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Eleanor Bron (Actress, A Little Princess (1995))
Eleanor Brown (IV) (Actress, Courageous (2011))
Eleanor Bronson (Actress, Certainly Not Ian Fleming's James Bond Flick (1992))
Sian Eleanor Green (Actor, Feather in a storm (2017))
Queen Eleanor (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 34 (1912))
Eleanor Brown (VII) (Editor, Psyched (2014))
Eleanor Brown (VI) (Miscellaneous, Too Much? (2013))
Eleanor Brown (X)
Eleanor Brown (I) (Writer, Cross-Country Romance (1940))
Eleanor Brown (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Dancing in Circles (2014))
Eleanor Brown (V) (Miscellaneous, Reborn (2013))
Eleanor Brown (III) (Self, Try, Try Again (2009))
Eleanor Brown (II) (Actress, The Tragedy of Mister Geppetto (2008))
Eleanor Brown (IX) (Actress, Foxhole (2018))
Eleanor Siron (Actress, Wonder Women (1973))
Eleanor Onate (Editor, Ang lalaking nagmahal sa akin (2009))
Eleanor Giron (Actor, Manila: No Limitations (2014))
Eleanor Baron (Actress, The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse (1948))
Eleanor Jones (VI) (Actress, Big Stone Gap (2014))
Eleanor Lyons (Actor, LMFAO (2013))
Eleanor Toner (Self, Gadzooks! It's All Happening (1965))
Eleanore Leone (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Eleanor Jones (IX) (Make Up Department, Ahaarrr! (2007))
Eleanor Jones (III) (Actress, Impure Thoughts (1985))
Eleanor Jones (VIII) (Actor, About a Dog (2014))
Eleanor Jones (XI) (Actress, Tell Me I Love You )
Eleanor Jones (X) (Miscellaneous, Wale (2018))
Eleanor Bone (Self, The Les Crane Show (1964))
Eleanor Jones (II) (Visual Effects, Sleepy Hollow (1999))
Eleanor Jones (VII) (Miscellaneous, Wizards vs. Aliens (2012))
Eleanor Jones (IV) (Self, Gwaed ar y Ser (1975))
Eleanor Jones (V) (Actor, Something Old (2012))
Eleanor Jones (I) (Make Up Department, Man-Eater (1957))
Eleanor Stone (Miscellaneous, The Lost & Found Family (2009))
Gordon Eleanor (Self, Ever Believe Me: Sgeulachd Madeleine Smith (2013))
Simone Leanora (Actress, With 2 You Get Horror (2014))
Eleanor O'Neill (Actor, Getting Ahead in Sales (2017))
Eleanor McCrone (Editorial Department, Wildest Dreams (2009))
Eleanor Cronin (Actress, A Strange Game (2011))
Eleanore Brown (Actress, Londinium (2015))
Eleanora Carpanelli (Actress, Ciao America (2002))
Lillian Eleanor (Make Up Department, Shoot 'Em Up (2007))
Megan Eleanor Smith (Actress, The Redeemers (2016))
Eleanor Meynell (Self, BBC Proms (2014))
Karen Eleanor Wight (Costume Department, Shortbus (2006))
Eleanor Dineley (Producer, Shooting Clerks (2016))
Eleanor O'Connell (Actress, The Shoplifters (2018))
Eleanor McConnell (Miscellaneous, Kung Fu and Titties (2013))
Eleanor 'Nell' Whitley (Visual Effects, Fantastic Fungi (2018))
Eleanor Brooks (II)
Eleanor L. Brown (Actress, Our Mutual Girl (1914))
Eleanor Broder (Miscellaneous, No Time for Love (1943))
Eleanor Broadwater (Composer, Duran Duran: Do You Believe in Shame? (1989))
Eleanor 'Mickey''Brown
Eleanor Browne (Writer, The Red Dance (1928))
Eleanor Ambrose
Eleanor Brooks (I) (Actress, White Savage (1943))
Eleanor Hembrow (Make Up Department, An Ordinary Monday (2017))
Eleanor Brooke (Writer, That Certain Feeling (1956))
Eleanor Grondin (Miscellaneous, Honeycomb Lodge (2014))
Maria Eleanor Trono (Producer, Lobo (2008))
Eleanor Campellone (Self, The Queen Latifah Show (2013))
Eleanor McCelhone (Art Department, 17 Minutes (2018))
Eleanor Bowden-Jones (Editorial Department, Viking Boat Race (2006))
Eleanor Ponsford (Actress, Dearest Paula (2016))
Eleanor Kingstone (Self, My Tango with Porn (2003))
Eleanor Gwyn-Jones (Actress, Reality Bleed-Through (2008))
Eleanor Cotton-Soares (Actress, The Game (2017))
Eleanor Maloney (Actress, Auckward Love (2015))
Eleanor McElhone (Art Department, Pseudomonas )
Eleanor Bowen-Jones (Producer, But... Sometimes (2017))
Eleanor Scoones (Producer, Harlots, Housewives & Heroines: A 17th Century History for Girls (2012))
Robert and Eleanor Nelson
Eleanor Brocklehurst (Producer, Four Rooms (2011))
Kathryn Eleanor Stumpf
Caitlin Eleanor Baxter (Actor, The Temp (2010))
Kirsten Eleanor Anderson (Writer, Atropos (2012))
Eleanor 'Mickey' McLernon Brown (Self, Broads & Bombers; a Wartime Experiment in Manpower (2016))
Emily Eleanor Jiang Qiu Jones

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