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Charles Bonet (Actor, Death Promise (1977))
aka "Charlie Bonet"
Charlie Bond (Actress, M the Movie )
Charlie Barnett (IV) (Actor, Private Romeo (2011))
Charlie Boyle (IV) (Actress, The Christmas Cure (2017))
Charlie Bodin (Actor, Transformers (2007))
Charlie Barnett (II) (Actor, D.C. Cab (1983))
Charlie Bono (Actor, A Life Not to Follow (2015))
Charlie Bonds (Sound Department, Kiss Me Goodbye (1982))
Charlie Booty (Actor, Broken (2012))
Charlie Boone (I) (Miscellaneous, A Fool and His Money (1989))
Charlie Boone (II) (Actor, A World of the Right Size (1968))
Charlie Bonifacio (Animation Department, 9 (2009))
Charlie Bonnet (Producer, Junque (2014))
Charlie Bonner (I) (Actor, Bloom (2003))
Charlie Boyce (II) (Actor, Roberto (2013))
One Take Charlie (Actor, Warcraft (2016))
Charlie Bouguenon (Actor, Transformers: The Last Knight (2017))
Charlie Boyle (V) (Music Department, To My Dear Son (2016))
Charlie Boyle (I) (Transportation Department, Space: Above and Beyond (1995))
Charlie Boman (Actor, Sintillate Studios (2011))
Charlie Bouis (Music Department, Stir of Echoes (1999))
Charlie Boyer (I) (Composer, Entre Aïr et Ténéré (2001))
Charlie Boud (Music Department, Nastasiya (2005))
Charlie Boom (Actor, Underground President (2007))
Charlie Boyer (II) (Producer, America Adrift (2016))
Charlie Bowen
Charlie Boyle (III) (Self, Click Online (2000))
Charlie Boyle (II) (Actor, ATM (2012))
Charlie Boy (III) (Self, Godless in America (2006))
Charlie Bott (Cinematographer, Hell Is Texas (2000))
Charlie Boyce (I) (Producer, Revenge Kill 91 (2014))
Charlie Bowes (Actor, Fit-Boy (2011))
Charlie Boh (Thanks, Shockwave (2007))
Charlie Boise
Charlie Boy (II) (Actor, Axis (2010))
Charlie Bogel (Writer, Spellcaster (1988))
Charlie Bow (Composer, Lobster Tits (2018))
Charlie Bood (Miscellaneous, Danmarks Marquis: Marcel de Sade (2004))
Charlie Boxer (Actor, Polypore (2013))
Charlie Bore (Actor, The Shadow of Death (2012))
Charlie Bodt (Actor, The Soft Hustle (2003))
Charlie Boice (Self, Papa (2016))
Charlie Borg (Miscellaneous, The Market (2016))
Charlie Barnet (Actor, A Song Is Born (1948))
Charlie Bonner (IV) (Actor, Mapmaker (2001))
Charlie Bonner (II) (Actor, The Mystic (2011))
Charlie Bontempo (Self, Home & Family (2012))
Charlie Bonomo (Miscellaneous, Scary Movie 2 (2001))
Charlie Bondoc (Transportation Department, Kutob (2005))
Charlie Bonilla (Special Effects, The Losers (2010))
Charlie Bonnemaison (Actress, Eden (2014))
Charlie Bonner (III) (Actor, Streets of Hope (2014))
J Charlie Bo Nichols
Charlie Bonnin (Camera Department, Sorority Life Reunion (2003))
Charlie Booker (Cinematographer, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (2010))
Charlie Bronson (I) (Actor, All About Janet (2014))
Charlie Bennett (I) (Visual Effects, Edge of Tomorrow (2014))
Charlie Albone (Self, Charlie's Chelsea Garden (2015))
Charlie Bennett (VI) (Actor, Carnival Games: MiniGolf (2008))
Charlie Bowman (IV) (Actor, Phantom Nights (2016))
Charlie Bowman (I) (Self, Cal's Corral (1959))
Charlie Boucher (Writer, Lloyds Bank Channel 4 Film Challenge (1994))
Charlie Botton (Visual Effects, Futurama (1999))
Charlie Boonyodom (Actress, One Small Step (2012))
Charlie Bogaerts (Miscellaneous, Haapasalo ja kaverit (2017))
Charlie Bodensieck (Actor, The SandMan (2016))
Charlie Bouquenon (Actor, Homeland (2011))
Charlie Bohannon (Actor, 666 (1999))
Charlie Bohlmeijer (Director, Pinkpop (2014))
Charlie Bowles (I) (Miscellaneous, GT Academy USA (2011))
