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Joe Walsh (III) (Soundtrack, The Warriors (1979))
aka "Eagles"
Glenn Frey (Actor, Jerry Maguire (1996))
aka "Eagles"
Don Henley (I) (Soundtrack, In America (2002))
aka "The Eagles"
Timothy B. Schmit (Soundtrack, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982))
aka "Eagles"
Eagles (Soundtrack, The Big Lebowski (1998))
Don Felder (Soundtrack, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982))
aka "Eagles"
Eagles of Death Metal (Soundtrack, Domino (2005))
S.L. Benfica (Self, UCLW Champions League Weekly (2006))
nickname "Eagles"
Susan Yeagley (Actress, Almost Famous (2000))
Greg Eagles (Actor, Metal Gear Solid (1998))
Ali Eagle (Actress, Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018))
Anna Neagle (Actress, Odette (1950))
Tom Eagles (I) (Editor, Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016))
Bill Eagles (Director, The Good Karma Hospital (2017))
The Eagles (Music Department, Some People (1962))
Leon Eagles (Actor, Julius Caesar (1963))
James Eagles (Actor, From Hell to Heaven (1933))
John War Eagle (Actor, The Black Dakotas (1954))
Eagle Egilsson (Cinematographer, Dark Blue (2009))
Flint Eagle (Stunts, Pacific Rim (2013))
Eleisha Eagle (Soundtrack, Finding Joy (2013))
Warren Eagles (Editorial Department, Blue World Order (2017))
Julie Eagleton (Actress, Stan & Ollie (2018))
Jeff Eagle (Actor, A Force of One (1979))
Oscar Eagle (Director, The Dictator (1915))
Peter S. Beagle (Writer, The Lord of the Rings (1978))
Mike Eagle (Actor, Short Cut to Vegas (in development))
Neal Beagley (Actor, Angel Has Fallen (2019))
C.J. Feagles (Self, 2010 Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (2010))
Sid Eagles (Self, WRAL Murder Trials (2003))
Andy Eagles (Visual Effects, The Port (2013))
Fay Eagles (Director, Alice Was Here (2010))
Gil Eagles (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Eagle Eye Cherry (Soundtrack, Y Tu Mamá También (2001))
Susan Beagley (Actress, Hi-de-Hi! (1980))
Matt Eagleson (Editor, Music Happens Here (2017))
Eagle Witt (Actor, Millenniums (2018))
Jack Eagle (Actor, Stepmom (1998))
Eagle (IV) (Animation Department, Bamse och häxans dotter (2016))
Eagle (III) (Actor, Odysseo by Cavalia (2015))
Eagle E. (Actor, Princess vs. E.E.D.B.: Ride (2004))
E. Eagle (Producer, King Lear (1999))
Eagle (V) (Producer, Sisters in Arms (2019))
Eagle (II) (Self, Autopsy 8: Dead Giveaway (2002))
Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards (Actor, Operation Eagle (2018))
Eagle Eye (I) (Actor, Lure of the Yukon (1924))
Eagle Pennell (Director, Last Night at the Alamo (1983))
Eagle Eaglesson (Cinematographer, Carried Away (1996))
Mervin Good Eagle (Actor, North of 60 (1992))
Jade Eagleson (Self, Entertainment Tonight Canada (2005))
Eagle Han (Actor, Sandong yeojamuljangsu (1983))
Dana Eagle (Actress, 976-Lars (2005))
Nina Beagley (Actress, Summerland )
Sky Eagle (Actor, A White Indian (1912))
Zack Eagles (IV) (Director, Eats You Alive (2018))
Will Eagle (II) (Writer, Blue Angels: Around the World at the Speed of Sound (1994))
Will Eagle (I) (Miscellaneous, 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards (2010))
Hansel Eagle (Actor, Albatross (2015))
Teagle F. Bougere (Actor, The Pelican Brief (1993))
George Eagles (Actor, The Marriage of Maria Braun (1978))
Angel Eaglestone (Actress, Posies (2017))
