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Jon Jacobs (II) (Actor, Moonlight Resurrection (1988))
Gideon Jacobs (Music Department, Dan in Real Life (2007))
Clayton Jacobson (Director, Kenny (2006))
Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs (Actor, L.A. Heat (1989))
Jon Jacobs (I) (Actor, The Baltimore Bullet (1980))
Don Jacobs (III) (Camera Department, Up from the Ape (1975))
Jon Jacobs (VI) (Actor, Criminal Minds (2005))
Jon Jacobs (XV)
Ron Jacobs (IX) (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
Don Jacobs (V)
Ron Jacobs (II) (Make Up Department, Soultaker (1990))
Don Jacobs (XI) (Actor, Born to Win (2010))
Don Jacobs (VI)
Jon Jacobs (X) (Actor, The Boulevard (2011))
Lon Jacobs
Ron Jacobs (IV) (Self, FightZone Presents (2007))
Jon Jacobs (XVI)
Jon Jacobs (VII) (Casting Department, The Singing Forest (2003))
Jon Jacobs (XII) (Actor, A Guy Walks Into a Bar (2011))
Ron Jacobs (V) (Camera Department, Medisch Centrum West (1988))
Ron Jacobs (VII) (Actor, Movie in Action (1987))
Ron Jacobs (I) (Transportation Department, Grace (2009))
Jon Jacobs (XIV) (Actor, The Bar (2015))
Jon Jacobs (IV) (Actor, After School (1988))
Jon Jacobs (XI) (Actor, Shapetown, USA (2011))
Don Jacobs (VII) (Miscellaneous, Heavy (1995))
Don Jacobs (VIII) (Producer, The Legend of Chet Guns (2014))
Don Jacobs (II) (Sound Department, GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (1986))
Don Jacobs (IX) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Ron Jacobs (VIII)
Jon Jacobs (VIII) (Actor, Voices (2007))
Jon Jacobs (IX) (Actor, Give My Regards to Broad Street (1984))
Ron Jacobs (VI) (Sound Department, Blood Debts (1985))
Jon Jacobs (III) (Editor, #CandidlyNicole (2013))
Don Jacobs (IV) (Actor, Hawaii Five-O (1968))
Don Jacobs (I) (Actor, Harry in Your Pocket (1973))
Marion Jacobs (II) (Actor, Evicted (2017))
Marion Jacobs (I) (Costume Designer, Das Spinnennetz (1989))
Samson Jacobson (Location Management, The Bourne Legacy (2012))
Robert Nelson Jacobs (Writer, Chocolat (2000))
Aaron Jacobs (XII) (Miscellaneous, Girl Meets World (2014))
Aaron Jacobs (IX) (Actor, Leverage (2008))
Hilton Jacobs (Actor, L.A. Heat (1989))
Brandon Jacobs (I) (Actor, Grievance Group: A Life for a Life (2015))
Aaron Jacobs (XVIII) (Actor, Passion Gap (2017))
Ron Jacober (Self, 1977 Independence Bowl (1977))
Leon Jacobson (I) (Self, The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions (1994))
Jovon Jacobs (Actor, Letters to You (2017))
Aston Jacobs (Miscellaneous, Words (2018))
Toon Jacobs (Miscellaneous, Genekt (2018))
Simon Jacobs (IV) (Miscellaneous, All the King's Men (1999))
Aaron Jacobs (VII) (Casting Department, Battle in Seattle (2007))
Aaron Jacobs (X) (Actor, Snap (2011))
Simon Jacobs (III) (Miscellaneous, Black and White (1999))
Morton Jacobs (Actor, Get Smart (1965))
Sharon Jacobs (I) (Art Director, The Resurrectionist (2005))
Leon Jacobson (II) (Sound Department, Chateau Sauvignon: terroir (2016))
Jason Jacobson (I) (Assistant Director, An Axe to Grind (2008))
Aaron Jacobs (XV) (Sound Department, Unlucky (2016))
Jason Jacobs (VI) (Actor, Paris After the War (2013))
