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David Leitch (I) (Actor, Deadpool 2 (2018))
David Leitch (VIII)
David Leitch (II) (Miscellaneous, Narc (1988))
David Leitch (III)
David Leitch (V) (Self, The Indestructibles (2011))
David Leitch (VI) (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
David Leitch (IV) (Camera Department, 6 on the St. (2011))
David Leitch (VII) (Actor, Snuff Box (2006))
David Leisure (Actor, 10 Things I Hate About You (1999))
David Gridley (II) (Actor, The Last Ship (2014))
David Leite (I) (Camera Department, Godzilla (2014))
David Letch (I) (Actor, User Friendly (1990))
David Leith (Actor, Outlander (2014))
David Ley (I) (Actor, Mass Effect (2007))
David Leitham (Self, I Stand Corrected (2012))
David Leiter (Assistant Director, Let's Make a Movie (2012))
David Leite (II) (Actor, John From (2015))
David Leitson (Actor, First Bass (2008))
David Leitl
David Leidy (Writer, Platonic (2016))
David Ley (II) (Actor, Bomb the System (2002))
David Ley (VII) (Self, Vancouver: No Fixed Address (2017))
David Ley (III) (Visual Effects, Supernova (2000))
David Ley (VI)
David Ley (V) (Miscellaneous, The Living Edens (1997))
David Leys (Writer, Dead Down Under (2016))
David Lei (Visual Effects, Killing Schrödinger's Cats (2010))
David Leip (Actor, Final Curtain: Part 4 - Blood Brothers (2004))
David Leib (Art Department, The Maker (1997))
David Leigh (IV) (Writer, The Fifth Estate (2013))
David Lindley (I) (Music Department, Streets of Fire (1984))
David Leicht (Actor, The New Hire (2018))
David L. Fitch (Art Department, Best Laid Plans (1999))
David Letch (II) (Actor, The Adventures of Terry Teo (1985))
David Letcher (Actor, Earthian (1989))
David Lestch (Actor, Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014))
David Leivick (Director, Gospel (1983))
David Leyes (Camera Department, How to Marry a Mink (2009))
David Lindley (V) (Camera Department, Sideshow (2020))
David Leytus (Miscellaneous, One Good Cop (1991))
David Lesley (I) (Actor, Can I Get a Witness Protection? (2016))
David Leiwy (I) (Miscellaneous, The Last Witness (2018))
David Leibow (Actor, Script Doctor (1999))
David Leiber
David Leifer (Actor, Love is Love is Love (2019))
David Leisner (Composer, Marathon (2010))
David Leytze (Actor, Daytona USA (1993))
David Leyrer (Producer, Sin (2003))
David Leyse (Camera Department, Get Carter (2000))
David Leyton (II) (Art Department, Zapped Again! (1990))
David Leiken (Self, Portland Hip Hop: Lifting as We Climb (2016))
David Ridley (V) (Actor, The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead (2012))
David Leyshon (Actor, Murdoch Mysteries (2008))
David Lesley (II) (Miscellaneous, The Human Element (2018))
David Ridley (XI) (Miscellaneous, The Leak (2015))
David Leiwy (II)
David Chidley (Actor, Joni Jones (1982))
David Leiva (Actor, Cachílo (1999))
David Leigh (III) (Camera Department, Ørnens øje (1997))
David Leigh (VI) (Producer, Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie (2013))
David Lindley (III) (Self, Who Do You Think You Are? (2004))
David Leyland (Sound Department, Oceans 7 )
David Ridley (IX) (Composer, Kin (2017))
David Leyton (III) (Set Decorator, Champagne: A-Dilla (2014))
David Leigh (VII) (Director, NeuroDancer: Journey Into the Neuronet (1994))
David Ridley (II) (Sound Department, Blood and Relics (2010))
David Leyden (I) (Miscellaneous, P.O.V. (1988))
David Leigh (V) (Producer, A Worm in the Apple (2014))
David Leiner (Actor, A Parent's Perspective (2012))
David Ridley (VII) (Director, A Message To Mere Mortals (2013))
David Leyton (I) (Self, Wicked Attraction (2008))
David Leyva (Actor, Dante Night Show (2014))
David Ridley (IV) (Assistant Director, The Rarity (2011))
David Gridley (III)
David Gridley (I) (Camera Department, Black Mold Exposure (2009))
