Lacey (Actor, Toxin (2005))
Emerson Lawson (Director, WCW Worldwide Wrestling (1975))
Emerson Lason (Miscellaneous, NWA World Championship Wrestling: Saturday Edition (1985))
Blake Emerson (Visual Effects, Ridge Runners (2018))
Jian Lakerson (Actor, The Rite of Mercury: A Rock Opera (2010))
Emerson Larabee (Actor, 10-57 (2013))
Emerson Lee (Actor, Para kay ama (2012))
Emerson Luna (Editor, The Wedding (2009))
Zak Emerson (Art Director, Underground (1998))
Emerson Lefrançois (Cinematographer, Ou pas ! (2017))
Chandler Emerson Long
Huemerson Leal (Writer, Uma (2011))
Emerson Luke Peery (Actor, Proper Manors (2012))
Emerson Leonard (Camera Department, One Tough Bastard (1996))
Emerson Luciano (Actor, Superfights (1995))
Emerson Lescot (Sound Department, 36th Precinct (2004))
Emerson Lowrance
Emerson Luckoic
Emerson Lukoic (Actress, Courage of Two (2015))
Emerson Ludwig (Art Department, Polycarp (2015))
Tad Emerson Baker (Miscellaneous, Freedom Riders (2009))
Emerson Frakes (Writer, The Fire Within (2013))
Patricia 'Kelley' Emerson (Actress, Dog (2009))
Keith Emerson (I) (Soundtrack, MacGruber (2010))
Greg Lake (II) (Soundtrack, Children of Men (2006))
Carl Palmer (II) (Soundtrack, Doctor Who (1963))

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