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Charles Manson (Soundtrack, The Manson Family (1997))
Charles Mann (III) (Assistant Director, The Ruins (2008))
Charles Mann (XVI) (Actor, Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018))
Charles Mann (V) (Actor, Soul Train (1971))
Charles Mandracchia (Director, Big Pasta (2018))
Charles 'Man' Johnson (Miscellaneous, The Happening (2008))
Charles Mason (I) (Actor, The Blue Fox (1921))
Charles Manna (Self, The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (1956))
Charles Mann (X) (Self, Shark Loves the Amazon (2011))
Charles Mann (XII)
Charles Mango (Director, Vying for Perfection (2011))
Charles Mandal (Cinematographer, Kejserens nye klæder (1949))
Charles Mann (VI) (Actor, Ghostwriter (1992))
Charles Mandel (Actor, Le cinéma de papa (1971))
Charles Mann (IV) (Actor, Remote Control (2004))
Charles Mann (VII) (Self, The Source of the Secret (2008))
Charles Mander (Actor, BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950))
Charles Mann (II) (Transportation Department, A Bridge Too Far (1977))
Charles Manis
Charles Mann (I) (Actor, The Annihilators (1985))
Charles Mann (XVII) (Actor, UNKNOWN PLEASURES )
Charles Manno (Director, We Still Are! (1985))
Charles Mann (XV) (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Charles Mann (IX) (Self, Mankind Decoded (2013))
Charles Mann (XIV) (Self, Victory Remembered, Legacy of The Black Devils (2015))
Charles Mann (XI) (Self, The War (2007))
Charles Mann (XIII) (Actor, Aux (2018))
Charles Man (Miscellaneous, DISSoNANCE (2011))
Charles Mann (VIII) (Producer, Starter Pack: From Best Bets to Safety Net (2005))
Charles Mason (IV) (Camera Department, Never Too Young to Die (1986))
Charles Mason (V)
Charles Mason (VII) (Actor, The Unwanted (2000))
Charles Mason (IX) (Actor, The Courier Fashion (2014))
Charles Mason (II) (Actor, The Grove Family (1954))
Charles Mason (VI) (Sound Department, Up with the Lark (1943))
Charles Mason (VIII) (Self, Steampunk'd (2015))
Charles Mason (III) (Art Department, The Lost Weekend (1945))
Charles M. Atkinson (II) (Actor, Forest of Darkness (2013))
Charles M. Atkinson (I) (Producer, Sasqua (1975))
Charles Anson (Self, Duelle (2007))
Charles Mansueto (Self, Scars of Shame (2013))
Charles Mansfield (I) (Camera Department, Santa Monica College TV (2015))
Charles Mansfield (II)
Charles Manetti (Actor, Le village du milieu des brumes (1962))
Charles Mansbridge
Robert Charles Mann (Music Department, Espion(s) (2009))
Charles Hanson (I) (Self, Antiques Road Trip (2010))
Charles Manley (I) (Actor, Uncle Josh in a Spooky Hotel (1900))
John Charles Manning (Cinematographer, Rahma (2015))
Charles Mambane (Self, Crime & Punishment (2002))
Charles MacFarlane (II)
Charles MacFarlane (I) (Self, The Queen's Palaces (2011))
Charles Mangion
Charles Mandeville (I) (Miscellaneous, American Experience (1988))
Charles Manuel (II) (Camera Department, The Prize Fighter (1979))
Charles Manriquez (Miscellaneous, American Me (1992))
Charles Mandingo
Charles Mangin
Charles Manatt (II)
Charles Mandenge (Actor, Welcome (2009))
Charles Manning (I) (Transportation Department, Les Misérables (2012))
Charles Manning (VII) (Music Department, This WebSeries (2016))
Jean-Charles Manuel (Transportation Department, Lucy (2014))
Charles Manzini (Producer, Meet the Artist (2017))
Charles Manning (VI) (Actor, Evil Acts (2015))
Charles Manning (IV) (Composer, Die Bou van 'n Nasie (1938))
