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Chris Rea (I) (Soundtrack, Basic Instinct (1992))
Chris Rea (IV)
Chris Rea (V)
Chris Rager (Actor, Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009))
aka "Chris Reager"
Chris Ready (Actor, Revelation 13 (2009))
Chris Reading (I) (Writer, Somnus (2016))
Christopher Reason (Writer, EastEnders (1985))
aka "Chris Reason"
Christopher Reardon (Camera Department, Outlander (2008))
aka "Chris Reardon"
Chris Rock (I) (Actor, Top Five (2014))
Chris Redd (I) (Actor, Saturday Night Live (1975))
Chris Reed (XXXVI) (Actor, Justified (2010))
Chris Rebello (Actor, Jaws (1975))
Chris Reilly (II) (Actor, Everest (2015))
Chris Renaud (I) (Actor, Despicable Me 2 (2013))
Chris Reda (II) (Self, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007))
Chris Romano (IV) (Producer, Blue Mountain State (2010))
Chris Rankin (I) (Actor, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
Chris Roberti (Actor, Broad City (2014))
Chris Rene (Actor, Swelter (2014))
Chris Riggi (Actor, Vampires Suck (2010))
Chris Reed (XIII) (Actor, TMZ on TV (2007))
Chris Real (I) (Animation Department, Pencilmation (2009))
Chris Read (VII) (Producer, Horringer: A Zombie Western (2011))
Chris Read (XIV) (Self, The Russell Howard Hour (2017))
Chris Read (III)
Chris Read (VIII) (Director, Kick Ups (2011))
Chris Real (II) (Sound Department, Rare Essence: Live in 2004 (2004))
Chris Reay (Art Department, Bad Blood (1981))
Chris Read (XI) (Composer, A Roadie's Tale (2011))
Chris Read (V)
Chris Read (VI) (Assistant Director, The Hunter's Head (2014))
Chris Rea (III) (Miscellaneous, The Phoenix (2006))
Chris Read (II) (Composer, Soho Square (2000))
Chris Read (XIII)
Chris Read (IV) (Actor, 8 Dates with Paul (2010))
Chris Read (X) (Camera Department, Drowned City (2014))
Chris Rea (II) (Miscellaneous, Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game (2006))
Chris Read (IX) (Camera Department, Little Goat (2013))
Chris Read (XII) (Director, Silence is Broken (2016))
Chris Read (I) (Actor, Boy Meets Girl (1994))
Chris Raab (I) (Miscellaneous, Bad Grandpa (2013))
Chris Renaud (V) (Actor, Goalie (2019))
Chris Repp (Casting Department, The Job (2013))
Chris Reed (XXX) (Producer, 10x10 (2018))
Chris Remo (Composer, Firewatch (2016))
Chris Ryan (III) (Miscellaneous, Strike Back (2010))
Chris Reinacher (Actor, Teenage Mountain Lion (2014))
Chris Robinson (VIII) (Soundtrack, Ladder 49 (2004))
Chris Roark (Actor, The Fosters (2013))
Chris Ramsey (VII) (Actor, Hebburn (2012))
Chris Robinson (I) (Actor, Catch the Black Sunshine (1972))
Chris Roberts (II) (Producer, The Jacket (2005))
Chris Regina (Producer, Rise of the Zombies (2012))
Chris Re (Actor, Operation: Friggen Crowe (2006))
Chris Regan (II) (Actor, Ted 2 (2015))
Chris Routhe (Actor, Chicago Fire (2012))
Chris Reed (VI) (Writer, Girls Behaving Badly (2002))
Chris Rehmann (I) (Actor, High Fidelity (2000))
Chris Reccardi (Art Department, The Powerpuff Girls (1998))
Chris Reichel (Camera Department, Brand - Eine Totengeschichte (2011))
Chris Reker (Writer, Sidab-Man (2016))
Chris Redondo (III) (Casting Department, Hell or High Water (2016))
Chris Reason (III) (Sound Department, The Stranger (2014))
Chris Reader (Actor, Little Quarterback (2008))
Chris Reading (II) (Self, Springwatch (2005))
Chris Reagan (I) (Actor, Independent Film Series (2011))
Chris Reason (V) (Actor, Cleansing Rain (2011))
Chris Reason (II) (Camera Department, The Great Outdoors (1988))
Chris Reading (IV)
