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George Burns (I) (Actor, Oh, God! (1977))
George Burns (III) (Actor, Charged (2014))
George Burns (V)
George Burns (IV)
George Burns (II) (Camera Department, Oprah's Next Chapter (2012))
George Burns (VI)
George Burns (VII)
Lyons George (Actor, To Whom It May Concern (2016))
Georgia Burns (Actress, Medicine Man (2009))
George Awburn (Editorial Department, The Bank Job (2008))
George Ozburn (Actor, Wolf/Soldier: Fright Force Prequel (2019))
George Burne (Cinematographer, The New Ipswich (1947))
George Burns III (Actor, Lighthouse Unmanned (2017))
Georgetta Burns (Self, Riding in Vans with Boys (2003))
George Washburn (III) (Actor, Pit Stop (1969))
George Wilburn (I) (Actor, Strip Comedy (1998))
Hans-Georg Eichler (I) (Actor, Der Kommissar (1969))
Hansgeorg Eder (Actor, Alt-Heidelberg (1959))
Jens-George Hansen (Miscellaneous, Antichrist (2009))
Hans-Georg Eichler (II) (Self, Cause of Death: Unknown (2017))
Hans-Georg Krüger (Actor, Piraten auf der Pferdeinsel (1963))
Hans Georg Berger (Director, Het Bun Dai Bun: Laos, Sacred Rituals of Luang Prabang (2004))
Evans Georgeopulus (Actor, The Outer Boroughs (2017))
George Lymburn (Actor, The Fugitive (1963))
Jonathan George Burns (Miscellaneous, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2014 (2014))
George Burnash (Actor, Bob (2015))
George Milburn (I) (Writer, General Electric Theater (1953))
George Rathburn (Actor, Like Wow! (1962))
George Kilburn (Actor, The Ten Commandments (1956))
George Blackburn (I) (Writer, Call It... Rehabilitation (1957))
George Milburn (III) (Camera Department, The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012))
George Blackburn (III) (Cinematographer, The Varangian (2018))
George Washburn (II) (Self, American Pickers (2010))
George Cockburn
George Colburn (Producer, Two for Tonight (2001))
George Blackburn (II) (Art Department, Three on a Spree (1961))
George M. Burnett (Actor, Picture Perfect (2002))
George Burnett (II) (Writer, No Hiding Place (1959))
George K. Burnette (Transportation Department, Murphy's Law (1986))
George Burnette (Miscellaneous, Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970))
George Milburn (II) (Visual Effects, Chicken Run (2000))
George Burnett (I) (Actor, Till the End of Time (1946))
George Wilburn (II)
Hans Georg von Friedeburg (Self, Triumph of the Will (1935))
Hans George Hornbostle
Hans-George Meierotto (Transportation Department, Hanna (2011))
Bart Burns (Actor, Seven Days in May (1964))
Eddie Barry (Actor, Crack o' Dawn (1925))

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