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Dick Francis (II) (Writer, Dead Cert (1974))
Dick Francis (I) (Actor, The Brown Wallet (1936))
Dick Francis (IV) (Self, Doddy's Music Box (1967))
Dick Francis (III) (Actor, Playthings of Desire (1933))
Nick Francis (V) (Director, Lamia (2011))
Nick Francis (VIII) (Director, The Fear Experience: A Behind the Scenes Documentary (2014))
Rick Francis (III) (Thanks, Rise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turner (2016))
Rick Francis (I) (Actor, Destination Unknown (2007))
Nick Francis (III) (Camera Department, The Bridge (2006))
Rick Francis (II) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Rick Francis (IV) (Self, I Shot My Parents (2017))
Mick Francis (II) (Actor, Full Disclosure (2017))
Nick Francis (X) (Producer, War Requiem - Staging a Masterpiece (2019))
Nick Francis (IX) (Producer, The Fear Experience: A Behind the Scenes Documentary (2014))
Nick Francis (VI) (Music Department, Girl Fever (1960))
Mick Francis (I) (Music Department, Down by the River (2011))
Nick Francis (II) (Producer, Black Gold (2006))
Nick Francis (I) (Miscellaneous, Limbo (1999))
Nick Francis (VII) (Self, Future Banking (2013))
Nick Francis (IV)
Derek Francis (I) (Actor, Scrooge (1970))
Jack Francis (V) (Composer, Forward and Back (2012))
Jack Francis (VI) (Camera Department, Wake Island (1942))
Jack Francis (VIII) (Composer, A mon(n)do nostro (2013))
Jack Francis (X) (Camera Department, Good Things Come )
Jack Francis (IX) (Composer, Epic: Dawn of Destiny (2014))
Jack Francis (VII) (Composer, Barefoot to Goa (2015))
Jack Francis (IV) (Actor, First Landing (2007))
Jack Francis (II) (Actor, The Long Lane (1914))
Jack Francis (XII) (Self, Things Not to Say to People with Tourette's Syndrome (2018))
Jack Francis (XI)
Jack Francis (I) (Writer, Stepping Toes (1938))
Kirk Francis (I) (Sound Department, The Bourne Ultimatum (2007))
Merrick Francis (Miscellaneous, Dead Cert (1974))
Dick France (I) (Sound Department, The Offering (1966))
Dick France (II) (Actor, The Little Revue (1949))
Nick Francia (I) (Visual Effects, Ouroboros (2015))
Nick Francia (II) (Camera Department, Blood Oath (2014))
Nick Franco (II) (Producer, Four Tails (2014))
Patrick Francis (X) (Producer, Least Favorite Love Songs (2012))
Patrick Francis (XIII) (Self, Headbangers Ball (1987))
Patrick Francis (IX) (Actor, Agents (2011))
Patrick Francis (I) (Composer, Black Eyed Dog (1999))
Patrick Francis (II) (Production Designer, Cugini (2001))
Patrick Francis (IV) (Self, Double Your Dollars (1965))
Patrick Francis (VI) (Producer, Mutant Species (1994))
Patrick Francis (III) (Camera Department, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (2004))
Patrick Francis (XII) (Editor, Deadly is the Male: The Making of RAW DEAL (2018))
Patrick Francis (XI) (Producer, Government Lies (2012))
Patrick Francis (VIII) (Make Up Department, Eric's Illumination (2013))
Erick Francisco (Self, Sarap, 'di ba? (2018))
Patrick Francis (V) (Actor, 9/11 No More Pita Bread in the Lunch Bag (2003))
Patrick Francis (VII) (Miscellaneous, After Midnight (1989))
Mark Francis (III) (Actor, Graham's Gang (1977))
Dick Franklin (I) (Self, First (2012))
Dick Franklin (II) (Self, Bonnie & the Franklins (1982))
Mark-Francis Vandelli (Self, Made in Chelsea: South of France (2016))
Jack Francisco (IV) (Actor, General Commander )
Chuck Francisco (Actor, Midnight Show (2016))
Jack Francisco (I) (Producer, Taped (2014))
Jack Francisco (III) (Art Department, Pre )
Jack Francisco (II) (Camera Department, Los Niños Sicarios (2015))
'Black Francis' Gabusi (Camera Department, Judgment Day (1999))
Mark Francis (VI) (Art Department, Daddy's Little Girl (2011))
