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Donna Fargo (Soundtrack, Welcome to Me (2014))
Donna Farizan (Self, Today (1952))
Alanna Fargo (Actress, Jefferson Circus Songs (1975))
Donna Farro (Actress, Kaleidoscope (1990))
Donna Farrell (Art Department, Coming Soon (1999))
Donna Farnum (Sound Department, Straight Out of Brooklyn (1991))
Donna Farris
Donna Farhi (Self, Yogawoman (2011))
Donna Farmer (Miscellaneous, I Am Number Four (2011))
Donna Farron (Actress, Conspiracy of Silence (1991))
Donna Farruggia
Donna Farringer (Self, Urban Farmers (2017))
Dorothy Mae Fargo (Stunts, Gone with the Wind (1939))

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