Jon Jacobsen (Visual Effects, All Good Things (2010))
Denton Jacobs (Producer, The Lift (2004))
Simon Jacobs (I) (Camera Department, Corpse Bride (2005))
Byron Jacobs (Camera Department, CamelThorns (2010))
Brandon Jacobs (III) (Thanks, The Haunted (2009))
Jason Jacobson (IV) (Sound Department, The Meatman (2009))
Davon Jacobs (Self, 2014 Quick Lane Bowl (2014))
Damon Jacobs (I) (Self, Protection Against HIV: Truvada (2015))
Don Jacobson (I) (Production Designer, Suspended Animation (2001))
Aaron Jacobs (XI) (Producer, Foul (2011))
Simon Jacobs (VII) (Visual Effects, Ra.One (2011))
Jason Jacobs (I) (Actor, Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998))
Wilson Jacobs
Damon Jacobs (II)
Aaron Jacobs (XVI) (Location Management, Raza: Get You on the Floor (2014))
Simon Jacobs (V) (Art Department, The Golden Compass (2007))
Leon Jacobs (Producer, Intonga (2009))
Ron Jacobs Jr. (Camera Department, Going Overboard (1989))
Aaron Jacobs (XIII) (Cinematographer, Persistence of Vision (2007))
Ron Jacobsen (Actor, Dallas (1978))
Aaron Jacobs (IV) (Actor, Katana (2009))
Ashton Jacobs (Self, IHWE Professional Wrestling (2014))
Aaron Jacobs (II) (Art Department, Man on a Ledge (2012))
Aaron Jacobs (V) (Actor, Scars at the Spook House (2009))
Egon Jacobson (Writer, M (1931))
Sharon Jacobs (III) (Self, Wild Animal ER (2008))
Aaron Jacobs (I) (Miscellaneous, Great Performances (1971))
Jason Jacobson (II) (Self, Live with Kelly and Ryan (1988))
Jason Jacobs (III) (Actor, Superboy (1988))
Don Jacobson (II) (Camera Department, Bless the Beasts & Children (1971))
Jason Jacobs (V)
Sharon Jacobs (II)
Simon Jacobs (II) (Actor, Red Betsy (2003))
Sonja Jacobson (Animation Department, Slim (2010))
Brandon Jacobs (V) (Music Department, Find Love, NYC (2014))
Devon Jacobs (Actor, JOYology (2018))
Aaron Jacobs (VIII) (Producer, JourneyQuest (2010))
Gerdon Jacobs (Writer, The Loneliest Number (in development))
Aaron Jacobs (VI) (Actor, The American Ruling Class (2005))
Leon Jacobson (III) (Producer, The Dejects (2016))
Brandon Jacobs (VI)
Ron Jacobson (I) (Actor, Dallas (1978))
Simon Jacobs (VIII) (Cinematographer, Litoral. La luz de la orilla (2009))
Simon Jacobs (VI) (Cinematographer, Història d'Este (2012))
Ron Jacobson (II) (Actor, The Andros Targets (1977))
Ramon Jacobs (Actor, The Lure of Young Women (2007))
Jason Jacobson (III) (Writer, Helsing University (2015))
Jon Jacobson (Art Department, Lion Strike (1994))
Sonja Jacobs (Actress, Chez Bompa Lawijt (1994))
Ron Jacobsohn (Actor, Cleaner (2007))
Brandon Jacobs (IV) (Sound Department, Darling Can You Answer the Door (2014))
Doron Jacobs (Actor, Sam Saturday (1992))
Aaron Jacobs (XIV)
Carson Jacobs
Jason Jacobs (II) (Producer, Return of the Ghostbusters (2007))
Aaron Jacobs (III) (Actor, The Pedestrian (2003))
Jason Jacobs (IV) (Actor, Callejero (2015))
Ron Jacobson (III) (Self, Sonny Barger Confronts VDC (1965))
Brandon Jacobs (II) (Composer, The Midnight Pen-pal (2010))
Dillon Jacobs (Actor, Haunted House (2004))
Don Jacobson (III) (Actor, Demon Hunters (1999))
Marion Jacob (Actress, Bonditis (1968))
Sonja Sander Jacobsen (Actress, Sonja fra Saxogade (1968))
