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Judy Campbell (I) (Actress, Emma (1948))
Emma Campbell-Jones (Actress, Outlander (2014))
Jude Campbell (I) (Assistant Director, Cleanskin (2012))
Scott Campbell Jr. (Self, Deadliest Catch (2005))
Judy Campbell (II) (Actress, The Cup (2011))
John W. Campbell Jr. (Writer, The Thing (1982))
Judith Campbell Exner (Self, Crime Inc. (1984))
Campbell Jr. (Camera Department, The Deed (2017))
Bill Junior Campbell (Actor, Mannix (1967))
Jude Campbell (II) (Actor, The Hooligan Factory (2014))
Jude Campbell (IV) (Actor, My Son Woke Me Up (2013))
Jud Campbell (Writer, Forlorn Gaze (2008))
Jude Campbell (III) (Actor, The File Room (2014))
Rudy Campbell (Transportation Department, Best of the Best 4: Without Warning (1998))
Judy Campbell-Smith (Miscellaneous, Red to White: A Family Member's Story (2015))
Judy L. Campbell
Judith Campbell (II) (Costume Department, Mahana (2016))
Judith Campbell (I) (Editor, Pattern of Life (1964))
Armand J. Campbell Jr. (Actor, Hayride (2012))
Michael W. Campbell Jr. (Actor, The Adventures of the Fatbat Episode I: The Redemption of the Bat (2014))
Charles Campbell Jr. (Actor, Baker's Mound (2011))
Wayne Campbell Jr. (Miscellaneous, Fire in the Sky (1993))
Ryan Campbell Jr. (Actor, Team Unicorn (2010))
Campbell John Neil (Art Department, The Changeover (2017))
Caesar R. Campbell Jr.
Mike J. Campbell Jr. (Camera Department, Mystery Men (1999))
Joseph A. Campbell Jr. (Transportation Department, He Said, She Said (1991))
Herb Campbell Jr. (Producer, Continental (2013))
Philip Campbell Jr. (Actor, Somebodies (2010))
John Campbell-Jones (Self, Formula 1 (1950))
Richard Campbell Jr. (Assistant Director, Something Between Us (2016))
Calum Campbell-Jones (Actor, Of Oozies and Elephants (2013))
Simon Campbell-Jones (Producer, Horizon (1964))
Campbell-John Dick (Art Department, Grand Theft Auto V (2013))
Campbell Jefferys (Producer, Mikelis (2016))
William Campbell Jr. (Composer, Merlin (1993))
Campbell J. Dick (Art Department, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004))
Luther Campbell Jr. (Music Department, Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke (2012))
April Campbell Jones (Writer, Prey of the Chameleon (1992))
Campbell Johnson (Actress, Road Rage (2016))
Roy Campbell Jr. (Actor, Rising Tones Cross (1985))
Clinton Campbell Jr. (Actor, George Washington (2000))
Ian Campbell-Jones (Actor, Golden California (2012))
Levi Campbell Jr. (Actor, The Virus (2007))
Bobby Campbell Jr. (Actor, Daddy Issues (2012))
Robert M. Campbell Jr.
Thomas Campbell Jackson (Producer, Particle Fever (2013))
Judy Cockburn-Campbell (Miscellaneous, Addicted to Money (2009))
Trudy Campbell
Claudia Campbell (I) (Actress, Deadly Addiction (1988))
Claudia Campbell (II)
Tyrell Jolley-Campbell (Actor, Two Drags and a King (2014))
Cooper Campbell Jackson
Suzanne Campbell-Jones (Director, Of Oozies and Elephants (2013))
Michelle Campbell-Jones (Actress, The Silverfield Project (2016))
Rachel Campbell-Johnson (Self, The Man Behind the Masquerade (2009))
Rachel Campbell-Johnston (Self, The Impressionists (2015))
Alan Campbell-Johnson (Writer, Masterpiece Theatre: Lord Mountbatten - The Last Viceroy (1986))
Beverly Campbell-Jackson (Miscellaneous, The Maestro's Company (1984))
Lucy Campbell-Jackson (Producer, Theo (2009))
Pascal Campbell-Jones (Actor, Parabatix (2011))
Anne Judkins Campbell (Camera Department, Pieces: A Display of Goodwill (2008))
Silke Campbell Jolly Engberg (Editorial Department, Angels Are Made of Light (2018))
Judie C. Champion (Costume Designer, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987))
Judyth Guyer-Nobles (Actress, Snakes and Arrows (1996))