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David Groh (Actor, Two-Minute Warning (1976))
Dave Grohl (Actor, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006))
aka "David Grohl"
David Grohman (Sound Department, Prince of Broadway (2008))
David Grohs (Visual Effects, Secrecy )
David Graf (I) (Actor, Police Academy (1984))
David Griffin (I) (Actor, Keeping Up Appearances (1990))
David Grovic (Producer, The Bag Man (2014))
David Gropman (Production Designer, Life of Pi (2012))
David Graham (II) (Actor, Supercar (1961))
David Groves (I) (Actor, If Only (2004))
David Gross (XV) (Producer, Room (2015))
David Gridley (II) (Actor, The Last Ship (2014))
David Gray (V) (Soundtrack, 15 Minutes (2001))
David Gross (VI) (Editorial Department, I, Frankenstein (2014))
David Gregory (II) (Actor, Department S (1969))
David Gregory (VII) (Actor, 30 Rock (2006))
David Gross (XIV) (Writer, Berger (in development))
David Green (I) (Director, Buster (1988))
David Grann (Writer, The Lost City of Z (2016))
David Greene (I) (Director, Godspell (1973))
David Grover (V) (Producer, V Detectives )
David Grossman (III) (Director, Desperate Housewives (2004))
David Grof (Director, Zombie Watch (2018))
David Groß (Camera Department, Treu (2015))
David Grow (Soundtrack, My Trip Back to the Dark Side (2014))
David Gross (VII) (Miscellaneous, Mission: Impossible III (2006))
David Gruner (I) (Actor, The Streets of San Francisco (1972))
David Gross (II) (Actor, Kelly's Heroes (1970))
David Greyson (II) (Actor, Lazareth (2017))
David Gries (Actor, Free Pie (2013))
David Grother (Camera Department, First List (2018))
David Grober (Miscellaneous, The Winds of War (1983))
David Gray (XIII) (Actor, Bundle of Joy (1956))
David Greenwalt (Producer, Angel (1999))
David Grainger (III) (Self, Restoration Garage (2013))
David Gromer (Director, Sturmfrei (2011))
David Grae (Producer, Castle (2009))
David Gregory (III) (Director, Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau (2014))
David Greathouse (I) (Special Effects, Ra.One (2011))
David Groark (Self, The Amazing Race (2001))
David Grove (III)
David Greene (VII) (Cinematographer, 12 Monkeys (2015))
David Green (XXVII) (Actor, Blue Fire (2002))
David Grace (I) (Producer, Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012))
David Grove (VII)
David Grammer (Actor, Joan of Arcadia (2003))
David Gragg (Actor, The Wind Is Watching (2014))
David Greenan (I) (Actor, Battlestar Galactica (1978))
David Grey (I) (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
David Gray (II) (Camera Department, Shooter (2007))
David Greenman (I) (Actor, About Last Night (2014))
David Grant (II) (Self, Now That's What I Call Music 6 (1985))
David Grennan (Camera Department, Lockout (2012))
David Grounds (Producer, The Standoff (2016))
David Groff (I) (Writer, Nobody's Child (2012))
BenDavid Grabinski (Writer, Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019))
David Greenbaum (I) (Miscellaneous, The Shape of Water (2017))
David Gray (XLVIII) (Art Department, Mechanic: Resurrection (2016))
David Green (III) (Actor, Street Fighter (1994))
David Gross (III) (Miscellaneous, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984))
David Groff (II)
David Gross (XXI) (Director, Another Chance (2012))
David Groome (I) (Animation Department, An American Tail (1986))
David Gross (XXV) (Self, 30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story (2017))
David Groom (II) (Producer, The Merciless Beauty (2016))
David Gross (V) (Sound Department, Close Combat III: The Russian Front (1999))
David Gross (XXXIV)
David Gross (XXXII) (Camera Department, Menashe (2017))
David Groves (IX) (Actor, Ladies in Black (2018))
