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Luc Dardenne (Producer, Two Days, One Night (2014))
Jean-Pierre Dardenne (Producer, Two Days, One Night (2014))
E. Dardenne (Actress, Adversaires invisibles (1945))
Yvonne Dardenne (Actress, Hogan's Heroes (1965))
John Dardenne (Miscellaneous, Fresh Perspectives (2011))
Théo Dardenne (Actor, Keeper (2015))
Emma Dardenne (Actress, La fille du grand monsieur (2005))
Henry Dardenne (Actor, Star Fox: Assault (2005))
Kevin Dardenne (Assistant Director, La fille inconnue (2016))
Emmanuel Dardenne (Actor, Davide penitente als Pferdeballett (2015))
Kenneth Darden (Actor, Bricolade (2007))
Paulette Dardenne (Actress, La fille du grand monsieur (2005))
Chantal Dardenne (Actress, Saveart: Recycling Art (2015))
Patrick D'Ardenne (Actor, Keep Going (2013))
Caroline Dardenne (Actress, Contre toute espérance (2007))
Thomas Dardenne (Actor, Yoshido (Les autres vies) (2010))
Sylvain Dardenne (Director, Chicago Blues (2006))
Marcelle Dardenne (Producer, Circuito Interno (2010))
Tina Dardenne-Fallet (Animation Department, Arthur and the Minimoys (2017))
Christophe Dardenne (Actor, Fil Rouge (2008))
Sabine Dardenne (Self, L'avocat du diable (2005))
Olivia Dardenne (Actress, Sous le soleil (1996))
Millie Dardenne (Art Department, Femme Fatale (2002))
David D'Ardenne (Sound Department, WPT Alpha8 (2014))
Jennelle Dearden (Miscellaneous, Water Rats (1996))
Rachel Darden Bennett (Actress, Mildred Pierce (2011))
Donnell Breadleon Darden (Actor, 16 Bars the Movie )
Marie-Béatrice Dardenne (Actress, Au bonheur des ogres (2013))
Anne-Catherine d'Ardenne (Actress, Le maître-nageur (1979))
Philippe Chanelet Dardenne
Phillipe Chanelet Dardenne