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Lester Cole (I) (Writer, The Invisible Man Returns (1940))
Nicole Sterling (II) (Actress, Evil Nanny (2016))
Lester Cole (II) (Actor, Love at First Sight (1929))
Carole Lester (Miscellaneous, The Earth Day Special (1990))
Cole Stern (Actor, Holding Patterns (2017))
Celeste Cole (II) (Art Department, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016))
Kyle Lester (I) (Camera Department, A-Town (2011))
Dale Lester (Actor, Child of God (2013))
Kyle Lester (II) (Art Department, MythBusters (2003))
Cale Lester (Actor, Hay Days (2014))
Danielle Lester (I) (Actress, The Job Interview (in development))
Nicole Steele (Actor, Utopia (2011))
Celeste Cole (I) (Actress, The Exile (1931))
Nicole Stern (II) (Actor, Families like Yours (2017))
Nicole Stern (I) (Actress, Omega One (2006))
Lester Cole Orchestra (Actor, Toot Sweet (1937))
Nicole Sylvester (Producer, The Owner (2012))
Nicole LeMaster (Miscellaneous, Bejeweled Blitz Live (2011))
Noble Lee Lester (Actor, Low Town (2017))
Danielle Lester (IV) (Actress, Den of Darkness (2016))
Danielle Lester (II) (Actress, Crash Site (2015))
Danielle Lester II (Actress, Way Darker Than You Think (2011))
Gabrielle Lester (Music Department, The World's End (2013))
Danielle Lester (III) (Actress, Leave Me Together (2015))
Lester Cole & His Texas Rangers (Actor, I'm Much Obliged (1936))
Nicole Celeste (Actress, Frozen Kiss (2009))
Celeste Nicoletti (Actress, Il mnemonista (2000))
Lester Coleman Jr. (Art Department, The Winner (1996))
Nicole Sterner (Miscellaneous, Guido (2011))
Nicole Stetter (Actor, Talents (2015))
Cole Sternberg (Director, A Moment in the Sun (2013))
Nicole Sterling (I) (Sound Department, Leap Before You Look (2011))
Lester Coleman (Self, The Maltese Double Cross (1994))
Nicole Merritt Lester
Mads-Ole Østergaard Nielsen (Actor, Et liv på den anden side III: Den hvor Søren Vegger rejser tilbage i tiden (2015))
The Debutantes (Actress, South of Dixie (1944))