Mark Francis (XIII) (Cinematographer, My Step Kidz (2015))
Clark Francis (Self, Manchild: The Schea Cotton Story (2016))
Roark Francis (Actor, Hello, Ramona (2010))
Kirk Francis (II) (Miscellaneous, Granada Reports (1992))
Mark Francis (XII)
Mark Francis (I) (Art Department, Snakes on a Plane (2006))
Frank Francisco (V) (Actor, The 86 (2017))
Mark Francis (IX) (Producer, Malaysia from Below (2013))
Frank Francisco (VI) (Animation Department, Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie (2005))
Sidik Francis (Self, Pyer Moss: Spring/Summer 2019 at NYFW (2018))
'Pink' Francis (Self, Mountain Talk (2004))
Mark Francis (VIII) (Actor, Untitled Blues (2013))
Unek Francis (Art Department, T@gged (2016))
Frank Francisco (IV) (Actor, Demente Criminal (2015))
K. Francis Lee
Anouk Francis (Art Department, The Eighth Day (1996))
Matt K. Francis (Sound Department, One in the Gun (2010))
Derek Francis (III) (Actor, Paragods (2013))
Mark Francis (VII) (Actor, Awaken (2012))
Frank Francisco (I) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Frank Francis (I) (Art Department, Jackanory (1965))
Frank Francisco (III)
Derek Francis (IV) (Self, Jane Goldman Investigates (2003))
Frank Francisco (II) (Actor, Hit the MARC: While We Wait (2011))
Derek Francis (II) (Sound Department, Where Broadway Ends (2002))
Mark Francis (IV) (Actor, Jack, the Last Victim (2005))
Frank Francis (III) (Transportation Department, Kenny Rogers: The First 50 Years (2011))
Mark Francis (V) (Animation Department, Footy Pups (2015))
Frank Francis (II) (Editorial Department, Dinner and Drinks (2005))
Mark Francis (XI)
Nick Franco (X) (Writer, The Trophy Case (2014))
Nick Franchot (Camera Department, Being Valerie (2019))
Rick Franco (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Nick Franco (XI) (Producer, Cocaine Conspiracy (2016))
Nick Francone (I) (Actor, Dream Breakers (1989))
Nick Franco (I) (Camera Department, Iron Man 2 (2010))
Rick Francona (Self, Deadliest Warrior (2009))
Nick Francke (Stunts, Stolen Good (2002))
Nick Francone (II) (Art Department, Blindspot (2015))
Nick Franco (IV) (Music Department, Inside Man (2006))
Patrick Francis Flannery (Actor, MacGyver (1985))
Patrick Francis Gleason (Miscellaneous, Inside You (2004))
Patrick Francis Boyle
Patrick Francis Allen (Sound Department, Muppets Most Wanted (2014))
Patrick Francis Kalaau (Actor, Bachelor Night (2014))
Patrick Francis Frenking (Composer, The Stakes (2012))
Patrick Francis Gomes (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Patrick Francis Bishop (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Francis Crick (I) (Thanks, Horizon (1964))
Francis Crick (III) (Self, Nova (1974))
Micky Francis (Actor, Stand Your Ground (2013))
Francis Hicks (Self, Armstrong Circle Theatre (1950))
Nicky Francis (Animation Department, Blue End (2018))
Francis Crick (II) (Miscellaneous, Full House Poker (2011))
Vicki Francis (Actress, Out of My Mind (2016))
Jack Francis King-Johnson (Actor, The Brink )
Mark Francisco (I) (Producer, Room 19 )
Francisco Novick (Producer, Strength and cunning (2017))
Heather K. Francis (Actress, Old News (2003))
Ojok Francis Odong (Director, Shame Of Puberty (2018))
Mark Francis Franklin (Director, A Polar Whale's Appeal (2007))
Frederik Francis
Mark Francis Murillo (Actor, Strawberry Girl (2016))
Datuk Francis Goh (Producer, Huminodun (2017))
Mark Francisco (II) (Assistant Director, Uncle Grubb's Time Hub (2016))
Fryderyk Franciszek (Actor, Planeta Singli 2 (2018))
Mark Francis De Leon (Actor, Ging Gang Gooly Giddiyap: I Love You Daddy (1994))
Mark Francis Farrell (Self, Invincible Force (2011))
Brian K. Francis (Actor, The Sunchaser (1996))