Jean Charles Manuel (Stunts, À fond (2016))
Jean-Charles Mandou (Art Department, Le dénommé (Oublie que tu es un homme) (1990))
Brian Charles Manton
Charles Maniel (Stunts, Riders (2002))
Charles Manley (II) (Actor, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009))
Charles Mankey (Actor, Factory (2013))
Charles Manila
Charles Mandell (Miscellaneous, Fingers at the Window (1942))
Charles Manning (VIII) (Actor, The Klein Syndicate )
Charles Manning (V) (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Charles Manfred (Composer, What Does It Mean? (1994))
Charles Manning (II) (Miscellaneous, Little Big League (1994))
Charles Mantelet (Actor, Dernière heure, édition spéciale (1949))
Charles Gottesman (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Charles Mancuso
Charles Manning (III) (Miscellaneous, The Trio of Minuet (2003))
Charles Markman
Charles Manual (Special Effects, The Final Cut (1995))
Charles Mangano (Miscellaneous, Miss Universe Pageant (1994))
Charles Mandeville (II) (Self, How the Earth Was Made (2009))
Charles Manuel (I) (Actor, Deux super-dingues (1982))
Charles Manoogian
Charles Manatt (I)
Charles Magnusson (Producer, Fiskarvals från Bohuslän (1909))
Charles Mallison (I) (Miscellaneous, Medal of Honor: Airborne (2007))
Charles Matheson (Location Management, The Spirit of '76 (1990))
Charles Mattson (Camera Department, Guiding Light (1952))
Charles Mathison (Actor, Chappaquiddick (2017))
Charles Mallison (III) (Director, Priestess (2016))
Charles MacPherson (Self, The Marilyn Denis Show (2011))
Charles Mallison (IV) (Cinematographer, Significant One (2017))
Charles Mallison (II) (Writer, Tonight It's Me (2014))
Jean-Charles Mason (Actor, Dead Man Talking (2012))
Charles Macpherson (Camera Department, The Guinea Pig Doctor (2017))
Charles Munson (Writer, Ashes (1922))
Charles Monson (Actor, The Bride of Death )
Charles M. Robinson (Cinematographer, Masterminds (2012))
Charles Matumbi Jackson (Actor, American Hustle (2013))
Charles Hanson Towne (Writer, The Fighting Roosevelts (1919))
Charles Evanson (Actor, The Golden Compass (2007))
Charles E. Swanson II (Cinematographer, All the Best, Billy Sears (2001))
Charles Nathanson (Actor, Broken Hearts (1926))
Charles Swanson (VII) (Producer, The 13th Unit (2014))
Charles Hanson (III) (Actor, CSI: SFP (2010))
Charles Branson
Charles Swanson (X)
Charles Ansong (Actor, Kukurantumi (1983))
Charles Swanson (VI)
Charles Swanson (IX)
Charles Swanson (III)
Charles I'Anson (Actor, Play for Today (1970))
Charles Hanson (II) (Sound Department, ABC Afterschool Specials (1972))
Charles Sanson (Art Department, Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011))
Charles Swanson (IV) (Miscellaneous, Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995))
Charles Swanson (I) (Cinematographer, Girl's Best Friend (2001))
Charles Swanson (V) (Actor, Henry Hill (1999))
Charles Marshall Manning (Self, MattyB's World (2014))
Charles-Steeves Mangama (Director, Okoumé bois national (1980))
Charles Mantis Williams
Charles Maitland Wilson
Charles Mark MacPherson (Actor, Finish Line: A Cruise Down Memory Lane (2005))
Charles Christianson (I) (Actor, Manay po! (2006))
Charles Christianson (II) (Art Department, Space Angel (1962))
Robert-Charles Lanson (Self, Finale belge du grand prix eurovision (1962))
Charles Alan Stephenson (Actor, Ed Wood (1994))

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