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Josephine Clarke (I) (Actress, The Knock (1994))
Josephine Clarke (II)
Josephine Clarke (III) (Actress, The Mario Rosenstock Show (2012))
Josephine Kook-Clark (Actress, Outnumbered (2007))
Josephine V. Clark (Actress, Legacy (2004))
Josephine Clark (II) (Actress, Sweetheart (2015))
Josephine Clark (V) (Actress, Sweetheart (2015))
Josephine Clark (I) (Actress, Peck o' Pickles (1916))
Josephine Clark (III) (Producer, World's Most Extreme Homes (2006))
Josephine Clark (IV) (Miscellaneous, Naked Science (2004))
Joseph I.C. Clarke (Writer, Heartsease (1919))
Josephine Sparke
Josephine Parker (Actress, Anna Karenina (1977))
Josephine Croft (Actress, Telepathy (2015))
Reno Browne (Actress, Range Land (1949))