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Chips Hardy (Writer, Taboo (2017))
Jérémie Vigot (Stunts, Dunkirk (2017))
nickname "Chips"
Peter Hartwig (II) (Visual Effects, Pacific Rim (2013))
nickname "Chips"
Chips Rafferty (Actor, Wake in Fright (1971))
Chipps Cooney (Actor, The Benchwarmers (2006))
aka "Chips Cooney"
Chips Torrent
Chips Moman (Soundtrack, Space Cowboys (2000))
Chips Paul (Sound Department, Tomorrow Never Dies (1997))
Chip Fields (Actress, The Amazing Spider-Man (1977))
Chip Zien (Actor, Howard the Duck (1986))
Chip Gaines (Self, Fixer Upper (2013))
Chip Coffey (I) (Actor, Search for Tomorrow (1951))
Chip Foose (Art Department, Cars (2006))
Malachi Pearson (Actor, Casper (1995))
Gisela Chipe (Actress, Bel Canto (2018))
Chip Joslin (Actor, Almost Time (2002))
Chip Hailstone (Self, Life Below Zero (2013))
Chip Chinery (Actor, Battle of the Sexes (2017))
Chip Harris (I) (Actor, The Old Flame (2011))
Chip Taylor (I) (Soundtrack, No Way Out (1987))
Chip Morgan (Art Department, Entourage (2015))
Sachi Parker (Actress, Peggy Sue Got Married (1986))
Chip McAllister (Producer, Pizza & Karaoke (2010))
Chip Carriere (Actor, Superstition (2017))
Chipo Chung (Actress, Sunshine (2007))
Chip Signore (Assistant Director, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012))
Chip Johannessen (Producer, Homeland (2011))
Macey Chipping (Actress, Vampire Academy (2014))
Chip Hayes (I) (Writer, All My Children (1970))
Chip Clanton (Miscellaneous, Hidden Figures (2016))
Chip Cronkite (Producer, The Legends Behind the Comic Books (2007))
Chip (XVIII) (Actor, Oddball (2015))
Sebastian Schipper (Director, Victoria (2015))
Chip Diggins (Producer, A Walk in the Woods (2015))
Chip Chuipka (Actor, Scanners III: The Takeover (1991))
Chip Johnson (I) (Actor, Real Genius (1985))
Chip Heller (I) (Actor, Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992))
Chip (V) (Actor, The Wonderful World of Disney (1995))
Chip (XVII) (Actor, Can't Be Stopped (2016))
Chip (XI) (Self, The Xtra Factor (2004))
Chip (XIX) (Actor, Metal Warrior (2011))
Chip (II) (Actor, Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (1999))
Chip (XIII) (Actor, The Projectionist Project (2011))
Chips (I) (Self, The Eurovision Song Contest (1982))
Chips (III)
Chip (XIV) (Actor, Sheep Dog (1939))
Chips (IV) (Stunts, CHiPs (1977))
Chip (X) (Actor, American Badass: Bernie's Back! (2011))
Chip (I) (Actor, How to Time Travel (2016))
Chip (XXI)
Chip (III) (Miscellaneous, The Boy Scout (2002))
Chip (XXII) (Actor, Dark River (2017))
Chip Frye (Actor, The Incredible Hulk (1978))
Tim Chipping (I) (Actor, Troy (2004))
Chip Davis (I) (Soundtrack, Detroit Rock City (1999))
Mitichi Preda (Producer, The unseen is essential (2018))
Chip Rossetti (Producer, God Gave Rock n' Roll to You (in development))
Chip Rockcastle (Actor, Paranormal Investigation Agency (2017))
Anna Chipovskaya (Actress, Ottepel (2013))
Eric Idle (Actor, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975))
aka "Eric Spam Eggs and Chips Idle"
Chip Albers (I) (Actor, Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss (2006))
Chip Oliver (Actor, All in the Family (1971))
Chip Byrd (Camera Department, The Avengers (2012))
Chip Walters (Actor, All or Nothing (2018))
Charles Esten (Actor, Nashville (2012))
Chip Vucelich (Production Manager, American Crime Story (2016))
Andrea Occhipinti (Producer, The White Ribbon (2009))