David Gross (XXXVII)
David Groomes (Casting Director, Descent of a Superstar (2013))
David Grotell (Director, The Wishmakers (2011))
David Grout (I) (Miscellaneous, Formula 51 (2001))
David Grocott (Self, Britain at War: Imperial War Museums at 100 (2017))
David Grott (Music Department, When the Day Breaks (1999))
David Gross (XXXIII) (Composer, Three Roads )
David Gross (XVII) (Self, Particle Fever (2013))
David Gross (XI) (Camera Department, The Exotic Dreams of Casanova (1971))
David Grosh (Self, Casino Jack and the United States of Money (2010))
David Groom (I) (Writer, Dangerous Game (1988))
David Grosby (Actor, Prefontaine (1997))
David Gross (XXVII) (Producer, Underdogs: The Story of Noah's Hope Animal Rescue (2015))
David Grover (II) (Music Department, Kindergarten (2001))
David Grout (II) (Producer, Bloomberg Game Changers (2010))
David Gross (XXXI) (Camera Department, Paper Planes (2014))
David Gross (XXXVI) (Camera Department, Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face (2017))
David Gross (XXVIII) (Writer, Wastecooking: Kochen statt Verschwenden (2015))
David Gross (XIX) (Self, Nova (1974))
David Gross (XII)
David Grove (I) (Miscellaneous, Nanny 911 (2004))
David Groves (X) (Music Department, Swan Lake 3D - Live from the Mariinsky Theatre (2013))
David Gross (VIII) (Composer, Scarlet (2013))
David Groman (Sound Department, Boy Meets Girl (2014))
David Groger (Actor, Czech Family Saga (2009))
David Groover (II) (Actor, Cut N' Dry Talent TV (2014))
David Grotke (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
David Groves (III) (Editor, The Right Time (2005))
David Grose (I) (Transportation Department, Doctor Strange (2016))
David Groves (XI) (Sound Department, The Minotaur (2008))
David Gross (IV) (Actor, Kentucky Blue Streak (1935))
David Grover (I) (Composer, Lucky Luke (1991))
David Gross (XXVI) (Director, Wastecooking (2012))
David Grogan (IV) (Writer, Limbus (2017))
David Groves (V) (Actor, The New Worst Witch (2005))
David Grose (II) (Camera Department, Life in the Carolinas (2010))
David Gross (XIII) (Self, Closer to Truth (2000))
David Gross (I) (Actor, New York Nights (1994))
David Gromik
David Grotheim (Actor, Hands on a Hardbody: The Documentary (1997))
David Grogan (V) (Miscellaneous, Jackie (2016))
David Grogan (II) (Sound Department, Supermarkets Inc: Inside a $500 Billion Money Machine (2011))
David Groves (XIII) (Writer, The 5 on Five Tour (2013))
David Grogan (III) (Camera Department, Supermarkets Inc: Inside a $500 Billion Money Machine (2011))
David Grove (IV) (Producer, Rash (2017))
David Grove (II) (Writer, Beastly Boyz (2006))
David Gross (IX) (Actor, The Cops Did It (2009))
David Grouws (Miscellaneous, And Never Let Her Go (2001))
David Groden (Location Management, Language of Love (2004))
David Gross (XXXIX) (Camera Department, Rauchzeichen (2013))
David Gross (X) (Producer, #killerpost (2016))
David Groover (I) (Editorial Department, Scalpel (1977))
David Gross (XXX)
David Groves (VII) (Camera Department, Staying Power (2017))
David Grosso (Actor, 3 Days (2011))
David Groleau (Actor, Bikers Versus the Undead (1985))
David Gross (XX) (Actor, Minotaur (2013))
David Groce (Actor, JPAC: A Hero's Mission (2008))
David Großmann (Writer, Schugada : a bayerische Mafiakomödie (2017))
David Groves (II) (Actor, Camp: The Movie (2002))
David Gross (XXXV)
David Grondin (Visual Effects, Fallen (2016))
David Grogan (I) (Actor, A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives (1993))
David Gross (XXXVIII) (Self, You Can Be BRAVE (2018))
David Groves (VI) (Producer, Jenny (2016))
David Gross (XXIII) (Location Management, Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8) (2013))