Allison Jacobs (Producer, Uptown Girls (2003))
Marion Jacobs Diaz
Cameron Jacobs (I) (Actor, Five Pounds (2010))
Gwion Jacob Miles (Actor, Zero Tolerance (2015))
Harrison Jacobs (III) (Editorial Department, League of Millions (2016))
Anton Jacobsson (Actor, The Killer (2019))
Egon Jacobsohn (Writer, Liebet die Männer (1915))
Hilary Nelson Jacobs
Nelson Jacobsen (Music Department, Little Red (2000))
Thornton Jacobs (Actor, Die Kunst, ein Mann zu sein (1989))
Winston Jacobs (I) (Writer, New York Caribbean Ep 3: Hope Wade & Darlene Love (2017))
Shannon Jacobson (Actress, Donkey Punch (2002))
Aaron Jacobsen
Grayson Jacob Scott (Actor, King Candy (2015))
Harrison Jacobs (I) (Writer, Set Free (1927))
Alison Jacobson (Self, Fox and Friends (1998))
Aaron Jacobson (I) (Costume Department, American Cowslip (2009))
Sharon Jacobson (Self, Invicta FC 27: Kaufman vs. Kianzad (2018))
Gordon Jacobson (Actor, A Whiteboard Love Story (2011))
Jóhan Herlon Jacobsen (I) (Actor, Ávegis (2011))
Harrison Jacobs (II) (Editorial Department, Britain's Lost Masterpieces (2016))
Clayton Jacobsen (Producer, Love Never Dies (2012))
Sharron Jacobson (Miscellaneous, Second Sight (1989))
Cameron Jacobs (II) (Actor, Sunday Worship (2017))
Rhannon Jacobs (Actress, Thuis (1995))
Milton Jacobson (Camera Department, Aunt Lorraine (2010))
Sheldon Jacobs (II) (Actor, Combat! (1962))
Simon Jacobsen (Self, Sweet Rock: The Red Weasel Story (2011))
Sonja Møller Jacobsen (Actress, Fucking tøs (2013))
Clayton Jacobs (Animation Department, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin (1987))
Sheldon Jacobsohn (Sound Department, Better Love (2014))
Jóhan Herlon Jacobsen (II) (Actor, Ongin Konflikt (2012))
Jason Jake Jacobs (Miscellaneous, Kaufman Lives )
Devon Jacobs-Quinn (Producer, Forbidden Science (2009))
Shannon Jacobs (Actor, Shark in the Park (1989))
Marc Aaron Jacobs (Music Department, Extinction (2018))
Aaron Jacobson (II) (Actor, Guardian Derangel (2017))
Shelton Jacobs (II) (Actor, Daddy and the Muscle Academy (1991))
Winston Jacobs (II) (Producer, New York Caribbean EP 8: Grace Foods Jamaican Jerk Festival (2017))
Madison Jacobs (Actress, Together (2015))
Sheldon Jacobs (I) (Actor, The Engagement Party (1999))
Maci Dillon Jacobs (Actress, Eyes Upon Waking )
Clifton Jacobs (Camera Department, Playboy: No Boys Allowed, 100% Girls (2000))
Cameon Jacobson (Make Up Department, Into His Arms (1999))
Sheldon Jacobs (III) (Actor, Dear Lemon Lima (2009))
Griffon Jacobs (Writer, NOWHERE (2018))
Jayson Jacobsen (Miscellaneous, The Runner (2016))
Ty Ashton Jacobs (Actor, Zombie Lake (2018))
Allison Jacobson (Actress, Lethal Force (2001))
Shelton Jacobs (I) (Assistant Director, Girl in Woods (2016))
Jonathon Jacobson (Actor, Canada: A People's History (2000))
Alexander Harrison Jacobs (Editor, Flowers for Clarence (2010))
Emily Fenton Jacobson
Esben Hallurson Jacobsen (Actor, Orka! Orka! (2004))
Revital Vitelzon Jacobs
Peter Morrison Jacobs (Actor, A Very Missing Person (1972))
Harald Bjørnson Jacobsen (Cinematographer, Livestock Gjennom 10 År (2017))
Damien Watson Jacobsson (Director, 7 min )

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