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Chris Renaud (I) (Actor, Despicable Me 2 (2013))
Chris Renaud (V) (Actor, Christmas in Angel Falls (2017))
Christopher Renaud (I) (Transportation Department, Too Young to Marry (2007))
aka "Chris Renaud"
Chris Renaud (III) (Cinematographer, The Whistleblower (2012))
Chris Renaud (II) (Producer, The Wars of Other Men (2014))
Chris Renaud (IV)
Chris Renaud Pierre Coffin (Director, Despicable Me 2: The Music in the Film (2013))
Chris Rene (Actor, Swelter (2014))
Francis Renaud (I) (Director, Over iode (1997))
Christine Renaud (IV) (Actress, Rhett and Link's Buddy System (2016))
Janis Renaud (Transportation Department, Tomcat: Dangerous Desires (1993))
Dennis Renaud (Self, Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America (1997))
Alexis Renaud (Visual Effects, Unknown Movies (2013))
Chris Benaud (Editor, Keiron: The First Voyager (1985))
Chris Renk (Composer, Lester Kannon (2012))
Chris Reno (Miscellaneous, The Simpsons Game (2007))
Chris Renshaw (II) (Composer, Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie (2018))
Chris Renna (I) (Miscellaneous, Nixon (1995))
Chris Renna (II) (Actor, The Land of College Prophets (2005))
Chris Renfer (I) (Cinematographer, Learning to Breathe (2014))
Chris Rentner (Producer, Forced Perspective (2015))
Chris Renson (Camera Department, Love Me If You Dare (2003))
Chris Rentoul (Animation Department, Blade Kitten (2010))
Chris Renshaw (IV)
Chris Renzi (Director, Al Heimer's Moment (2009))
Chris Renegar (Miscellaneous, Montgomery (2012))
Chris Rendina (Actor, Shockheaded (2002))
Chris Renda (Actor, Black Luck (2011))
Chris Renshaw (I) (Art Department, White Noise (2005))
Chris Reneau (Producer, A Promise (2005))
Chris Reney (Miscellaneous, Hard Candy (2005))
Chris Rentzel (I) (Director, The Many Strange Stories of Triangle Woman (2008))
Chris Rennirt (Producer, Undying Love for You )
Chris Rentzel (II) (Self, 30 for 30 (2009))
Chris Renty (Sound Department, The Man Who Sold the World (2006))
Chris Renner (Editorial Department, The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah (2006))
Chris Renshaw (III) (Self, Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand (2015))
Chris Rennard (Self, UK General Election (1950))
Chris Renfer (II) (Cinematographer, Sharing Time (2012))
Chris Renfrew (Self, 3CW The Fight Before Christmas (2017))
Chris Rendell (Actor, Chopped (2007))
Chris Renton (Actor, Happy Christmas (2014))
Chris Renuea (Producer, 100 Per Cent (2005))
Chris Rentos (Miscellaneous, Real World (1992))
Chris Reneger (Actor, Thin Ice (1981))
Chris Renison (Composer, The Field (2013))
Chris Renicar (Actor, Doctors (2000))
Chris Rendon
Chris Renfer (III) (Cinematographer, Hallucinalien (2016))
Chris Renna (III) (Composer, Cold Hard Cash (2007))
Chris Renee (Make Up Department, Jackson (2009))
François-Renaud Labarthe (Production Designer, Personal Shopper (2016))
Christopher Renaud (II) (Cinematographer, Caihong City (2016))
Jean-Louis Renaud (Art Department, Élodie Bradford (2004))
Francis Renaud (III) (Actor, Les aventures de la courte échelle (1995))
Pierre-Louis Renaud (Actor, Les Jaunes (2014))
Jean Francois Renaud
François Renaud (V) (Actor, Killer Kids (2011))
Jean-François Renaud (II) (Composer, Being (2017))
François Renaud (II) (Writer, La maison Deschênes (1988))
Denis Renaudin (Actor, Disco (2008))
Jean-François Renaud (I) (Miscellaneous, Un Noël endiablé (2014))
François Renaud (IV) (Writer, Enquête sur les OVNIs (2004))
Francois Renaud (Location Management, Boost (2017))
François Renaud (I) (Location Management, Artificial Lies (2000))
François Renaud (III) (Transportation Department, Garm Wars: The Last Druid (2014))
Annie Bois-Renaud (Actor, Ensemble Vide (2011))
Jean Dubois Renaud
Francis Renaud (II) (Director, Docs interdits (2011))
Christine Renaud (VI) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Christopher Renaud (III)
Christine Renaud (V) (Miscellaneous, Roger Waters: The Wall (2014))
Christian Renaud (I) (Stunts, Double Team (1997))
Christian Renaud (II) (Actor, Anima - Symphonie phantastique (1981))
Christine Larenaudi (Actress, Toubab Bi (1991))
Christophe Renaud
Christian Renaud (IV) (Self, Journey of a Horseman-Jar (2017))
Christine Renaudin (Actress, Jacquot de Nantes (1991))
Christian Renaud (V) (Art Department, Central nuit (2001))
Christine Renaud (III) (Miscellaneous, Sauf le respect que je vous dois (2005))
Christine Renaud (II) (Editor, L'egoïste (1997))
Christian Renaud (III) (Actor, Chainsaw Sally (2004))
Chris Rennolds (Actor, Moonlighting (1985))
Chris Rentoule
Chris Rendleman
Chris Rendessy
Francis Renaud-Legault (Composer, Partie de chasse (2017))
Christina Patenaude (Writer, April's Heart (2010))
Christophe Naudin (Self, On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde (2000))
Christophe Renault (Actor, Touche pas à mon poste! (2010))
Christiane La Renaudie (Actress, Lamento (1977))
Christophe Renaudeau (Sound Department, Je suis un geste qui aurait suffit (2015))
Christian Renault (II)
Christiane Brenaut (Art Department, Un escargot dans la tête (1980))
Christine Renaux (Actress, Le saut de l'ange (1999))
Christian Renault (I) (Stunts, 23h58 (1993))
Christiane Renaux (Miscellaneous, Het Gordijnpaleis van Ollie Hartmoed (2011))
Jean-Christophe Renault (Composer, Transatlantic: Queen Elizabeth 2 (1992))