David Ledley (Actor, A Day to Love and Die (2005))
David Leyden (II) (Camera Department, Last Moments (2017))
David Leiwant (Producer, The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017))
David Ridley (XII)
David Leister (Director, Cremer (2013))
David Ridley (I) (Sound Department, Blood and Relics (2010))
David Ridley (III) (Art Department, Broke (2016))
David Ridley (VIII) (Producer, Night Surf (2015))
David Leigh (VIII) (Producer, Ilkley )
David Leira (Actor, El barón contra los Demonios (2006))
David Ridley (VI) (Director, A Message to Mere Mortals (2013))
David Leyba (Actor, The Girl Called Hatter Fox (1977))
David Leigh (I) (Actor, Cut Sleeve Boys (2006))
David Leibman (Actor, On Seventh Avenue (1996))
David Lindley (II) (Miscellaneous, Everybody Else (2014))
David Leidner (Camera Department, Headspace (2003))
David Leigh (II) (Camera Department, The Cottage (2008))
David Veitch (Actor, Island of Witches (2014))
David Deitch (Miscellaneous, American Masters (1985))
David Leitinger (Actor, Game of the Gods (2010))
David Leith Fraser (Producer, A Jaded Life (2012))
David Leiterman
David Leyonhjelm (Self, A Current Affair (1971))
David P. Beitchman (Producer, Blood Drive (in development))
David Leigh MacLeod (Producer, Ishtar (1987))
David Litchfield (I) (Visual Effects, Aliens (1986))
David Litchfield (II) (Camera Department, Mission: Impossible II (2000))
David McKeitch (I) (Sound Department, Mr Self Destruct (2012))
David Litchfield (VIII) (Camera Department, Space Police (1986))
David Litchfield (III) (Camera Department, Tick Tock Trick )
David Litchfield (V) (Camera Department, The Brunchers (2013))
David Litchfield (IV)
David Labovitch (Composer, Dementia Part II (2018))
David Louis Kitchner (Actor, Contemporary Family Clash (2011))
David Litchenfelt (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
David Litchfield (VI) (Camera Department, The Loneliest Time (2016))
David Litchfield (X) (Camera Department, Grace Beside Me (2018))
David Litchfield (VII)
David Litchfield (IX)
David Leishman (Editorial Department, Remotely Funny (2017))
David Leyden Dunbar (Self, Saturday Sportsday (2013))
Paul David Ridley (Actor, Knobs (2015))
David Lewis Klein (Actor, The Beast in the Jungle (2011))
David Leigh Pickett (Actor, The Dextape (2015))
David Leighton (III) (Sound Department, The World About Us (1967))
David Leighton (II) (Editor, Route 66 (1985))
David Leiphart (Producer, Space Cadet (2013))
David Leizerovich (Assistant Director, Restarting (2014))
David Lee Presley (Camera Department, The X Files (1998))
David Leon Wesley (Actor, The Rangers (2016))
David Leibowitz (I) (Camera Department, Coffee and Cigarettes (2003))
David Leichenger
David Lei Brandt (Actor, Schloss Einstein (1998))
David Lee Dailey (Camera Department, Sinatra Club (2010))
David Leighton (IV) (Sound Department, The Trees That Bled (2017))
David Leibowitz (II) (Production Manager, 3 Points (2009))
David Leibowitz (III) (Music Department, Casi casi (2006))
David L. Bradley (Actor, Abby Wize: Peace Dreamer (2018))
David Leighton (I) (Director, The Gadget Show (2004))
Matthew David Ridley (Director, The Wilds (2007))
David Leidener (Actor, Headspace (2003))
David Leinheardt (Music Department, Judgment Night (1993))
David McKeitch (III) (Sound Department, Her Dog (2013))
David McKeitch (II)
David Streitch (Actor, Our Devil's Night (2011))
David Deitchman (Camera Department, Free Verse (2014))
David Deitcher (Producer, Only Human (1998))
David Critchley (Miscellaneous, Ghost Rider (2007))
David Leigh-Pemberton
David Wesley Mitchell (Actor, The Dreamers (2013))
Mitchell Davidson Bentley (Actor, Pretendagers (2015))
Mitchell Davidson-Bentley (Actor, Dark Operations: A Dark Odyssey Begins (2007))
Donovan (I) (Soundtrack, Children of Men (2006))

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