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Richard Conte (I) (Actor, The Godfather (1972))
Richard Lintern (Actor, The Bank Job (2008))
Richard Conti (I) (Actor, Copycat (1995))
Richard Carpenter (III) (Soundtrack, Better Off Dead... (1985))
Richard X. Slattery (Actor, The Gallant Men (1962))
Richard D. Winters (Self, Band of Brothers (2001))
Richard Conte (II) (Self, Ce soir (ou jamais!) (2006))
Richard Conte (III) (Writer, And Then the Dark (2012))
Richard Goteri (Actor, Killerman )
Richard Carpenter (I) (Writer, Stanley's Dragon (1994))
Hunter Richards (I) (Writer, London (2005))
Cate Richardson (Actress, The Age of Adaline (2015))
Richard Delmonte (Actor, Scarface (1983))
Donte' Richardson (Director, JapanFest Atlanta Live (2016))
Devonte Richard
Deonte Richardson (Actor, Soy Campeon (2014))
Nate Richards (II)
Richard Conti (V)
Richard Conti (II) (Sound Department, Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll (2006))
Richard Conti (IV)
Richard Bonte (Actor, Falcon Crest (1981))
Richard Monte (Director, Academy Live (1995))
Richard Ketteridge (Visual Effects, World War Z (2013))
Richard Montes (I) (Actor, The Mask (1994))
Richard Contesso (Actor, Les cinq dernières minutes (1958))
Richard Günter (Actor, Weite Strassen stille Liebe (1969))
Kate Richards (I) (Actress, Doctors (2000))
Nate Richards (I) (Camera Department, Writer's Block (2013))
Kate Richards (IV) (Casting Department, Out of the Blue (2008))
Kate Richards (VIII) (Director, Spirit Patrol (2011))
Tate Richard (II) (Actor, Love Torn Between Two (2018))
Kate Richards (XIV)
Kate Richards (X) (Editorial Department, Realizism (2013))
Kate Richards (XI) (Camera Department, Magpie (2013))
Kate Richard (Actress, Rod the Stormtrooper: Episode V - The Hidden Darkness (2015))
Tate Richard (I) (Actor, The League (2009))
Arte Richard (Actress, The Magician King (2004))
Kate Richards (VII) (Camera Department, The Man You Know (1984))
Kate Richards (III) (Make Up Department, Just Inès (2010))
Kate Richards (XV) (Miscellaneous, The Gong Show (2017))
Kate Richards (XII) (Actress, Proper Manors (2012))
Kate Richards (V)
Pete Richards (III)
Pete Richards (I) (Actor, Little Red Devil (2008))
Pete Richards (II) (Producer, TORC: Live on Speed (2013))
Tate Richard (III) (Actor, Blind Confession (2019))
Kate Richards (XIII) (Actress, Inside the Venue )
Kate Richards (VI) (Actress, Devious, Inc. (2009))
Pete Richard (Self, Great British Ghosts (2011))
Kate Richards (II) (Miscellaneous, Alien Autopsy (2006))
Richard Montero (Art Department, Independencia (2009))
Richard Hunter (III) (Actor, The Elephant Man (1980))
Pete Richardson (I) (Actor, Fighting Back (1982))
Richard Renteria (III) (Camera Department, The Boy Next Door (2014))
Richard Interiano (Actor, Departed (2016))
Richard Renteria (IV)
Richard Renteria (II) (Editorial Department, Raise the Devil (2014))
Richard Eric Winter (Actor, Mission: Impossible (1966))
Richard Renteria (I) (Actor, The Association (2015))
Charlotte Richards (II) (Actress, Coronation Street: Viva Las Vegas! (1997))
Richard Carpenter (IV) (Self, Come Dine with Me (2005))
Charlotte Richards (III) (Actress, Bachelor Night (2014))
Richard L. Conti (Actor, Eddie Thurber's Formidable Adversary (2012))
Richard D. Conti (Camera Department, Two Guys One Truck (2014))
Richard Contrastano (Editor, Welcome to Grandpaville (2013))
Richard F. Montes (Producer, Liberation (2009))
Richard Painter (I) (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Richard Aponte (Visual Effects, The Green Hornet (2011))
