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George Bruns (Music Department, Sleeping Beauty (1959))
George Brunel (Miscellaneous, Squeeze a Flower (1970))
George Brunet (Actor, Old Breed (2001))
Lyons George (Actor, To Whom It May Concern (2016))
Bruno George (Visual Effects, In the Line of Fire (1993))
George Bruno (I) (Actor, El edén (1987))
George Brunt (Visual Effects, Eden Lodge (2015))
George Brunis (Self, Jazz Alley (1968))
George Bruno (III) (Actor, Finders Keepers (2009))
George Brunk (Actor, Sound of Fear (2016))
Georges Brunot (Assistant Director, Frères corses (1939))
George Bruno (II) (Actor, Deer Crossing (2012))
George Lebrun (Miscellaneous, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (1987))
George Bruno (IV) (Transportation Department, Fading Gigolo (2013))
Bruno Georget (Visual Effects, Sous écoute (2015))
Georg Bruns (Actor, The Magic of Three )
Jean-Georges Brunet (Actor, The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch (2008))
Hans-Georg Eichler (I) (Actor, Der Kommissar (1969))
Evans Georgeopulus (Actor, The Outer Boroughs (2017))
Hans Georg Berger (Director, Het Bun Dai Bun: Laos, Sacred Rituals of Luang Prabang (2004))
Hans George Schäfer (Production Designer, Trilogie 1848 - Der Galgensteiger (1979))
Hansgeorg Eder (Actor, Alt-Heidelberg (1959))
Hans-Georg Krüger (Actor, Piraten auf der Pferdeinsel (1963))
Hans-Georg Eichler (II) (Self, Cause of Death: Unknown (2017))
Jens-George Hansen (Miscellaneous, Antichrist (2009))
George Schoenbrunn (Self, Life Is a Dream in Cinema: Pola Negri (2006))
George Brunton (Actor, The Key to Yesterday (1914))
George Richard Bruno
George T. LeBrun (Writer, Death Ring (1992))
Georges Brungard (Actor, Solo (1970))
George Brunner (Self, The Black Robe (1949))
Georges Malbrunot (Writer, Infrarouge (2006))
Georgina Brunette (Miscellaneous, Postal (2007))
Georgette Grunstein (Producer, Furia nera (1975))
Hans George Hornbostle
Hans-George Meierotto (Transportation Department, Hanna (2011))

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