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Evan James (I) (Actor, Hard to Kill (1990))
James Cavan (Actor, Remington Steele (1982))
Evan James (XIII) (Actor, Sophia )
Evan James (XVI) (Actor, The Wind in the Willows: The Musical (2017))
Evan James (XI) (Actor, The Last Challenge (1967))
Evan James (XIV) (Music Department, The Proud Valley (1940))
Evan James (VIII) (Composer, Out of Frame (2017))
Evan James (XV) (Actor, Psychotropical (2016))
Evan James (IV) (Assistant Director, Man of the House (2010))
Ivan James (Miscellaneous, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (2006))
Evan James (V) (Camera Department, Blood Angel (2012))
Evan James (III) (Actor, Ashes to Ashes (1999))
Evan James (X) (Visual Effects, The Young Messiah (2016))
Evan James (XII) (Camera Department, Barista (2015))
Evan James (VI) (Actor, The Journey: Rihlat Al-Ahlaam (2011))
Evan James (VII) (Camera Department, Paramedics (1998))
Evan James (IX) (Actor, Im Namen der Liebe (2012))
Savannah Brinson James (Self, The Insider (2004))
Jovan James (Producer, The Jump Off (2017))
Vanja James (Actor, Larry Goldstein's Last 48 Hours (2006))
Delvan James (Costume Department, Sinister (2012))
Kevan James (Self, South at Six (1961))
Evan James Henderson (Actor, Wall and Paper (2017))
James P. Cavanagh (Writer, Murder at the Gallop (1963))
James E. Cavanaugh (Writer, After Us (in development))
James Cavanaugh (II) (Soundtrack, G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013))
James Cavanaugh (IV) (Self, Shockwave (2007))
James Cavanaugh (XII)
James Cavanaugh (IX) (Producer, Poker Night (2017))
James Cavanaugh (VIII) (Actor, Golden Boy (2018))
James Cavanagh Burke (Actor, Pride and Glory (2008))
James McCavana (Casting Department, Shaun of the Dead (2004))
James Cavanaugh (XI) (Cinematographer, Geoff (2017))
James Cavanaugh (VI) (Actor, Last Ride (2009))
James Cavanaugh (V) (Sound Department, Poison (2011))
James L. Cavanaugh (Producer, On Any Sunday II (1981))
James Cavanaugh (VII) (Actor, Funny Man (2016))
James Cavanaugh (III) (Self, Biography (1987))
James Cavanaugh (X) (Actor, Calix: California Dreamin' (2015))
James Cavanaugh (I) (Actor, Angel's Flight (1965))
Evan James Richards
Evan James Warner
Devan James Young (II)
Evan James Kossof (Composer, Cinnamon (2014))
Evan James Rocco (Actor, 8:46 (2011))
Dylan James Mulvaney (Actor, The Honest Show (2015))
Devan James Young (IV) (Producer, Slingshot Prince (2017))
Farran Sylvan James (Self, Bach en Madrid (2013))
Evan James Dembskey (Writer, Tears in the Rain (2017))
Evan James Atwood (Director, Hollow Veins (2015))
Devan James Young (III) (Actor, Caged (2016))
Evan James Hunterman (Camera Department, If Dad Only Knew (2004))
Evan James Houson (Camera Department, The Matthew Morrison Story (2011))
Jonathan James Evans (Art Department, Rogue One (2016))
Evan James Leonard (Actor, BrainFood (2015))
Devan James Young (I) (Writer, Frames (2017))
Evan James Andriopoulos (Actor, Lange flate ballær II (2008))
Donovan James Gallardo (Actor, Nightscape (2012))
Mark Evan James Powell (Writer, Disrien (2015))
Brendan James O'Sullivan (Actor, Lost in a Trance (2014))
James Cavanaugh-Gialloreto (Actor, Sharks vs. Minnows (2016))
Jeshua Van Buren James-Allen (Actor, Clown: The Party (2010))