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Jack Cassidy (I) (Actor, The Eiger Sanction (1975))
Cassidy Mack (Actress, Zoey to the Max (2015))
Jack Cassidy (VIII) (Self, The Voice (2011))
Cassidy James (Actor, The Realest Audition Ever (2012))
Cassidy Janson (Actress, The Hike (2011))
Cassidy Black
Cassidy Jacobs (Cinematographer, The Leaves Turn Red (2016))
Chassidy Jade (Editor, Brown Ballerina (2015))
Jack Cassidy (X) (Camera Department, Luke Cage (2016))
Jack Cassidy (III) (Sound Department, Two (1974))
Jack Cassidy (II) (Actor, Another Life (2001))
Jack Cassidy (IV) (Actor, Self Helpless (2010))
Jack Cassidy (V) (Actor, The Abnormal Female (1969))
Jack Cassidy (VII) (Actor, That's English (1993))
Jack Cassidy (IX)
Cassidy Jones (Actress, Ellipsis (2014))
Cassidy Jaklitsch
Cassidy Jansen (Sound Department, My Grandpa Detective (2016))
Cassidy Johnson (I) (Actress, Boyhood (2014))
Jack Daniel Cassidy (Producer, Too Shall Pass (2015))
Jackson Cassidy (Actor, Don't Blame the Koalas (2002))
Cassidy Johnson (V) (Camera Department, The Magician (2017))
Bobby Cassidy Jr. (Producer, Life After Football (2015))
Daniel Cassidy Jr. (Actor, Horse (1965))
Cassidy Johncox (Cinematographer, A Place at the Table (2017))
Cassidy Johnson (VII) (Actress, Kung Fu Skeleton )
Cassidy Jo Fortin (Director, OC News (2012))
Cassidy Johnson (VI) (Actress, The Legend of Carter Street (2015))
Cassidy Johnson (III) (Actress, Rumspringen (in development))
Cassidy Johnson (VIII) (Actress, One Year In (2017))
Cassidy Johnson (II)
Cassidy Johnson (IV) (Producer, Injection (2015))
Cassidy Jennings
Cassidy Jenkins (Actress, Laughosity (2009))
Michael D. Cassidy Jr. (Art Department, Minority Report (2002))
Jacquie Cassidy (Actress, The Old Men at the Zoo (1983))
Jacqueline Cassidy (Actress, Irish Whiskey (1997))
Cassidy Lackos (Director, Against Blood (2015))
Cassidy Jo Winchester (Actress, The Early Year of a Statue (2015))
Cassidy Alana Blackall-Krantz (Make Up Department, Ishq My Religion (2018))

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