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Cynthia Adler (Actress, Knightriders (1981))
Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Actress, The Accountant (2016))
Cynthia Adra (Director, Hair World (2005))
Cynthia Adams (Actress, Shared Pain (2012))
Cynthia Edler
Cynthia Adarkwa (Writer, In the Vault (2017))
Cynthia Sadler (Art Department, Gladiator (2000))
Cynthia Adkisson (Actress, Gaia (2009))
Cynthia Adeyeye (Art Department, The Carbonaro Effect (2014))


Evelyn Lozada/Cynthia Addai-Robinson/Man Crush Monday/Fake It or Take It (I) (2016) (TV Episode)
- Season 3 | Episode 59
- The Real (I) (2013) (TV Series)

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