Kaik Francisco (Actor, Treze Dias Longe do Sol (2017))
Patrick Francart (Camera Department, Back for Good (2017))
Patrick Francey (Actor, Un voyage (2014))
Dominick Franco (Producer, Heaven on Earth (1960))
Petrick Franco (Writer, Wattpad Presents (2014))
Nick Franchella (Miscellaneous, The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration (2018))
Danick Francoeur (Actor, A Family Secret (2006))
Nick Francomano (Writer, Zombies Vs. Strippers (2012))
Killick Francois (Editor, Any Heartbreak (2012))
Frederick Franck (Actor, A Zen Life: D.T. Suzuki (2006))
Frederick France (Cinematographer, Zhong lie Jing wu men (1977))
Yannick Franck (Sound Department, Death of a Shadow (2012))
Francisco Sonic Kim (Camera Department, Whiplash (2014))
Erick Francisco Casas Ruiz (Actor, Consejo mundial de lucha libre (2007))
Raymond Gerald Patrick Francis
Candice Francisco (Costume Designer, Final Voyage (1999))
Francis Di Carlo (Actress, Chess Soup (2010))
Candice Francis (Producer, Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell (2012))
Benedict Francis
Francis DiClemente (Producer, Fragments of the Living (2015))
Francis Madi Cerrada (Actor, The Actor (2018))
Francisc Stepnicka (Actor, Ábelov cierny pes (2008))
Francis Strickland (V) (Actor, Daria (2016))
Franciszek Kornicki (Self, Fighting the Blue (2005))
Patrick C. Francis
Francis Fitzpatrick (Miscellaneous, Pip Ahoy! (2014))
Francisco Gick (Actor, Beira-Mar (2015))
Francis Rickard
Francis Howick (Self, Perpetual Motion (1992))
Francis Patrick Moran (Actor, The Pleasure of His Company (1961))
Francis Strickland (III) (Camera Department, The Death of James Connolly (2010))
Francis Renwick
Francis Strickland (I) (Actor, North and South, Book II (1986))
Ricky Francisco (Camera Department, Platoon (1986))
Franciszek Walicki (Soundtrack, Na noze (2016))
Francis McGoldrick (Camera Department, The Good Deed that Got Punished (2013))
Francis Strickland (II) (Actor, Double Take (2006))
Francis Strickland (IV) (Actor, Barry's Bespoke Bakery (2012))
Francis T. Hickman Jr. (Actor, Things Behind the Sun (2001))
Francis Wocicki
Francis Brickwood (Actor, Skin Deep (2001))
Francis McCormick (Miscellaneous, All the Money in the World (2017))
Francis Wightwick (Actor, The Black Secret (1919))
Francis Crickard (Miscellaneous, Community (2015))
Francis Patrick (Self, All the King's Men: Matter of Fact (1991))
Franciszek 'Franek' Norman (Actor, Die Lebenden (2012))
Patrick Francke-Sirois (Sound Department, Féminin/Féminin (2014))
Mark Francis R. Recierdo
Erik Francisco Medina (Director, Jibara )
Franciszek Fraczkowski (Actor, Tyrannenherrschaft (1916))
Francis Benedict Magpayo (Animation Department, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000))
Matías Francisco Di Capua
Francis Benedict Sajorda (Miscellaneous, Princess and I (2012))
Frederick Francis Paleka Duhaylonsod (Actor, Finite Water )
Francis Patrick Magee (Producer, Bad Ass (2010))
Donald Francis Palicki
Francis Frederick Palanca
Franciszek Studnicki (Writer, Teatr telewizji (1953))
Henry Francis Frederick (Producer, House of Manson (2014))
Francis 'Jessie' Krosnick (Actor, The Boyfriend School (1990))
Erik Francisco Ruiz Delgado (Director, Conflict Resolution (2017))
Dick O'Neill (I) (Actor, The Jerk (1979))
Francis Vanquickelberghe (Cinematographer, Lady and Bread (2015))
Francis Patrick Creighton (Director, The Malibu Beach Vampires (1991))
Devin Francis Patrick Kelly (Music Department, KAA: 50.50.50. (2012))
Francis Roderick Villarin (Cinematographer, Maypagasa: Ang Bantayog ni Andres Bonifacio (2018))
Dick Strawbridge (Self, Junkyard Wars (1998))

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