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Roger Cain (III) (Soundtrack, Hole in One (2009))
Elaine Rogers (I) (Producer, Bent (2018))
Roger Cain (II) (Stunts, Young Guns (1988))
Katharine Rogers (Actress, London's Burning (1988))
Elaine Rogers (III) (Self, Fox News Sunday (1996))
Elaine Rogers (II) (Costume Department, Ripley's Believe It or Not! (1982))
Germaine Roger (Actress, Debout là-dedans! (1935))
Roger Cain (IV) (Editor, The Vision (2011))
Roger Cain (I) (Production Designer, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993))
Roger Cain (V) (Actor, Charlie and the Talking Buzzard (1979))
Madeleine Rogers (II) (Actress, Leverage (2008))
Nadine Roger (Visual Effects, A Goofy Movie (1995))
Trine Rogers (II) (Actress, United, We Save (2015))
Séverine Roger (Art Department, Lolita (1997))
Jeanine Roger (Actress, Ma soeur de lait (1938))
Sabine Rogers (Producer, Blank City (2010))
Antoine Roger (Assistant Director, Proverbe fleuri (2012))
Céline Roger (Make Up Department, Cracking Up (2004))
Arline Rogers (Writer, Steam (1945))
Trine Rogers (I) (Cinematographer, Pain (2014))
Erline Rogers (Miscellaneous, Thin Ice (1937))
Lorraine Rogers (Actress, The Doctor and the Playgirl (1963))
Josephine Rogers (I) (Actress, Simana (2016))
Jermaine Rogers (II) (Self, The First 48 (2004))
Jermaine Rogers (I) (Actor, Intemac (2018))
Loraine Rogers (Writer, All Saints (1998))
Marie-Sabine Roger (Writer, La tête en friche (2010))
Ivy Catherine Rogers (Actress, Enchanted Forrest (2012))
Katherine Rogers (Actress, #Misunderstood (2017))
Caroline Rogers (IV) (Actress, Fatherly Dating Advice (2015))
Christine Rogers (III) (Make Up Department, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993))
Catherine Rogers (II) (Actress, Girl (2018))
Christine Rogers (VI) (Miscellaneous, Rescue (2011))
Stephine Rogers (Make Up Department, Sterling Silver (2015))
Christine Rogers (VII) (Assistant Director, Agency Time (2010))
Jacqueline Rogers (I) (Actress, Rapina al quartiere Ovest (1960))
Jacqueline Rogers (II) (Writer, Shake It Off )
Jeanine Rogers (Actress, Paparazzi!: Tales of Tinseltown (1995))
Catherine Rogers (I) (Actress, She Hate Me (2004))
Delphine Roger (Costume Department, Les mariées de l'isle Bourbon (2007))
Christine Rogers (X) (Actor, Laws of Attraction (2012))
Madeline Rogers (Actress, A Glove Story (2012))
Jasmine Rogers-Scott (Costume Department, Spartacus: War of the Damned (2010))
Catherine Rogers (III) (Composer, Honey Dear (2018))
Christine Rogers (VIII)
Christine Rogers (XI) (Self, The Bikini Open 8 (1992))
Christine Rogers (IX) (Producer, Restless (2011))
Christine Rogers (IV) (Writer, I Am Evangeline (2015))
Catherine Roger (Miscellaneous, The Point Men (2001))
Kristine Rogers
Christine Rogers (V) (Self, Paid to Play (2005))
Josephine Rogers (II) (Actress, I Can't Walk (2017))
Katherine Rogerson (Actor, Rocks (2016))
Christine Rogers (I) (Miscellaneous, Raider of the South Seas (1990))
Caroline Rogers (V) (Art Department, Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill (2016))
Caroline Rogers (II)
Christine Rogers (II) (Actress, The Next Big Thing (2001))
Caroline Rogers (III) (Miscellaneous, Shadrach (1998))
Madeleine Rogers (I) (Art Director, Invasion: Earth (1998))
Caroline Roger (Actress, Inel (2015))
Cathrine Rogers (Actress, Pressure (2014))
Caroline Rogers (I) (Actress, Doomwatch (1970))
Jasmine Rogers (II)
Christine Rogers (XII) (Self, 26th Annual Miss Asia USA and 10th Annual Mrs. Asia USA Cultural Pageants (2014))
Chistine Rogers (Miscellaneous, House of Cards (1993))
Jasmine Rogers (I) (Miscellaneous, Maximo: Ghost to Glory (2002))
Clémentine Roger-Mazas (Editor, L'exemple de Ramuz (2003))
Caroline Rogers Driscoll (Actress, Pothound (2011))
Catherine Carbone Rogers (Miscellaneous, The Day My Parents Became Cool (2009))
Jesse 'Roger' James FourMountains (Actor, The_Pact (2014))

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