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Bailey Chase (Actor, Longmire (2012))
Chase Bailey (I) (Director, Crooked Lane (2010))
Chase Bailey (II) (Miscellaneous, The Players Club (2012))
Farrah Wase-Bailey (Actress, Christmas Eve (in development))
Louise Bailey (I) (Actress, Portrait of a Zombie (2012))
Louise Bailey (IV) (Actress, Sleepless Daphne (in development))
Denise Bailey (I) (Art Department, Sensory Perception (2015))
Jesse Bailey (IV) (Actor, Big Sister (2017))
Alisse Bailey (Actress, A Minority Report (2013))
Jesse Bailey (III) (Actor, Royal Thieves (2014))
Rose Bailey (II) (Actress, Adventure Around the World (2018))
Laoise Bailey
Elise Bailey (Actor, Project Fear (2017))
Jesse Bailey (I) (Actor, The Vindication of Ronald Clay (2012))
Louise Bailey (III)
Rose Bailey (I) (Actor, Escape from Camp Ford (2008))
Jesse Bailey (II)
Eloise Bailey (Camera Department, Knock (2014))
Louise Bailey (II) (Actor, Get Justin Jonas (2013))
Reese Bailey (I) (Actor, B+ (2014))
Reese Bailey (II) (Actor, Talk to Me (2016))
Denise Bailey (II) (Actress, Test Group (2015))
Chase Baird (Music Department, Emancipated (2009))
Charlotte Bailey (IV) (Actress, Naturelle (2018))
Robert Wase Bailey (Miscellaneous, Last Orders (2001))
Thierry Wase-Bailey (Miscellaneous, Paris, je t'aime (2006))
Michael Lee Bailey (Actor, The Long Home (2018))
Charles E. Bailey (Actor, Going to California (2001))
Jessica Elise Bailey (Actress, The Hollow Chronicles (2012))
Denise Bailey II
Annelise Bailey (Costume Designer, Rejseholdet (2000))
Lucia Rose Bailey (Actress, BREAK web series (2017))
Frank Rose Bailey IV (Actor, The Super Alliance (2013))
Sebastian Bailey (Actor, Head in the Clouds (2004))
Bailey Haseltine (Actress, Victory Blizzard (2007))
Charla Marie Bailey (Actress, Kill Me (2019))
Charlie Bailey (III) (Cinematographer, Animal ER (1996))
Charlotte Bailey (I) (Actress, Target (1985))
Charlotte Bailey (III) (Miscellaneous, Smear (2017))
Chanelle Bailey (Producer, Tori & Dean: Inn Love (2007))
Charlotte Bailey (II) (Miscellaneous, The Living Wake (2007))
Charlotte Bailey (V) (Actress, Magnet (2018))
Charlie Bailey (II)

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