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James Cagney (Actor, Angels with Dirty Faces (1938))
Sidney James (II) (Actor, Carry on Again Doctor (1969))
James Cagney Jr. (Actor, The Gallant Hours (1960))
Whitney James (I) (Make Up Department, Ocean's Eight (2018))
Boney James (Soundtrack, Space Cowboys (2000))
Courtney James Clark (Actress, Jurassic World (2015))
Barney James (Actor, Sebastiane (1976))
James Cagney IV (Actor, Nyarlathotep (2001))
Sidney James (I) (Music Department, The Princess Diaries (2001))
Rodney James (I) (Actor, Ragtime (1981))
Sydney James (VII) (Actress, To Hell with It (2015))
Bradley James Magner
Whitney James (II) (Camera Department, Cowboy Junction (2006))
Rodney James (IV) (Actor, A Change in Degree (2011))
Sydney James (IV) (Thanks, Lost Heroes of World War One (2011))
Whitney James (III) (Miscellaneous, Outpost (2009))
Sydney James (I) (Actor, Enchanted (2007))
Sydney James (III) (Self, Silent Library (2009))
Sydney James (VI) (Actress, Pretty Darn Funny (2012))
Sydney James (II) (Actress, Don't See It Alone (2008))
Journey James
Terney James
Whitney James (IV) (Editorial Department, My 600-lb Life (2012))
Disney James (Actor, Memories (2013))
Rodney James (II) (Camera Department, The Omega Code (1999))
Elton Hartney James (Camera Department, Ant-Man (2015))
Sydney James Harcourt (Actor, Person of Interest (2011))
Jeffrey James Binney (Director, Once Is Enough (2016))
Mullaney James (Actor, Smile (2013))
Courtney James (XI) (Writer, Tesla Effect (2014))
Rodney James Ross (Actor, The Royal Family (1991))
Courtney James (VI) (Director, The Global Groove Network (2012))
Courtney James (VIII) (Production Manager, Tesla Effect (2014))
Sarney Jamesoli (Actor, Catatonico (2015))
Gaffney James Yusei (Director, RX Terra (2011))
Rodney James Noble (Actor, Possession (2010))
Courtney James (III) (Costume Department, Slumptown (2014))
McCartney James (Writer, End Game (2009))
Courtney James (X) (Costume Department, American Beach House (2015))
Courtney James (I) (Make Up Department, Big Game (2008))
Courtney James (V)
Courtney James (XII) (Director, Six City (2018))
Kortney Jameson (Actress, Sports Illustrated Funniest People in Sports: Bodypainting (2014))
Courtney James (IV) (Actor, Free Ride (2013))
Courtney James (IX) (Costume Department, 4Play (2014))
Rodney James Hewitt (Director, Missiya: Prorok (2012))
Courtney James Stewart (Actor, Drumline (2002))
Bernhard Marsch (Actor, Café Kontakt (2013))

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