Chris Reading (III) (Actor, Mailman (2004))
Chris Reade (I) (Producer, Waking Eyes (2011))
Chris Reade (II) (Miscellaneous, The Meddler (2015))
Chris Reason (I) (Actor, Manhunt (1969))
Chris Readhead (Actor, The Clean Job (2009))
Chris Rearick (Actor, Brain Trust (2012))
Chris Reardon (I) (Self, Click Online (2000))
Chris Reading (V) (Sound Department, Intruder (2014))
Chris Reason (IV) (Cinematographer, Wilderness (2010))
Chris Reagan (III) (Actor, Flyby (2018))
Chris Reams (Director, Short Stories (2010))
Chris Reagan (II) (Camera Department, Love You Thank You (2017))
Chris Reardon (II) (Self, Second Chance: Making It Work (2002))
Chris Reahm (Actor, Skin and Bone (1996))
Chris Reddy (Writer, Pramface (2012))
Chris Reed (XXXIX) (Actor, Chain Comedy Hour (2015))
Chris Roe (VII) (Producer, One for the Fire: The Legacy of 'Night of the Living Dead' (2008))
Chris Reese (III) (Actor, Kidding (2018))
Chris Reid (II) (Actor, Scalpers (2000))
Chris Ranney (I) (Actor, Breaking Bad (2008))
Chris Ryan (VII) (Actor, From the Dark (2009))
Chris Retts (Writer, Sunburst )
Chris Ramsay (VIII) (Actor, Northern Abductions (2012))
Chris Reed (XII) (Producer, A Blue Uncertain Buzz (2011))
Chris Reed (XLII) (Camera Department, Loose Enz (1982))
Chris Reid (VIII) (Camera Department, Cain's Mark (2008))
Chris Reid (XIV) (Camera Department, Colony (2016))
Chris Reel (III)
Chris Reed (XL) (Actor, The United States of Self-Inflicted (2017))
Chris Reed (XXII) (Miscellaneous, The Dust Storm (2016))
Chris Reed (XXV) (Camera Department, The Red Dress (2015))
Chris Rees (II) (Editorial Department, Reuniting the Rubins (2010))
Chris Reed (IX) (Miscellaneous, Pop Switch (2009))
Chris Rees (III) (Miscellaneous, 50s Britannia (2013))
Chris Reid (XIX) (Camera Department, In Plainview (2018))
Chris Reck (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
Chris Reed (XXXVII) (Actor, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006))
Chris Reed (XXXII) (Self, Attica (1974))
Chris Reed (XLV) (Camera Department, will.i.am and Friends Featuring the Black Eyed Peas - Landmarks Live in Concert: A Great Performances Special (2018))
Chris Rees (I)
Chris Relf (Self, ESPN College Football Thursday Primetime (1997))
Chris Reid (XVII)
Chris Reed (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Jackass: The Movie (2002))
Chris Reid (X) (Visual Effects, Meteor (2009))
Chris Reed (XV) (Cinematographer, Is It Better? (2011))
Chris Reed (XXVIII)
Chris Redd (II)
Chris Remy (II) (Actor, Musings (2018))
Chris Rees (IV) (Special Effects, Gallowwalkers (2012))
Chris Reed (XLI)
Chris Reza (Editorial Department, Shockwave (2007))
Chris Rees (VI) (Sound Department, Derek and Clive Get the Horn (1979))
Chris Reed (XXXIII)
Chris Reed (XXI) (Miscellaneous, Grand Designs (1999))
Chris Reed (XIX) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Chris Reid (XXI) (Producer, La Scene (2020))
Chris Reed (XVI) (Editor, These Boots Were Made for Rollin' (2011))
Chris Reed (XXXVIII) (Actor, The Home Invaders (2016))
Chris Reda (I) (Producer, Out at Home (2011))
Chris Reel (I) (Assistant Director, Dummy (2016))
Chris Reid (XI)
Chris Reid (VI) (Animation Department, When the Wind Blows (1986))
Chris Reed (I) (Camera Department, Billy Twist (1998))
Chris Reij (Producer, Ethiopia Rising: Red Terror to Green Revolution (2015))
Chris Reed (XXIX) (Miscellaneous, RWBY (2012))
Chris Reid (VII) (Actor, The Maori Merchant of Venice (2002))
Chris Reid (XV) (Miscellaneous, Everyday Yeti (2015))
