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Colin Brodie (Actor, Enemy of the State (1998))
Kevin Brodie (Producer, Treacherous (1993))
Martin Brodie (Actor, Totally Frank (2005))
Erin Brodie (I) (Actress, The Dr. Keith Ablow Show (2006))
Colin Browen (Camera Department, The Devil's Eyes (2012))
Colin Broderick (Writer, Emerald City (2016))
Colin Brown (I) (Actor, Stan Lee's Lucky Man (2016))
Iain Brodie (Actor, Waterproof (2018))
Erin Brodie (II) (Actress, Yalda (2008))
Robin Brodie (Costume Department, The Giant Spider Invasion (1975))
Marvin Brodie (Soundtrack, Cast Away (2000))
Colin Brooks (I) (Actor, The Fifth Element (1997))
Caitlin Brody (Self, EW Reunites (2016))
Gatlin Brody (Actor, Lentil Soup (2016))
Colin Brown (IV) (Camera Department, Carmen in 3D (2011))
Colin Brook (II) (Miscellaneous, No Kitchen Required (2012))
Colin Brown (XXXI) (Miscellaneous, Irrevocable (2014))
Colin Brown (XIII)
Colin Brown (VII) (Self, Die GlasBlasSing Quintett Show (2011))
Colin Browne (IV) (Producer, Don't Listen (2016))
Colin Brook (I) (Actor, Brassed Off (1996))
Colin Brown (XXVI)
Colin Browne (II) (Art Director, Dan and a Van (2009))
Colin Brown (XXXIII) (Actor, Student Heist (2018))
Colin Browne (V) (Thanks, Suburban Front (2012))
Colin Brown (XX) (Self, The Genius of Invention (2013))
Colin Brown (IX) (Actor, Everyman (2011))
Colin Browne (VII)
Colin Brown (XVI) (Editorial Department, Matriarch )
Colin Brown (XXIII) (Self, Weaving Authentic: Making the Fabrics of 'Outlander' (2015))
Colin Broom (Composer, Annotations (2001))
Colin Brown (XII) (Writer, Naked Video (1986))
Colin Browne (I) (Actor, The Heartbreak Kid (2007))
Colin Broome (Actor, School Bus Diaries (2016))
Colin Brown (XXI) (Self, Panorama (1953))
Colin Browne (III) (Actor, Laundromat Days (2005))
Colin Brown (XI) (Actor, The Full 10 Yards (2004))
Colin Brooks (III) (Self, The Band of Heathens: The Double Down (2012))
Colin Brown (XXV) (Animation Department, The Poland Connection (2013))
Colin Brown (X)
Colin Brown (XXII) (Camera Department, Weakest Link (2001))
Colin Brown (XXXII) (Actor, Somero (2018))
Colin Brown (VIII) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Colin Brown (XVII) (Sound Department, Everyman (2011))
Colin Brown (III) (Art Department, South West 9 (2001))
Colin Brown (XVIII) (Self, Born to Kill? (2005))
Colin Browne (VI) (Actor, Lola & Me (2004))
Colin Browne (X)
Colin Browne (IX)
Colin Brown (XXIV) (Miscellaneous, Seven Million Acres (1973))
Colin Bromley (Director, The Indian Cowboy: One in a Billion (2004))
Colin Brock (Actor, Peter Barry's Lucky Day (2008))
Colin Brooks (II) (Assistant Director, Anomaly (2012))
Colin Brown (XXX) (Camera Department, Wonderama (2017))
Colin Brown (XXIX)
Colin Brown (XXVIII)
Colin Brown (VI) (Actor, Gods of Los Angeles (2005))
Colin Brown (XIV) (Visual Effects, Data Entry (2010))
Colin Browne (VIII)
Colin Brown (XIX) (Self, The Sunday Programme (1994))
Colin Brown (XXVII) (Actor, In an Instant (2015))
Colin Brown (II) (Visual Effects, Lost in Space (1998))
Colin Brown (XV) (Producer, Event Horizon (1997))
Colin Brooker (Editor, Si! Es I, Pepe (2011))
Colin Brown (V) (Miscellaneous, Crossing Over with John Edward (1999))
Justin Brodie-Kommit
Colin Broadway (Self, The Secret Life of Sue Townsend (Aged 68 3/4) (2016))
Colin Broussard (Actor, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009))
Colin Broadley (II) (Actor, Runaway (1964))
Colin Brokenshire
Colin Brookfield (Sound Department, Bunny and Clyde )
Colin Broadley (I) (Actor, Saturday Playhouse (1958))
Caroline Brodie
Carolyn Brodie Gelles (Miscellaneous, Dr. T & the Women (2000))
Colin Brooks-Williams

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