Richard Lomonte (Actor, Boricua in the House (in development))
Richard Montenegro (Actor, Could Have Been Anyone (2000))
Richard La Fonte (Make Up Department, Manhattan gigolò (1986))
Richard Montes (III) (Actor, Love, Lust, & A Room Key (2015))
Richard Almonte (Actor, Birdie & Bruce (2016))
Richard Reponte (Camera Department, The Big Bad City (2014))
Richard Monteverde (Director, Dwarf (1984))
Richard Montes (II) (Director, Indian Octomom (2010))
Richard Monteiro (Miscellaneous, Salt Water (2018))
Richard Altomonte (Director, Dangerous Intimacy: The Untold Story of Mark Twain's Final Years (2010))
Richard Bimonte (Writer, The United States Steel Hour (1953))
Richard Montelibano (Art Department, My Valentine Girls (2011))
Richard Fontenot (Miscellaneous, The Italian Job (2003))
Richard Fontenelle (Self, Family Portrait (2004))
Richard Montemayor (Camera Department, The Still and Beating Heart (2010))
Richard Monteith
Richard Bontems (Miscellaneous, AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: America's Greatest Movies (1998))
Richard Carpenter (IX)
Colette Richard (Actress, Les petites du quai aux fleurs (1944))
Richard James Montgomery (Actor, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018))
Richard Montgomery (IV) (Producer, Icons Spotlight (2016))
Richard Montgomery (XI) (Camera Department, Jessica Jones (2015))
Richard A. Montgomery (Camera Department, Great Expectations (1998))
Richard Montgomery (III) (Production Manager, Spider (2007))
Richard Montgomery (I) (Actor, Hotel de Love (1996))
Richard Montgomery (V) (Actor, A Bright Shining Lie (1998))
Richard Montgomery (XIII) (Camera Department, Blue Skies Under Grey (2004))
Richard Montgomery (VI) (Director, Only in Your Dreams (2006))
Richard Montgomery (IX) (Producer, A Midwinter Night's Dream )
Richard T. Montgomery (Actor, Girl Dreading Home (2018))
Richard Montgomery (II) (Art Director, Jamaican Gold (1979))
Richard Montgomery (X) (Actor, Xue jian leng ying bao (1980))
Richard Montgomery (VII) (Actor, The Legend of Jedediah Carver (1976))
Richard Montgomery (XII) (Actor, Pro$ & Con$ (2001))
Richard Connery (Director, Dirk Hartog Island Unleashed (2012))
Connie Richards (Self, Anglia at War (1992))
Constance Richards (Sound Department, The Day That Broke )
Teri Richardson (II) (Self, The Love Boat (1977))
Richard Winter (II) (Actor, Peter Pan (1960))
Chantelle Richardson (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Chantelle Richards
Richard Mounter (Actor, Fixing to Blow (1998))
Richard Winters (III) (Miscellaneous, Interface (2016))
Richard Hunter (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Room in Rome (2010))
Richard Kinter (III) (Actor, Ghost Stories (1997))
Richard Vandeventer (Miscellaneous, Resident Evil 6 (2012))
Richard Winter (V) (Music Department, Hunky Dory (2011))
Richard Winter (I) (Costume Designer, One Foot in the Grave (1990))
Richard Canter (II) (Actor, Roads, Trees and Honey Bees )
Hunter Richardson (Producer, Holbrook (2011))
Richard Benter (Producer, Protocol 734 (2016))
Richard Winter (IV) (Editor, Jar of Angels (2013))
Richard Pointer (Actor, Motivating Stanley (2014))
Richard Hunter (XVI)
Richard Winterton (Self, Dickinson's Real Deal (2006))
Richard Peter Hunter (Writer, Evil's Evil Cousin (2016))
Richard Hunter (XIII)
Richard Santerre (Self, Le son des Français d'Amérique (1974))
Hunter Richards (II) (Cinematographer, Neighborhood Watch (2007))
Richard Hunter (II) (Self, Beyond Vanilla (2001))
Richard Dinter (Writer, Natten (2016))
Richard Carpenter (II) (Editor, Standard Issue (2014))