Jeff Feagles (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Grey Eagle (II) (Actor, Westward Ho, the Wagons! (1956))
Ron Eagleton (Actor, Out of the Unknown (1965))
Open Mike Eagle (Composer, Chewing (2015))
William Eagle Shirt (Actor, Custer's Last Fight (1912))
S.P. Eagle (Sound Department, Ghoul School (1990))
Al Eagle (Stunts, Fight to Win (1987))
War Eagle (Actor, Last of the Redmen (1947))
Eagle Yu (Actor, The Old Samurai (2013))
Aiden Beagley (Actor, Code of Honor (2016))
Ariel Eagles (Actress, Intruder (2016))
Logan Eagles (Writer, Onward (2012))
Clint Eagles (Miscellaneous, The Real Rocky (2011))
Kat Eagleson (Art Department, Stress Position (2013))
John Eagles (Miscellaneous, Jeremy Vine (2018))
Nicole Eagles (Art Department, Crooked Necktie (2008))
Steven Eagles (Actor, Brothers of the Head (2005))
Jenny Eagles (Miscellaneous, They (1998))
Randol Eagles (Animation Department, The Simpsons Movie (2007))
Zack Eagles (I) (Director, Onward (2012))
Watson Eagles (Actor, Break a Hip (2015))
David Eagles (I) (Actor, There's Hope Musical (2016))
Erik Eagleson (Actor, The Shootout (2012))
Ryan Eagleson (Actor, Water Force 2020 (2000))
Nick Eagles (Camera Department, Soldier's Joy (2018))
Jason Eagles (Actor, Nightfall (2016))
Phil Eagles (Costume Department, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985))
Alan Eagleson (II) (Self, Design Canada (2018))
Megan Eagles (I) (Director, Wendy James: Indigent Blues (2016))
Curly Eagles (Miscellaneous, Latin Lovers (1953))
Eagle Seagull
Jon Eagle Sr. (Self, We Are a Horse Nation (2014))
Ryan Eagles (Director, PWWA All Womens Wrestling (2011))
Beau Beagles (Camera Department, iBOT (2018))
Megan Eagles (II) (Camera Department, Between Walls (2018))
Bruce Eagles (Editor, The Main Event (1990))
Henry Eagles (Producer, Scotsport (1957))
Shawn Beagles (Camera Department, Fehér tenyér (2006))
Eagle Spirit (Actor, ECETI Ranch: A Documentary (2012))
Deidre Eagles (Miscellaneous, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985))
Tim Feagles (Actor, Atlanta Cheer (2015))
Paola Eagles (Actress, Carita pintada (1999))
Eagle Skyfire (Actress, Inner Healing: Journey with Native Trees of Knowledge (2014))
Ted Beagles (Editorial Department, My Yacht (2006))
Moneta Eagles (Composer, Where Dead Men Lie (1971))
Peter Eagles (Self, The Railway: First Great Western (2013))
Zack Eagles (III) (Director, Collecting (2015))
Mark Beagles (Actor, Lie (2006))
Alan Eagleson (I) (Actor, The Wayne & Shuster Superspecial (1976))
David Eagles (II) (Art Department, The Dead (2017))
Darren Eagles (Camera Department, Mom Jail (2016))
Detric Eagles
Emily Beagles (Camera Department, Queen of Mud (2018))
Nancy Eagles (Miscellaneous, Elf (2003))
Daren Eagles (Producer, The Lesson (1999))
Eagle Sawai (Actress, Batoru gâru: Tokyo crisis wars (1991))
Jim Eagleston (Actor, Red Creek (2011))
Leonie Eagles (Self, The 7.30 Report (1986))
Eagle Saenz (Actor, Last of the Redmen (1947))
Cooper Eagles (Actor, Myf Warhurst's Nice (2012))
Ian Eagleston (Actor, Tales of Irish Castles (2014))
Zach Eagles (Miscellaneous, Celebrity Wife Swap (2012))
Molly Eagles (Assistant Director, The Last Birthday (2017))
Wayne Eagles (Miscellaneous, What's the Problem? With Anne Robinson (2005))
Gary Eagleson (Producer, 33 Griffin Lane (2008))
Dell Eagles (Actor, The Night Herder (1911))
