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Jamie Campbell Bower (Actor, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013))
Billy Campbell (VII) (Actor, The Rocketeer (1991))
William Campbell (I) (Actor, The High and the Mighty (1954))
David Campbell-Bill (Location Management, Ultimate Force (2002))
Bill Campbell (II) (Actor, Soldier Boyz (1995))
Edd Campbell Bird (Actor, The Kill Team )
Bill Campbell (L) (Actor, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (2011))
Bill Campbell (XXIX) (Music Department, Daddy's Home (2015))
Jill Campbell (III) (Producer, Mr. Chibbs (2017))
Bill Campbell (XVI) (Self, 1985 National League Championship Series (1985))
Bill Campbell (XV) (Self, Friday Night, Saturday Morning (1979))
Bill Campbell (XLVI) (Art Department, Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (2004))
Bill Campbell (XLIII) (Actor, Baghdad (2011))
Bill Campbell (XXVII) (Producer, Hood to Coast (2011))
Bill Campbell (XVII) (Producer, My Original Sin (2004))
Bill Campbell (XLIX) (Animation Department, Next Gen (2018))
Bill Campbell (IX) (Self, The Way It Was (1974))
Bill Campbell (XL) (Actor, Le masque (1997))
Bill Campbell (V) (Location Management, Younger and Younger (1993))
Bill Campbell (XXXIX) (Actor, The Folklorist (2012))
Bill Campbell (XXXIV) (Director, Main Street Speaks (2012))
Bill Campbell (XIV) (Actor, JailCity (2006))
Bill Campbell (XXIV)
Bill Campbell (XXXII) (Actor, The Becoming (2012))
Bill Campbell (I) (Actor, Dead End (2014))
Bill Campbell (XXII) (Producer, Blessing House (2008))
Bill Campbell (XI) (Camera Department, 5ive Girls (2006))
Bill Campbell (XLI) (Camera Department, Handyman Superstar Challenge (2006))
Bill Campbell (XLVII) (Self, Maynard (2017))
Bill Campbell (X) (Camera Department, Twelve Steps Outside (2002))
Bill Campbell (XIII) (Costume Designer, Space Academy (1977))
Bill Campbell (VIII) (Visual Effects, Avengers: Infinity War (2018))
Bill Campbell (XVIII) (Self, Hype! (1996))
Bill Campbell (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Deluge (2002))
Bill Campbell (XXXI) (Actor, Bruno's Blues (2011))
Bill Campbell (XXXVIII) (Self, Bloomberg Game Changers (2010))
Bill Campbell (XIX) (Actor, Dreams on a String (2008))
Bill Campbell (XXXV) (Self, Fish Out of Water (2009))
Bill Campbell (XII) (Camera Department, Don't Marry (1928))
Bill Campbell (IV) (Production Manager, Equinox (1992))
Bill Campbell (XXXVII) (Camera Department, Take This Waltz (2011))
Bill Campbell (XLVIII) (Camera Department, Resident Evil: Retribution (2012))
Bill Campbell (XXX) (Self, Dirty Jobs (2005))
Bill Campbell (XXXVI) (Casting Director, Answers (2006))
Bill Campbell (VI) (Editor, Storm (1987))
Bill Campbell (XX) (Actor, G.P. (1989))
Bill Campbell (XLIV)
Bill Campbell (III) (Assistant Director, First Light (2002))
Bill Campbell (XXI) (Self, One: A Story of Love and Equality (2014))
Bill Campbell (XXV) (Actor, Dreams on a String (2008))
Bill Campbell (XLII) (Actor, Western Cabaret (1939))
Bill Campbell (XXVIII) (Music Department, Westworld (1973))
Bill Campbell (XXIII) (Actor, Video Wars (1983))
Bill Campbell (XXVI) (Camera Department, In Between/Entre deux (2009))
Billy Campbell (III) (Producer, Grizzly Man (2005))
Billy Campbell (II) (Actor, Love Actually (2003))
Jill Campbell (VII) (Self, The Great Holiday Baking Show (2015))
Campbell Barr (Actor, Quatermass and the Pit (1958))
Campbell Bews (Actor, Stranded (2006))
Campbell Brand (Miscellaneous, The Queen (2006))
Campbell Ball (Composer, Girt by Fear (2016))
Campbell Berg (Director, She Knew Too Much (2019))
Campbell Bird Dixon (Actor, Daisies Grown (2016))
Campbell Brown (II) (Actress, Swing Vote (2008))
Billy A. Campbell (Visual Effects, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018))
David Campbell-Bell (Location Management, Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018))
Campbell Williams (I) (Actress, A Man Called Jon (2015))
Rob Campbell-Bell (Location Management, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Sam Campbell-Boross (Actor, Reading Lindsay Keegan's Diary (2017))