Charlie Boyles (Writer, Kilroy Was Here (2006))
Charlie Boisseau (Actor, La Légende du Roi Arthur (2015))
Charlie Boxhall (Miscellaneous, Unplugged (1989))
Charlie Bowden (Producer, Man in Fear (2011))
Charlie Bowyer (Editor, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993))
Charlie Bolwell (Visual Effects, Oblivion (2013))
Charlie Bourdeau (Art Director, Le Matos Feat. PAWWS: No Tomorrow - A Turbo Kid Tale (2016))
Charlie Boshall (Miscellaneous, Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad: Live (2008))
Charlie Bosworth (Self, Women Behind Bars (2008))
Charlie Bowling (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Charlie Boorer (Actor, Tales of Albion (2016))
Charlie Boy Wilkom (Actor, Sanggano (1997))
Charlie Borchard (Director, Blind. (2012))
Charlie Bouquet (Self, Latex Fashion TV (2015))
Charlie Bourne (Actor, December 1917 (1998))
Charlie Bolatter
Charlie Boshart (Actor, One Dollar (2018))
Charlie Borden (Director, Journeyman (2007))
Charlie Boisbourdin (Actor, Capitaine Cyrano (1995))
Charlie Bogdan (Casting Director, Rolling (2007))
Charlie Borradaile (Location Management, Anna Karenina (2012))
Charlie Bowman (III) (Self, How Stuff Works (2008))
Charlie Boisvert (Editorial Department, Kuessipan )
Charlie Boswell (III) (Actor, 7 Days: The story of Blind Dave Heeley (2019))
Charlie Bollinder (Self, The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950))
Charlie Boston (Actor, Finale 2: Deader Than Dead (2008))
Charlie Boswell (II) (Actor, Election Day (2008))
Charlie Boghosian (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Charlie Bolton (Set Decorator, GT 5.0: Bagged in St Louis 2 (2017))
Charlie Boy Hay Fuzz
Charlie Bogner (Location Management, Not Today (2013))
Charlie Bostio (Actor, Little Astro Boy (2014))
Charlie Bowers
Charlie Boddington (Writer, All Good Things (2016))
Charlie Bowman (II) (Camera Department, The New World (2005))
Charlie Bouzakis (Miscellaneous, Extraterrestrial (2014))
Charlie Bowater
Charlie Boswell (I) (Self, Arts in Context (2005))
Charlie Boraley (Composer, Loaded LA LA (2011))
Charlie Bowles (II) (Director, Beastie (2018))
Charlie Borowicz
Charlie Bennett (VIII) (Production Manager, Ill Gotten Gains (2016))
Charlie Bennett (III) (Writer, Popatron (2010))
Charlie Barnett (III)
Charlie Bennett (VII) (Actor, Nuoc (2016))
Charlie Bennett (II) (Camera Department, Three Men in More Than One Boat (2009))
Charlie Bennett (IV) (Producer, The Goat. (2008))
Charlie Barnett (IX) (Composer, Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos (2015))
Charlie Bennett (IX) (Sound Department, Pyxis (2018))
Charlie Barnett (V) (Miscellaneous, Napoleon Dynamite (2004))
Charlie Bennet
Charlie Burnett (Actor, The Knights of Prosperity (2007))
Charlie Bennett (V) (Director, The Health Benefits of Being a Mentone Iceberger (2013))
Charlie Barnett (X) (Writer, Liberty: Vigilance (2018))
Charlie Barnett (VIII) (Composer, Detroit S.W.A.T (2000))
Charlie Barnett (I) (Composer, Sally Pacholok (2015))
Charlie Barnett (VII) (Actor, Bar Karma (2010))
Charlie Barnett (VI)
Charlie Bronson (II) (Composer, A. 223 Affair (2015))
Charlie Carbone (Actor, Blocky (1984))
Charlie Gibbons
Charlie Rabone (Writer, John's Hand Cream (2008))
Charlie Sansonetti (Director, Au fil de ma vie (1991))
Charlie Boydell-Smith (Writer, Empty Quarter, Half Full (2017))
Charlie Ivon Maisonet (Producer, 3Dimension (in development))
Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra (Actor, Juke Box Jenny (1942))

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