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Brian Gross (I) (Actor, Red Tails (2012))
Brian Gross (IV) (Animation Department, Head Games (2012))
Brian Gross (III) (Production Manager, Last Chance U (2016))
Brian Grossman (I) (Music Department, The Whole Wide World (1996))
Brian Grossman (II) (Miscellaneous, Arthur (1996))
Brian Grossi (Self, Live at New York Comedy Club (2014))
Brianr Gman (Actor, ABC News: Digital - Charli James & Olivia Smith - Blood Manor NYC (2015))
aka "Brian Grossman"
Brian Grossman (VI)
Brian Groh (Actor, Wyatt Earp's Revenge (2012))
Brian Gross (V)
Brian Grosse (Camera Department, The Drifter (1973))
Florian Gross (Sound Department, The Experiment (2001))
Adrian Gross (Actor, Frame Up (1991))
Brian Grogan (I) (Stunts, Stealth (2005))
Brian Grosz (Actor, CollegeHumor Originals (2006))
Brian Grossman (IV)
Brian Grossman (V) (Actor, Hella Haunted (2018))
Brian Grossman (III) (Actor, Cat's in the Cradle (2007))
Brian Grossenbacher (Actor, Big Eden (2000))
Brian Grohl (Producer, The Simpsons Take the Bowl (2014))
Julian Gross (I) (Soundtrack, The Nines (2007))
Julian Gross (II) (Miscellaneous, The Mummy (2017))
Jullian Gross (Actor, Neon Indian: Slumlord Rising (2015))
Jillian Gross (Self, Operation Home Delivery (2006))
Lillian Gross (Self, Horizon (1964))
Julian Grosso (Sound Department, El color de un invierno (2016))
Ian Grossman (Actor, The Mime (2004))
Brian P. Gross (Writer, Locals Only (in development))
Brian Groves (II) (Sound Department, The Biggest Weakness (2009))
Brian Groves (I) (Art Department, Equilibrium (2002))
Brian Groff (Camera Department, Beyond the Barbed Wire (1998))
Brian Ground (Actor, Star Trek Continues (2013))
Brian Grover (Self, Alfred Hitchcock in East London (2009))
Brian Groves (III)
Brian Groves (V) (Cinematographer, She Rides Bulls (2015))
Brian Grooms (Transportation Department, Selma (2014))
Brian G. Rockey (Producer, Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law (2015))
Brian Groth (Actor, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015))
Brian Gromoff (Actor, Shanghai Noon (2000))
Brian Grogan (II) (Camera Department, Shine a Light (2008))
Brian Groate (Self, Sharkbite Summer (2009))
Brian Groves (IV) (Actor, What Tomorrow Brings (2014))
Jens-Florian Gross (Producer, Schuld um Schuld (2014))
Ciprian Grosu (Actor, Bleach )
Christian Grosselfinger (Camera Department, Spider-Man (2002))
Brian Scott Gross (Miscellaneous, Diminuendo (2018))
aka "Brian Gross"
Mariann Grossman (Miscellaneous, Telling Lies in America (1997))
Paul Giangrossi (Actor, QM, I Think I Call Her QM (1998))
Cristian Grosso (I) (Editorial Department, Rigoletto a Mantova (2010))
Sebastian Gross (IV) (Sound Department, Freak (2015))
Sebastian Gross (I) (Camera Department, The Constant Gardener (2005))
Christian Gross (II) (Actor, Circles (2015))
Christian Gross (IV) (Actor, Action Point (2018))
Sebastian Gross (III)
Viviane Zangrossi (Producer, Que Horas Ela Volta? (2015))
Julian Grosskopf (Actor, Pause (2014))
Sebastian Grossmann (Actor, Elements (2004))
Christian Grossman (Actor, Bellyfruit (1999))
Michael Giangrosso (Composer, One More Layer of Skin (1997))
Sebastian Gross (II) (Production Manager, Vera - Die Frau des Sizilianers (2005))
Ian Grosskurth
Leila Vivian Gross
Christian Gross (I) (Actor, Paradise Island (2006))
Christian Gross (III) (Actor, B v A (2007))
Maximilian Gross (Production Manager, Faust (1994))
Christian Grosse (Director, Pack schlägt sich (2009))
Brian Grobmeier (Editorial Department, A Presence Behind the Door (2018))
Brian M. Grossman (Producer, Slaves of Hollywood (1999))
Brian Grodesky (Actor, Turkey Day (2004))
Brian Grochowski
Brian Groombridge (Writer, How to Start (1966))
Ross Brian Gonzalez (Producer, Ang bagong dugo (2014))

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