David Grover (IV) (Self, Heritage Arms (2013))
David Groves (XIV) (Producer, TSI: Hollywood (2013))
David Grozier (Self, A Town & Country Murder (2013))
David Gross (XXII) (Actor, Dau (2019))
David Groff (III)
David G. Roth (Actor, Disappearing Bakersfield (2012))
David Gross (XVIII) (Director, Pharao Bipolar (2008))
David Grove (VI)
David Gross (XVI) (Director, The Inspector, the Lady & the Thief (2014))
David Groves (VIII) (Producer, Telstar: The Joe Meek Story (2008))
David Groves (IV)
David Groen (Director, Het Klokhuis (1988))
David Grooman (Actor, Rebuilding: Hide the Bodies (2010))
David Groome (II) (Art Department, Now You See Me (2013))
David Gross (XXIV) (Writer, Washed Up )
David Grill (Camera Department, Super Bowl LI Halftime Show Starring Lady Gaga (2017))
David Gray (VII) (Editorial Department, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000))
David Grant (VI) (Writer, Sex, Love and Marriage (1972))
David Grad (Producer, MTV Tr3s Tu Pride (2006))
David Greenwald (I) (Editor, Sidewalks of New York (2001))
David Grasso (II) (Special Effects, I, Robot (2004))
David Greider (Producer, Animal Cribs (2017))
David Greene (X) (Special Effects, Armageddon (1998))
David Gray (XVII) (Actor, Private Practice (2007))
David Grieco (I) (Writer, Evilenko (2004))
David Grineau (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
David Gray (XXXIX) (Actor, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (2009))
David Grant Wright (I) (Actor, Waco (2018))
David Grossman (V) (Writer, Mishehu Larutz Ito (2006))
David Gribble (I) (Cinematographer, The World's Fastest Indian (2005))
David Greenlee (Actor, Beauty and the Beast (1987))
David Gregg (I) (Actor, Léon: The Professional (1994))
David Grubin (Producer, American Experience (1988))
David Grau (Writer, L'apropiació del descobriment d'Amèrica: una conspiració d'estat? (2003))
David Gray (XVIII) (Camera Department, Roland Rat: The Series (1986))
David Grey (IX) (Actor, Animated Stories from the New Testament (1987))
David Grey (VIII) (Cinematographer, Prisoners of the Cold War: Campaigning for the Grenada 17 (2006))
David Gray (XIV) (Actor, Mackenzie (1980))
David Gray (LII) (Editor, Style Tribes: Music (2002))
David Gray (L) (Actor, Ziegfeld Follies (1945))
David Gray (XXX) (Director, Hugo III, Jungle of Doom! (1992))
David Grey (XIII) (Actor, My Bloody Banjo (2015))
David Gray (I) (Writer, Spectrum (1958))
David Graf (IV) (Actor, Breaking Badge (2013))
David Graf (VI) (Actor, CollegeHumor Originals (2006))
David Gray (XLIII) (Editorial Department, Independent Lens (1999))
David Gray (XXIX) (Visual Effects, Lazy Susan (2009))
David Gray (LIX) (Producer, The Cry (2007))
David Grand (III) (Director, Come Hell or High Water (2009))
David Gray (LXI) (Actor, Chalard games goeng (2017))
David Gray (XXIII) (Camera Department, Bird's-Eye View (1969))
David Graf (II) (Miscellaneous, Final Voyage (1999))
David Gray (XL) (Editor, The Sheik and I (2012))
David Gray (XLII) (Writer, Matthew the Angry Elf (2012))
David Gray (XXII) (Art Department, Tommy the Tungsten Robot (2008))
David Gray (LXII) (Actor, Infinity Limited (1984))
David Gräwe (Sound Department, Tolle Lage (2000))
David Grey (XV) (Actor, The Glorious Adventure (1922))
David Graf (III) (Actor, Producer Sam (2013))
David Gray (XXXII)
David Gray (XXXVII) (Sound Department, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991))
David Grey (IV) (Self, Green Energy Futures (2012))
David Gray (III) (Writer, Fast and Loose (1930))
David Gray (LV) (Miscellaneous, Diggers (2012))
David Grey (XI) (Visual Effects, Piranha 3DD (2012))

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