Chris Reed (XVIII) (Actor, The Recycle Man Show (2007))
Chris Reid (III) (Director, The Exchange (1998))
Chris Reed (XXIV) (Actor, Carnival on Ice 2014 (2014))
Chris Reid (IV) (Visual Effects, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003))
Chris Reed (XLIII) (Miscellaneous, Love by Drowning )
Chris Reed (XLIV) (Producer, These Two Hands: The Story of Tom Bowen )
Chris Rex (Actor, Guadalajara: The Experience (2010))
Chris Reed (XXXV) (Camera Department, Is Fish Okay? (2016))
Chris Remy (I) (Camera Department, Maternal Instinct (2008))
Chris Rey (Composer, Indestructible (2009))
Chris Reid (IX) (Self, Ice Road Truckers (2007))
Chris Reno (Miscellaneous, The Simpsons Game (2007))
Chris Reeg (Composer, Signs of Undoing (2007))
Chris Reid (XIII) (Sound Department, Like Father Like Son (2009))
Chris Reed (XXXI) (Editorial Department, Hawk the Slayer (1980))
Chris Renk (Composer, Lester Kannon (2012))
Chris Reed (IV) (Sound Department, Legend (1985))
Chris Reed (XXIII) (Actor, The Stereotypical Gay (2011))
Chris Reep (Actor, Four 1 Liberation Front (2008))
Chris Reis (Producer, Studio A (2011))
Chris Reel (II) (Camera Department, HH (2017))
Chris Reed (X) (Set Decorator, Reflections of a Dead Man (2009))
Chris Reed (XXVII)
Chris Rech (Writer, Phone Swap (2013))
Chris Reed (XXXIV) (Sound Department, Boxed (2017))
Chris Reid (XVI) (Camera Department, Lingerie Fighting Championships 22: Costume Brawl (2016))
Chris Reid (XX) (Actor, Starlight (2018))
Chris Rehm (Actor, Age of Wild Spirits (2011))
Chris Rees (V) (Camera Department, Alan Carr: Tooth Fairy - Live (2007))
Chris Reed (XXVI) (Camera Department, A Dangerous Arrangement (2015))
Chris Reed (III) (Composer, Back to Manhattan (2005))
Chris Rehr
Chris Reid (XII) (Camera Department, There Is No God and We All Die Alone (2013))
Chris Reed (V) (Camera Department, Five Across the Eyes (2006))
Chris Reed (XLVI) (Producer, The SocietyTM (2019))
Chris Reid (XVIII) (Actor, The Boys from Syracuse (1991))
Chris Reed (XX) (Actor, Innocent (2012))
Chris Rehn (Self, Allsång på Skansen (1979))
Chris Reed (VII) (Actor, Bane (2008))
Chris Reed (XIV) (Self, Top Guns (2012))
Chris Reid (V) (Self, 2007 AZN Asian Excellence Awards (2007))
Chris Reid (I) (Art Department, The Last Bastion (1984))
Chris Reed (XVII) (Editorial Department, Guardians (2011))
Chris Rossi (II) (Writer, Meadowland (2015))
Chris Redmore (Actor, Novr (2013))
Chris Reilly (I) (Visual Effects, Green Lantern (2011))
Chris Reisz (Art Department, 12 Strong (2018))
Chris Roth (III)
Chris Romrell (Stunts, Avengers: Infinity War (2018))
Chris Robson (III) (Actor, Doomsday (2008))
Chris Ryman (Actor, Count Arthur Strong (2013))
Chris Robinson (IX) (Director, ATL (2006))
Chris Riddle (I) (Assistant Director, Paper Towns (2015))
Chris Reece (I) (Visual Effects, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011))
Chris Reilly (III) (Camera Department, ARQ (2016))
Chris Redish (I) (Director, Eleven Eleven (2018))
Chris Rose (I) (Actor, Mr 3000 (2004))
Chris Rowe (I) (Producer, Lockup (2005))
Chris Regan (I) (Editorial Department, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Chris Ratz (Actor, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013))
Chris Renshaw (II) (Sound Department, A Fragile Dream (2011))
Chris R. Notarile (Director, Krueger: Tales from Elm Street (2017))
Chris Reynolds (II) (Special Effects, Sherlock Holmes (2009))
Chris Rose (XII) (Production Designer, Unplanned (2019))

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