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David Selby (I) (Actor, Falcon Crest (1981))
David Selby (II)
David Selburg (Actor, The Bourne Identity (2002))
David Seltzer (I) (Writer, The Omen (1976))
David Self (I) (Writer, Road to Perdition (2002))
David Selberg (Actor, Port Charles (1997))
David Selber
David Selbert (Actor, The Twilight Zone (1985))
David Selvas (Actor, Celda 211 (2009))
David Self (IV) (Miscellaneous, Sale of the Century (1971))
David Sell (III) (Actor, Piled Higher and Deeper (2011))
David Selu (Actor, Caged Animal (2010))
David Self (II) (Editor, The Fashion Show (2009))
David Sell (I) (Miscellaneous, The Metropolitan Opera Presents (1977))
David Self (III) (Self, Wicked Attraction (2008))
David Sell (II) (Writer, Flawed (2008))
David Shelby (II) (Actor, The Prophet of the Slaves (2008))
David Seltzer (VIII) (Producer, The Unfinished Journey of Robert Kennedy (1970))
David Shelby (IV) (Actor, Be Washington: It's Your Turn to Lead (2018))
David Shelby (III) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
David Shelby (I) (Sound Department, Les truffes (1995))
David Selle (II) (Camera Department, Live PD (2016))
David Selvan (Producer, The Perfect Wave (2014))
David Sellares (Visual Effects, Ready Player One (2018))
David Selvig (Actor, Rogue Saints (2011))
David Seltzer (II) (Actor, Requiem for a Dream (2000))
David Selman (III) (Self, Food Paradise (2007))
David Sells (Writer, Sharon Israel's Iron Man (2014))
David Sellers (II) (Stunts, Zombies (2017))
David Selex (Self, Taste (2005))
David Sellars (Actor, Lush (1999))
David Selsky (Sound Department, Ghosts of Genius (2003))
David Selander (Actor, Cabe's Rift (2007))
David S. Ellis (Art Department, Baby's Breath (2003))
David Seltzer (III) (Self, Magic Time: A Tribute to Jack Lemmon (2002))
David Sellman (Actor, Shut Up and Kiss Me (2010))
David Selch (Location Management, A Shoe Addict's Christmas (2018))
David Selig (II) (Actor, Night of the Chupacabra (2005))
David Selwyn (II) (Producer, Symbiont (in development))
David Seller
David Selggur (Camera Department, The Wolf (2018))
David Seldman (Self, 180° South (2010))
David Seltzer (IX) (Miscellaneous, Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001))
David Selwyn (I) (Actor, A Hundred Years of Humphrey Hastings (1967))
David Selle (I) (Writer, Rise of the Dragon (1990))
David Selig (I) (Producer, Malachance (2004))
David Sellers (I) (Editor, Italian Fare (2005))
David Selkink (Camera Department, The Sadistic Hypnotist (1969))
David Seltzer (X) (Miscellaneous, I've Got a Secret (1952))
David Seltzer (VII) (Miscellaneous, Inside Out (1986))
David Seltzer (XII)
David Selkirk (Actor, Gabriel's Fire (1990))
David Seltzer (IV) (Art Department, Rules of the Game (2003))
David Selesi (Sound Department, Have a Nice Trip (2016))
David Selman (II) (Camera Department, Replicate (2019))
David Selman (I) (Director, Shakedown (1936))
David Seltzer (XI)
David Seltzer (V) (Actor, Dr. Finlay's Casebook (1962))
David Sellner (Miscellaneous, Dotkni se duhy (2010))
David Selling (Actor, Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour (2001))
David Sellicks (I) (Actor, Zombie Playground: Ice Scream (2016))
David Seligman (Writer, Sister Trouble (in development))
David Sellicks (II) (Actor, A Landscape of Lies - Directors Cut (2011))
David Selznick
Sidsel Wagner Davidsen (Actor, Se (2006))
David Sellwood (I) (Editor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
David Seliktar (Actor, Sleepless Nights (2002))
David Selvendra (Actor, Mystery Road (2018))
David Sellgman (Camera Department, Star Worms II: Attack of the Pleasure Pods (1985))
David Sellwood (II) (Thanks, Modern British Slavery (2017))
David Selztman (Miscellaneous, Tales from the Grave, Volume 2: Happy Holidays (2005))
David Selvadurai (Make Up Department, Starship Troopers (1997))
David Selinger (II) (Director, Entropy (2014))
David Selinger (I) (Art Department, Tideland (2005))
David Seligmann-Forest (Cinematographer, Plus ou moins Geek (2012))

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