Jill Campbell (I) (Music Department, My Gun Is Quick (1957))
Will Campbell (XIII) (Camera Department, Lady Outlaws (2018))
Will Campbell (IX) (Director, Working Order (2014))
Gill Campbell (II) (Self, Silbury: The Heart of the Hill (2007))
Will Campbell (III) (Art Director, Let the Lion Roar (2014))
Will Campbell (XI) (Self, God's Will (2000))
Jill Campbell (VI)
Gill Campbell (I)
Will Campbell (XII) (Director, Project Petroglyph (2015))
Will Campbell (XIV)
Jill Campbell (V) (Actor, Univers Fascia (2013))
Will Campbell (V) (Producer, Lure (2017))
Will Campbell (VI)
Will Campbell (II)
Will Campbell (VII) (Actor, At Thirty (2015))
Will Campbell (VIII) (Actor, Portal (2015))
Will Campbell (X) (Producer, From Sea to Shining Sea (2014))
Will Campbell (IV) (Camera Department, The Cure (2015))
Jill Campbell (II)
Will Campbell (I) (Cinematographer, Wounded (2012))
Jill Campbell (IV) (Actress, Rapporto di un regista su alcune giovani attrici (2008))
J. Campbell Bruce (Writer, Escape from Alcatraz (1979))
Billy Campbell (I) (Art Department, Domino (2005))
Billy K. Campbell (Location Management, Race to Witch Mountain (2009))
Billie Campbell (Camera Department, JFK: The Case for Conspiracy (1993))
Billy Campbell (XII) (Self, Aldon Morris: The Scholar Affirmed (2017))
Billy Campbell (XI) (Camera Department, Impractical Jokers (2012))
Billie Jean Campbell (Self, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (1969))
Billy Campbell (V)
Bill Junior Campbell (Actor, Mannix (1967))
Billy Campbell (IX) (Camera Department, The Bridge Rising (2013))
Billy Campbell (VIII)
Billy Campbell (X) (Self, Uncovering the Truth: Killing Lincoln (2013))
Billy Campbell (IV) (Miscellaneous, The House of Mirth (2000))
Billy Campbell (VI) (Editorial Department, The Strength of Water (2009))
Nandalie Campbell Killick (Stunts, The Wolverine (2013))
Campbell Brown (III) (Actor, The Four Feathers (2002))
Campbell Burdon (Art Department, Robinson Crusoe (1997))
Camilla Campbell (Producer, Prime Suspect 1973 (2017))
Donna Campbell Bishop (Art Department, Brothers (1984))
Jeffrey Campbell Binner (Music Department, The Wonders (2013))
Campbell Beaton (Producer, The Karman Line (2014))
Lillian Campbell (Producer, San wont (2017))
Camille Campbell (I) (Miscellaneous, 12 Years a Slave (2013))
Campbell Brewer (Art Department, The Help (2011))
Campbell Brown (I) (Actor, The Magical World of Disney (1954))
Bonnie Campbell-Britton (Actress, American Playhouse (1981))
J. Campbell Besley (Producer, The Amazon Jungle (1918))
Campbell Brown (IV) (Self, The Verdict (2015))
Campbell Brown (VII) (Editorial Department, Surfing 28 States: India (2012))
Tom Campbell Black
Campbell Beadles (Self, Kid Nation (2007))
Campbell Bedson (Music Department, A Need to Be Loved (1975))
Campbell Bates (Actor, My Dog the Champion (2013))
Campbell Black (Writer, Thirty-Minute Theatre (1965))
Campbell Bromberg (Miscellaneous, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2008))
Campbell Benedict (Actor, Feral (2016))
Campbell Bannerman (Self, Cleo Bachelor of the Year (2000))
Campbell Banks (Music Department, The Death and Life of Otto Bloom (2016))
Campbell Bryer (Assistant Director, Bravest Warriors (2012))
Lily Campbell Bossie (Camera Department, Occupy Unmasked (2012))
Kevin Campbell Baker
Campbell Browne (Visual Effects, Outlaw King (2018))
Campbell Brysan (Actor, The Hill (2002))
Campbell Brown (V) (Editorial Department, Go Back to Where You Came From (2011))
Rosa Campbell-Blight (Miscellaneous, FutureWeapons (2006))
Theo Campbell-Berzins (Camera Department, Charlie's P.O.C. (2016))
Lly Campbell Bossie (Camera Department, The Hope & the Change (2012))
Campbell Brown (VI) (Cinematographer, Surfing 28 States: India (2012))
Campbell Brown (VIII) (Camera Department, Father's Day (2015))
Keir Campbell Byatt (Camera Department, Ouragan, l'odyssée d'un vent (2015))
Ebony Campbell Brown (Actress, Romeu & Romeu (2016))
Terri Campbell Belle (Writer, Turning Tables (in development))
Campbell Barton (Visual Effects, Tears of Steel (2012))
Campbell Bobby Jr.