Chip Wade (Self, Elbow Room (2012))
Chip Moore (I) (Writer, The Overlook (2015))
Chip Hooley
Chip Proser (Producer, Innerspace (1987))
Chip Duncan (I) (Producer, The Sound Man (2015))
Chip Hall (I) (Producer, Blue Mountain State (2010))
Chip Lane (Actor, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015))
George Chiper (Cinematographer, Balastiera #186 (2009))
Chip Keyes (I) (Writer, Shaky Ground (1992))
Red Hot Chili Peppers (Soundtrack, Twister (1996))
Chip Chalmers (Assistant Director, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Chip Gubera (Producer, Song of the Dead (2005))
Chip Hamilton (Miscellaneous, Mother's Day (2016))
Sean Chiplock (Actor, Freedom Planet (2014))
Chip Wright (Stunts, Top Dog (1995))
Chip Hormess (Actor, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007))
Mario Van Peebles (Actor, Heartbreak Ridge (1986))
Chip Brown (I) (Editor, Destination Truth (2007))
Chip Hanauer (Self, Almost Live! (1984))
Chip Baker (II) (Writer, The Price of Death )
Chip Bolcik (Director, Reunion (2012))
The Chips (Soundtrack, Mean Streets (1973))
Chip Moody (Actor, Born on the Fourth of July (1989))
Chip Love (Actor, No Country for Old Men (2007))
Chi Pei (Actor, 60 Second Assassin (1978))
Chip E. (Composer, The UnUsual Suspects: Once Upon a Time in House Music (2005))
Chip Holman (Actor, Shadow Dancer (1997))
L. Chip Crosby Jr. (Transportation Department, Cloverfield (2008))
Chip Moore (III) (Actor, Little Charlotte's Unannounced Visit (2018))
Chip Mefford (Stunts, Harsh Times (2005))
Chip Chapman (Self, Good Morning Britain (2014))
Mr. Chips (I) (Actor, Jack Frost (1998))
Brad 'Chip' Pope (Actor, S1m0ne (2002))
Chip Hackler (Director, Two Hours in the Dark (2010))
Chip Arndt (Self, The Amazing Race (2001))
Chip Bent (Producer, McCartney's Genes (2008))
Chip Eccles (Art Department, Downward Dog (2017))
Sam Chiplin (Cinematographer, Safe Harbour (2018))
Chip Ford (Actor, The Swiss Family Robinson (1974))
Chip White (Producer, Crab Trap (2017))
Chip Hourihan (I) (Producer, Frozen River (2008))
Chip Miller (I) (Music Department, Mortuary Academy (1988))
Chip Ganassi (Actor, Driven (2001))
Chip Walker (Actor, The Devil's Ball (2019))
Chi Peng (Self, Suuri seikkailu (2001))
Mr. Chips (II) (Actor, My Name Is Jonah (2014))
Mr. Chips (III) (Actor, SCUTLY (2018))
Chip Selby (Producer, Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (2003))
Chip Harris (II) (Composer, Bubsy II (1994))
Chip Hand (Writer, Lovelines (1984))
Kelly Shipe (Actress, Candee Noir (2014))
Chip Hale (I) (Director, Mulligans (2008))
Chip Warren (Writer, Brandywine Avenue (in development))
Chi Pu (Actress, Huong Ga - Rise (2014))
Chip Seelig (Producer, Dedication (2007))
Chip O'Neil (Actor, JAG (1995))
Chippy (I) (Actress, Hitler (1996))
Chip Kidd (III) (Self, Nothing Changes: Art for Hank's Sake (2018))
Chip Nguyen (Actor, Miss Hanoi (2018))
Chip Ramsey (Actor, Jug Face (2013))
Chip Mullaney (Sound Department, Maximum Ride (2016))
Chip Brookes (Actor, The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009))
Chip St. Clair
Chip Sickler (Actor, Felicity (1998))
Peter Chipping (Director, Another Green World (2005))
Chips Swanson (Music Department, Cheers (1982))
Chip Holloway (Miscellaneous, Vegas (2012))
Chip Huntington (Camera Department, The Day After Tomorrow (2004))
Cyril 'Chips' Robinson (Actor, Cool Hand Luke (1967))
