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Patrick Breen (I) (Actor, Galaxy Quest (1999))
Brendan Patricks (Actor, Downton Abbey (2010))
Helen Patrick (Actress, First of the Summer Wine (1988))
David Patrick Green (Actor, Case 39 (2009))
Patrick Green (XVIII) (Director, Tag (2017))
Patrick Breen (XVI) (Special Effects, Jim Gaffigan: Cinco (2017))
Patrick Breen (III) (Actor, Stevie D (2016))
Patrick Breen (IV) (Actor, Sophie Gold, the Diary of a Gold Digger (2017))
Patrick Breen (VI) (Actor, I Hate Myselfie 2 (2015))
Patrick Breen (XIII) (Actor, Alone in This House (2017))
Patrick Breen (II) (Actor, Anonymous Killers (2019))
Patrick Breen (XI)
Patrick Breen (X)
Patrick Breen (VII) (Actor, The Next Big Thing (2016))
Patrick Breen (XII) (Actor, Distortion: A Social Media Story (2016))
Patrick Breen (XIV) (Actor, Pre. Famous (2016))
Patrick Breen (XV) (Actor, Where Two or More Are Gathered (2016))
Patrick Breen (VIII) (Actor, Alien Encounters (2012))
Patrick Breen (IX) (Actor, Past Tense (1993))
Patrick Breen (V) (Actor, The Pretty One (2013))
Brendan Patrick Connor (Actor, Spider-Man 2 (2004))
Shereen Patrick (Actress, Dalziel and Pascoe (1996))
Ben Patrick Johnson (Actor, Dave (1993))
Ben Patrick (III) (Self, 2007 NFL Draft (2007))
Ben Patrick (IV) (Sound Department, Orgy: Blue Monday (1999))
Owen Patrick (Actor, The Plagued (2015))
Loren Patrick (Art Department, Mysterious Crossing (1936))
Ken Patrick (Actor, Stolen Virginity (2016))
Ellen Patrick (Camera Department, Crescent City Origins (2018))
Ben Patrick (I) (Actor, Emma: Queen of the South Seas (1988))
Ben Patrick (II) (Actor, I'm Fine (2016))
Glen Patrick (Camera Department, Son of Rambow (2007))
Patrick D. Green (Actor, Crazy Right (2017))
Brenden Patrick Hill (Producer, Walter (2015))
Shereen Patrice (Actress, Doctors (2000))
Patrick Green (VIII) (Actor, Suicide: My Path to Immortality (2007))
Patrick Green (XV) (Director, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home (2014))
Patricia Breen (Producer, Big Love (2006))
Colleen Patrick (Writer, The Whole Truth (2009))
Ryan Patrick Brennan (Editorial Department, Outlander (2014))
Patrick Green (XII) (Self, Stranger Fruit (2017))
Patrick Green (X) (Actor, The Stonehouse Lounge (2011))
Patrick Green (VII) (Actor, History Bites (1998))
Patrick Green (XI) (Actor, Hickory (2016))
Patrick Green (IX) (Stunts, Moon Europa (2009))
Patrick Green (XIX) (Editor, Frozen in Time (2004))
Patrick Green (III) (Self, Palmarès (1979))
Patrick Green (XVI) (Camera Department, The Wild, the Child & the Miracle (2014))
Patrick Green (XVII) (Producer, P. Allen Smith's Garden to Table (2011))
Patrick Green (V) (Special Effects, The Zombie Chronicles (2001))
Patrick Green (VI) (Actor, Cinéma 16 (1975))
Patrick Green (XIII)
Patrick Green (IV) (Actor, La donna che venne dal mare (1957))
Patrick Green (XIV)
Patrick Green (I) (Sound Department, Phase IV (2002))
Patrick Green (II) (Stunts, Endor (2016))
Keenan Patrick Pryor (Producer, I'll Never Leave You (2012))
Michael Patrick Breen (Actor, Fred & Vinnie (2011))
Patrick Greene (X) (Actor, The Day I Almost Died (2015))
Seán Patrick Judge (Actor, Hijacked (2012))
Ashley Gwen Patrick (Miscellaneous, Straw Dogs (2011))
Damien Patrick (Actor, Black Ops Zombie Live Action Fan Film (2013))
John Patrick Green
Shawn Patrick Greene (Producer, Crafty Kittens (2017))
Scott Patrick Green (Camera Department, Green Room (2015))
Jim Patrick Breen
Patrick Breene (Actor, Lady Blues (1996))
Patrick H. Breen (Actor, Trouble Is My Business (2018))
Patrick Breenan (Visual Effects, Unbroken (2014))
Patrick Breeding (Self, All My Children (1970))
Maureen Fitzpatrick (I) (Producer, Donny & Marie (1997))
Stephen Patrick Hanna (Actor, Adventurados (2015))
Stephen Patrick Kenny (I) (Producer, Stalked (in development))
Kauleen Patricia (Location Management, The Way That I Am )
Stephen Patrick (III) (Special Effects, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Steven Patrick Petty (Actor, Easy (2016))
Krysten Patrickus (Actress, Blood Junkie (2010))
Owen Patrick Lapid (Actor, Astro Mayabang (2010))
Steven Patrick (III) (Writer, Hell's Half Acre: A miniature music motion picture (2015))
Stephen Patrick (II) (Producer, Address Unknown (1997))
Stephen Patrick (VI) (Director, Benelux Haunted Tales (2014))
Owen Patrick Kelly (Actor, The Fear (2010))