Campbell Burns (Actor, Vacations: Relax (2017))
Campbell Bowers (Actor, A King's Mistake (2005))
Campbell Blight (Miscellaneous, Young Talent Time Tells All (2001))
John Campbell Beaury (Actor, The Unattainable Story (2017))
Campbell Bolwell (Actress, Passion to Profession (2011))
David Campbell Bell
Anna Campbell Bliss (Self, Arc of Light: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss (2012))
Campbell Brooke Ryan (Actress, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms (2012))
Cat Campbell-Berry (Producer, A Mother's Tear (2008))
Campbell Brennan (Editor, Fourteen, Frets & Faith (2009))
Campbell Burnett (Actor, John Doe: Vigilante (2014))
Jean Campbell-Bevins (Producer, Heatwave (1982))
William Campbell (VI) (Director, Nu-Ma-Pu - Cannibalism (1931))
Cillean Campbell (Director, JMK: Roll on Tomorrow (2014))
Archie Campbell-Baldwin (Art Department, Spectre (2015))
Campbell Casillo (Actor, Tell Me a Story: the Life of J.L. Tramel (2016))
William R. Campbell (Actor, Constantine (2014))
William L. Campbell (Art Director, The Immortal (1969))
Robert William Campbell (Actor, Hawaii Five-0 (2010))
William A. Campbell (Costume Department, The Jackal (1997))
Gillian Campbell (I) (Art Department, Never Let Me Go (2010))
William Campbell (VII) (Actor, Hi De Ho (1947))
Campbell Miller (IV) (Director, Respite at Christmas (2013))
William W. Campbell (Self, A Spark of Nerve (2015))
William Campbell (XXXII) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Phillipa Campbell (Miscellaneous, Country GP (1984))
Campbell Milligan (Miscellaneous, Blood Pulls a Gun (2014))
William Campbell (XLII) (Director, Just Me and U (2001))
Gilly Campbell (II) (Actor, Kill the Umpire (1950))
William Campbell (XXIII) (Actor, The Redemption Hit (2015))
Camille Campbell (IV) (Miscellaneous, Uptown (2016))
William M. Campbell (Sound Department, The Twisted Death of a Lonely Madman (2016))
William Campbell (X) (Animation Department, Spring Breakers (2012))
Campbell Miller (V) (Director, Family (2016))
Will 'Peanut' Campbell (Actor, Razor's Edge (1994))
William K. Campbell (Producer, Breaking the Ice (2015))
William Campbell (XXVI) (Actor, The Bubble (2013))
Camille C. Campbell (Actress, All Sorts (2019))
William Campbell (XIII) (Director, Wolves in Paradise (2007))
Guillermo Campbell
Willie Campbell (Stunts, Texas Rangers (2001))
William Campbell (XXVIII) (Composer, LIFEBOAT (2018))
Willow Campbell (I) (Actor, The Roommate Project (2015))
Campbell Reilley (Actress, Ra Ra Girls! (2018))
Dillon Campbell (Location Management, Hell Girl )
William Campbell (VIII) (Producer, Fanny Hill (1995))
Jillian Campbell (II) (Actress, NO.4 (2013))
William Campbell (XXIX) (Actor, The Dejects (2016))
Phillip Campbell Sr. (Writer, Stiletto (2011))
Campbell Miller (III) (Actor, (In)security (2012))
Willow Campbell (II) (Art Department, Every Day Of The Week (2019))
William Campbell (IX) (Actor, Time Chasers (1994))
Campbell Miller (II) (Producer, Anamorph (2007))
Neville Campbell (Miscellaneous, A Fountain for Susan (1999))
Gillian Campbell (IV)
Camille Campbell (II) (Actress, The Pony Man (2012))

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