Zack Eagles (II) (Miscellaneous, Americana Music Honors & Awards (2012))
Brian Eagles (Producer, Wreckers (2011))
Johnny Eagles (Actor, Vendetta (1966))
Mike Reagles (Actor, :60 (2009))
Lori Eagleson
Dave Bald Eagle (Actor, Imprint (2007))
Pete Deagle (Producer, First Dates (2013))
Elaine Eaglestone (I) (Producer, Family Matters (2019))
Grey Eagle (I) (Actor, Lady Tubbs (1935))
Kevin Eagleson (II) (Camera Department, The Passage (2019))
Charles White-Eagle (Actor, Altered States (1980))
Ian Eagle (Actor, Southpaw (2015))
Eagle Riggs (Actor, Beauty and the Bestie (2015))
White Eagle (Actor, A Marriage: Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz (1991))
Tom Seagle (Actor, Donna on Demand (2009))
Davey Seagle (Writer, Falkland Square (in development))
Justin Eagle (Editor, The Search for Agent Z (2012))
Jamie Neagle (Actor, Insanity (2019))
Eagle Liao (Cinematographer, Locker Room Talk (2017))
Eagle Rock
Eli Eagle (Actor, Crush (2009))
Henry Eagleson (Actor, Zaar (2016))
Eddie Eagle (Miscellaneous, Cell Count (2012))
David J. Eagle (Director, CBS Schoolbreak Special (1984))
Steven T. Seagle (Writer, Big Hero 6 (2014))
Teaglets (Actor, Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002))
George Sky Eagle (Actor, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949))
Miss Eagle (Actress, A Virgin's Sacrifice (1922))
Ted Eaglen (Self, American Experience (1988))
Dave Agler
Rex Eagle (Art Department, Shallow Hal (2001))
Eagle Wong (Art Department, Shark Operation (1988))
Adam Eagle (Actor, A Sock's Life (2014))
Eagle Bill (Self, Four: Twenty (2004))
Red Eagle (Actor, Out of the Snows (1920))
Alex Eagle (Self, I Run On (2018))
Eagle Leaf (Actor, Phantom Mary (2019))
Shea Glenn (Actress, A Fix (2008))
Hunt Eagle (Actor, Aventures dans le Grand Nord (1994))
Lucy Eagle (Producer, The Real Housewives of Cheshire (2015))
L.W. Beagley (Self, Beautiful Bondi (1926))
Jake Eagle (I) (Music Department, Funnel of Love (2012))
Jay Neagle (Self, AFL Sunday (2002))
Eagle Chan (Director, Tutor (2017))
Noah Eagle (Camera Department, Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018))
Tim Eagle (II) (Miscellaneous, Ordeal in the Arctic (1993))
Jake Eagle (II) (Miscellaneous, The Last Ship (2014))
Karen Eagle (Producer, Telling of the Shoes (2014))
Jared Eagle (Actor, Goodbye, Johnny Wake (2007))
Reg Eagle (Self, SexTV (1998))
Matt Eagle (Camera Department, Father Time (1996))
Eagle Claw
Sara Eagle (Miscellaneous, The First 48 (2004))
Jay Beagle (Self, Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champions (2018))
Eagle Yang (Actor, Da Shang Hai (2012))
Eagle Day (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Phil Eagle (Actor, Front Row (2004))
Sam Neagle
Eagle Lee (Writer, Show Me Your Love (2016))
Eagle Paul (Miscellaneous, Destiny Road (2012))
Greg Eagle (I) (Editor, Muffled Love (2001))
Paul Eagle (II) (Actor, Canada Day (2017))
Eagle Keys (Self, 54th Grey Cup (1966))
Ben Eagle (Actor, The First Film (2015))
Mary Eagle (Producer, Simon & Simon (1981))
John Eagle (I) (Miscellaneous, Gladiator (2000))
Paul Eagle (I) (Actor, The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989))
Liam Eagle
Evil Eagle (Editor, Yogaphiles (2012))
Ted Eagle (Self, Inside Out (2013))
Tim Deagle (Camera Department, Racing Extinction (2015))
Jay Eagle (Self, CCW: Tribute Show (2005))
Tom Eagle

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