Darren Patrick (Actor, Roads Ending (2015))
Cayden Patrick (Actor, Sounds of Silence (2019))
Raven Patrick Dennis (Actor, Pause (2014))
Steven Patrick (V)
Lauren Patrick (Miscellaneous, Broke (2016))
Steven Patrick Smith (Writer, Playback (in development))
Steven Patrick (I) (Actor, Reluctant Bandit (1965))
Ben Patrick John (Actor, House of Horrors: Kidnapped (2014))
Stephen Patrick (I) (Producer, Teleplay (1976))
Steven Patrick (VI) (Producer, Sliders of Ghost Town: Origins (2016))
Steven Patrick (II) (Writer, Happy Holidays? (2012))
Stephen Patrick (IV) (Actor, Order Up (2007))
Justen Patrick Lander (Miscellaneous, Maniac (2012))
Stephen Patrick Ivey (Actor, The Hunt (2016))
Stephen Patrick (V) (Producer, Make America White Again )
Steven Patrick Huie (Actor, The Fighting Temptations (2003))
Steven Patrick Bell (Writer, Izzy & Moe (1985))
Patrick Greene (I) (Cinematographer, Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin (2011))
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Actress, Vegetarian Cooking with Compassionate Cooks (2004))
Sean Patrick Brennan (Art Department, What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993))
Sean Patrick Sweeney (Actor, Schiz (2016))
Brendan Patrick (I) (Self, Can't See Shit (2014))
Jon Patrick Brennan (Composer, The Last Halloween (2014))
Dan Patrick Brennan (Camera Department, Blind Date (2015))
Brennan Patrick (II) (Actor, A Bad Habit (2013))
Brennan Patrick (I) (Miscellaneous, Ripple Effect (2011))
Brian Patrick Sweeny (Producer, Fear Factor (2001))
Ryan Patrick Sweeney
Shawn Patrick Greenfield (Actor, Shooters (1989))
Patrick Breeden (Actor, Brothers. Dogs. And God. (2000))
Patrick Breedlove
Michael-Patrick Breen (Actor, Down with Memories (2006))
Patrick Greene (XII) (Camera Department, Once Upon a Summer (2017))
Patrick Greene (VIII) (Camera Department, Toure Muhammed's Lost and Found (2017))
Maureen Fitzpatrick (III) (Actress, Play for Today (1970))
Patrick Greene (IV) (Miscellaneous, Zenhattan (2015))
Patrick Greene (XI) (Camera Department, Nostalgia 2 (2017))
Patrick Greene (III) (Miscellaneous, Once Upon a Summer (2017))
Patrick Greene (II) (Actor, Guilty Vengeance (2010))
Maureen Fitzpatrick (II) (Actress, Dream with the Fishes (1997))
Maureen FitzPatrick (Actress, The Illegitimates on TV (1988))
Patrick Greenup (Camera Department, Smitten (2015))
Patrick Greene (VI) (Cinematographer, Smooth Talking? (2015))
Patrick C. Greene (Producer, A Man Possessed (2016))
Maureen Kirkpatrick (Actress, You Stupid Man (2002))
Patrick Greenwood (Actor, Short Circuit 2 (1988))
Patrick Greenlee (Miscellaneous, Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy (2007))
Patrick Sean Green (Sound Department, Between Worlds (2018))
Patrick Greenlaw (Self, Science and Technology Week (1985))
Patrick Greene (VII)
Patrick Lloyd Green (Producer, The Misfit (2015))
Steven Patrick O'Connor (Actor, Dear John (2010))
Stephen Patrick Walker (Editor, Judges (2006))
Kathleen-Patrica O'Toole
Stephen Patrick Moore (Actor, Lababo (2008))
Steven Patrick McCormick (Sound Department, The Wizard (1989))
Stephen Patrick Hannah
Stephen Patrick Bosco (Visual Effects, Three Chords from the Truth (2009))
Darren Patrick Brazil (Actor, Gatwick Gangsters (2017))
Stephen Patrick Kenny (II) (Miscellaneous, The Suicide Club (2000))
Steven Patrick Ercolani (Director, Pyne Poynt (2017))
Steven Patrick Hannah
Stephen Patrick Martin (Actor, No Retreat from Destiny: The Battle That Rescued Washington (2006))
Stephen Patrick Norman (Camera Department, Thelma & Louise (1991))
Stephen Patrick Foery (Director, Family (1999))
Stephen Patrick Pinkston (Transportation Department, The New Guy (2002))
Warren Patrick Jordaan (Miscellaneous, The Color of Freedom (2007))
Stephen Patrick Kenny (III) (Visual Effects, Missing in Greenwood (2017))
Brendan Patrick Hogan (Composer, Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel (2015))
Aaron Patrick Freeman (Actor, The Other End of the Line (2008))
Patrick Joseph Greene III (Miscellaneous, Jim (2010))
Erin Maureen Fitzpatrick (Actress, Spleen of St. Louis (2010))
Patrick Grafton-Green (Actor, Hearts & Minds (2009))
Stephen Patrick Frothingham
Michael Patrick Greenberg (Actor, A Hard Day's Nightmare (2011))
Brady Breen (Location Management, Chain Reaction (1996))
Pat Breen (I) (Art Department, Shelter (2014))