Stanley Livingston (Actor, My Three Sons (1960))
Chip Olcott (Actor, Twisted (1986))
Chip Masamitsu (Editorial Department, No Way Out (1987))
Chip Starr (Camera Department, ParaNorman (2012))
Chip McClure (Self, The '80s: The Decade That Made Us (2013))
Chip Street (Director, Whatever It Takes (2004))
Chip McLean (Producer, High School Musical: The Concert - Extreme Access Pass (2007))
Chip Carey (II) (Actor, That L.A. Girl (2018))
Chip Zullinger (Self, If You Build It (2013))
Chip Smith (II) (Producer, Killer Flick (1998))
Chip Snare (Camera Department, Evil Laugh (1986))
Chi-Pei Li (Actor, Shan liang de ri zi (1977))
Chip Sires (Producer, Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane (1998))
Chip Smith (III) (Editor, Puncture (2011))
Wu-Chi Peng (Actor, Peng! Snowman (2014))
Chip Shane
Chip Smith (I) (Composer, Another Day with You (2015))
Chip Stern (Self, Beware of Mr. Baker (2012))
Chip Eaton (Actor, Hats Off (2007))
Chip Smith (VI) (Actor, Going to Heather's Dinner Party (2017))
Chips Gray (Director, God Rest Ye Merry YouTubers (2012))
Chip Swain (Producer, Red Alert: Hockeytown 3 (2002))
Chip Eddy (Editor, Order of Distinction (2012))
Chip Smith (V) (Music Department, Don't Look Up (2009))
Chip Evans (Composer, Power, Passion & Glory: The Real Story of Texas Football Madness (2004))
Paul Chips (I) (Music Department, La femme du Vème (2011))
Jon Chips (Sound Department, Breed (2011))
Chip Siler (Actor, Driftwood (2003))
Chip Scott (Miscellaneous, The Veils of Transference (2009))
Chip Emery (Producer, Pershing's Last Patriot (2013))
Chip Sego (Assistant Director, Firing Line (1966))
Dachipee (Director, Nam-1975 (1990))
Chip Sovek (Sound Department, True Passages (2017))
Chips Gold (Self, A Life Apart: Hasidism in America (1997))
Big Chips (Actor, Stranded N Dangriga (2013))
Chip Soucy (II) (Producer, Swoon (2015))
Chip Stelz (Actor, The Big Easy (1996))
Chip Ellis
Chip Steen (Music Department, The Black Connection (1974))
Chip Soucy (I) (Miscellaneous, Old Man Dogs (1997))
Chip Eddie (Editor, Undrafted (2014))
Chi-pei Jin (Actress, Wo men dou shi zhe yang zhang da de (1986))
Chip Earl (Self, Dirty Jobs (2005))
Chip Smith (IV) (Actor, The Calling (2002))
Chip Smith (VIII) (Actor, United States Secret Service: On the Front Line (2018))
Paul Chips (II) (Actor, Nice Guy Eddie (2002))
Chip Edson (Actor, How to Talk to Clouds with Gregor Ross (2015))
Chip Sloan (Sound Department, Gone (2012))
Chip Smith (VII)
Chip Wigely (Actor, A House Cleaning (2012))
Christopher Mayer (I) (Actor, Liar Liar (1997))
Chip Brooks (I) (Sound Department, Peacemaker (1990))
Chip Heller (IV) (Actor, The Young and the Restless (1973))
Chip Fraser (Camera Department, Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003))
Chip Phillips (II) (Miscellaneous, Dead of Winter (1987))
Chip Reid (Self, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley (2011))
Hot Chip (Soundtrack, Boy A (2007))
Klim Shipenko (I) (Director, Salyut-7 (2017))
Chip Dell (Actor, Morgan Stewart's Coming Home (1987))
Chip Campbell (Stunts, Soldier (1998))
Chip Swetnam (Camera Department, Dream Trap (1990))
Chips O'Neal (Actor, Song of the Blind Girl (2011))
Chip Mead (Camera Department, Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) (2001))
Chip Eberhart (Editor, The UnUsual Suspects: Once Upon a Time in House Music (2005))

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