Richard Tainter (Visual Effects, Devil Dog (2007))
Richard Carpenter (VII) (Actor, Jonah )
Richard Kinter (I) (Writer, NBC Children's Theatre (1963))
Richard Hunter (VI) (Actor, Minsan pa (2004))
Richard Hunter (V) (Self, MythBusters (2003))
Hans-Günter Richardi (Director, Die Alpenfestung - Letztes Bollwerk der SS (2004))
Richard Kanter (II) (Actor, John's Life Narrated by God (2011))
Richard Hunter (XV) (Music Department, The Watcher in the Woods (2017))
Richard Hunter (IX) (Music Department, Killer Tranny (2011))
J. Hunter Richardson (Sound Department, Dirty People (2012))
Richard Paynter (II) (Composer, Clarity (2016))
Richard Kinter (II) (Actor, The Phantom of the Opera (1991))
Richard Poynter (Art Department, White Palace (1990))
Richard Winterstern
Hunter Richards (IV) (Actor, Crime Patrol (1993))
Richard Winters (I) (Miscellaneous, Fear (1990))
Richard Winters (II) (Actor, The Barkleys of Broadway (1949))
Richard Hunter (I) (Actor, The Canby Hill Outlaws (1916))
Richard Painter (II) (Self, Vol State Presents (2011))
Richard Carpenter (V) (Actor, The First Baby (1936))
Richard Carpenter (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Caul (2013))
Richard Glanter (Producer, Divorce Court (1984))
Richard A. Fanter (Actor, Sharknado (2013))
Richard Pinter
Richard Parmenter (Producer, Godless. (2005))
Richard Gelernter (Actor, Goodbye Bear (2009))
Richard John Terrile (Self, The Farthest (2017))
Richard W. Carpenter (Producer, Lost Bastards )
Richard Hunter (XI)
Richard Ginter (I) (Actor, Hero (2011))
Richard Tranter (Actor, Deathgasm (2015))
Richard Hunter (X) (Writer, Lurujarri Dreaming (2012))
Richard Winterstein (Actor, M*A*S*H (1972))
Richard Winter (III)
Richard Hunter (XIV) (Self, UFC Embedded: Vlog Series (2014))
Richard Hunter (IV) (Actor, Red Rose (2004))
Hunter Richards (V) (Actor, Lordes House (2017))
Richard Ginter (II)
Richard Hunter (VII)
Richard Paynter (I)
Hunter Richards (III) (Cinematographer, Winning Favor (2012))
Richard James Winter (Actor, Karambolage (1989))
Richard Canter (I) (Actor, Near Death (2018))
Richard Stephenson Winter (Actor, Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017))
Hunter Lee Richardson (Actor, Damo & Ivor: The Movie (2018))
Charolette Richards (Self, Paper Heart (2009))
Charlotte Richard (Actress, Promène-toi donc tout nu! (1999))
Kate Richardson (II)
Celeste Richardson (II)
Kate Richardson (IX) (Miscellaneous, Seven Seconds (2018))
Margarite Richards (Actress, Joni Jones (1982))
Pete Richardson (IV) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Katerine Richard (Actress, Malón )
Terrence Richard (II) (Sound Department, Crusade (2014))
Paulette Richard (Actress, Dans les cordes (2007))
Yvette Richardson (II) (Miscellaneous, Tornado Alley (2011))
Lonette Richards (Miscellaneous, Scars of Nanking (2017))
Jeanette Richards (II)
Pete Richardson (II)
Bette Richards (Miscellaneous, Before the Border (2015))
Terrie Richards (II) (Actress, Or So I've Been Told (2018))
Kate Richardson (VII) (Music Department, Buzzard (2014))
Charlotte Richards (V) (Actress, Yosemite (2015))
Whyte Richardson (Self, When Gameshows Go Horribly Wrong (2017))
Charlotte Richardson (I) (Actress, The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1983))
Monette Richards (Miscellaneous, Stoners (2004))
Kate Richardson (III) (Director, Watching Isobel (2011))
Cosette Richard (Actress, Mon frère se marie (2006))
Kate Richardson (VIII) (Self, Stars in Their Eyes Kids (2001))
Richard E. Carter II (Miscellaneous, American Made (2017))

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