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Roy Boyd (I) (Actor, The Wicker Man (1973))
Boyd Rogers (Actor, They're Coming (2012))
Roy Boyd (II) (Self, Panorama (1953))
Boyd Rankin (I) (Miscellaneous, King Arthur (2004))
Boyd Rice (Composer, Black Sun (1996))
William Oldroyd (Director, Lady Macbeth (2016))
Boyd 'Red' Morgan (Actor, Beyond the Time Barrier (1960))
Lloyd Robinson (I) (Self, Brüno (2009))
Floyd Roger Myers Jr. (Actor, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990))
Lloyd Royal Jr. (Sound Department, White Lightnin' Road (1967))
Lloyd Royal (Producer, Jesse James' Women (1954))
Roy Drommel (Actor, De vochtige man (2014))
Roy Drew (Miscellaneous, Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four (2015))
Joydrop (Soundtrack, My First Mister (2001))
Roy Drusky (Actor, Las Vegas Hillbillys (1966))
Bboy Drain
Boyd Reter (Miscellaneous, ABC Weekend Specials (1977))
Lloyd Robertson (I) (Actor, Flashpoint (2008))
Roy Draper (Costume Department, Boon (1986))
Roy Drake (II)
Roy Drake (I) (Miscellaneous, Lord Help Us (2007))
Lloyd Rose (Writer, Kingpin (2003))
Lloyd Ross (Director, The Silver Fez (2009))
Floyd Rock (Miscellaneous, Keep the Change (2017))
Floyd Ross (Miscellaneous, Storm Over Tibet (1952))
Floyd Robb (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Liddy Oldroyd (Director, Drop the Dead Donkey (1990))
Gary Oldroyd (Visual Effects, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009))
Boyd Raeburn (Self, Columbia Thrills of Music: Boyd Raeburn and His Orchestra (1947))
Josh Boyd-Rochford (Actor, Pride (2014))
Simon Lloyd-Roberts (I) (Actor, Merlin and the War of the Dragons (2008))
Lina Boyd-Rochfort (Self, Timeshift (2002))
Gary Boyd Roberts (Self, The Man Who Knew Bush (2004))
Josh Boyd Rochford
Boyd Robertson (Self, Sounds Like Us (1969))
Troy Drossemeyer (Actor, Video Game High School (2012))
Troy Droegemeyer (Self, Close Call: Cheating Death (1996))
Gloria Lloyd Roberts (Actress, Temptation (1946))
Dave Oldroyd (Camera Department, Like Minds (2006))
Troy Driscoll (Self, I Shouldn't Be Alive (2005))
Troy Boyd (Actor, Nails (2011))
Ann Droyd (Writer, Goodnight iPad (2011))
Troy Dandro
Harrison Oldroyd (Actor, Peppa Pig: Flying a Kite and Other Stories (2012))
Boyd Rankin (II) (Miscellaneous, Legend of Cambria (2018))
Boyd Rahier
Daniel Oldroyd (Actor, The Terror (2018))
Troy Drysdale (Actor, Forever in Love (1999))
Troy Drayton (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Leroy Draine
Troy Dryzga (Actor, Harmless Thoughts (2009))
Roy Driessen (Camera Department, Property of Johnny Lima (2012))
Roy Drysdale (Sound Department, Chelmsford 123 (1988))
Roy Drummond (Costume Department, I Loved a Woman (1933))
Lloyd Rodgers (II) (Composer, Coney Island (2014))
Floyd Roberts (Self, Rocketships (1998))
Lloyd Roberts (Director, Night Light (2017))
Loyd Robeson (Actor, A Season for Brooding (2008))
Floyd Rolle
Lloyd Rogers (II) (Actor, 10 (2011))
Lloyd Rosen (Camera Department, Giant Maximus (2007))
Lloyd Rochford (Producer, Don't Fall in, Love (2014))
Lloyd Roache (Actor, Cool Runnings (1993))
Floyd Rodgers (Art Department, Mystic Nights and Pirate Fights (1998))
Lloyd Roseman (Actor, Workaholics (2011))
Lloyd Rocque (Producer, The Experience (2007))
Lloyd Rodgers (I) (Composer, All Things Start from Innocence (2015))
Lloyd Rogers (I) (Actor, Around the World in 80 Days (1956))
Owen Oldroyd (Actor, A Very British Cult (2009))
Cloyd Robinson (Director, Darna at Ding (1980))
Tom Lloyd-Roberts (Actor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Chris Oldroyd (Producer, Surprise by Design (2002))
Connor Boyd Ryan
Tommy Oldroyd (Actor, Moral Conflict (2015))
Vic Holdroyd (Music Department, Rock and Roll Bottom (2016))
Madi Oldroyd (Actor, Then I Shall Reign Supreme! (2011))
Max Oldroyd (Actor, Doctors (2000))
Joe Oldroyd (Camera Department, Lambing Season (2016))
Selby Oldroyd (Actor, In Emma's Footsteps (2018))
Janet Oldroyd (Self, Full Steam Ahead (2016))
John Oldroyd (III) (Camera Department, Aquila (1997))
Pete Oldroyd (Visual Effects, Mission: Impossible II (2000))
Roy Domdrow (Actor, A Joyce Story (2003))
Jules Oldroyd (Miscellaneous, Wild New Zealand: Lost Paradise (2017))
Kay Oldroyd (Self, The Key (2013))
Nicki Oldroyd (Editor, Shanghai Vice (1999))
Tyson Oldroyd (Producer, The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth (2016))
John Oldroyd (I) (Camera Department, Champion of Champions (2013))
Richard Royds
Susi Oldroyd (Miscellaneous, Death Wish 3 (1985))
John Oldroyd (II) (Visual Effects, Allegiant (2016))
Jared Royden (Actor, Ten Hits (2009))
Adam Oldroyd (Director, Wild & Weird (2015))
Alice Oldroyd (Make Up Department, Draugar (2014))
Alex Oldroyd (Composer, Name Escapes Me (2018))
Madison Oldroyd (Actress, The Expanse (2015))
Lloyd Roberson II (Actor, Easy Made Hard the Film (2009))
Floyd Robinson (Self, Country Style, U.S.A. (1957))
Bonnie Boyd-Read (Assistant Director, Cadillac Girls (1993))
Junko Boyd-Ritari (Director, Agoraphobia (2010))
Bruce Boyd Raeburn (Miscellaneous, Jazz (2001))
Warden Boyd Rayward (Self, Google and the World Brain (2013))
Andrew Boyd Rice (Editorial Department, The Short List (2011))
Troy Drinkwater (Miscellaneous, Big Brother Uncut (2001))
Roy Drake Witte III (Producer, Nils Lofgren and Friends Live Acoustic (2006))
Andrew Roy Drury (Actor, Compulsion (2017))
Roy Drewington
Lloyd Robertson (II) (Actor, Heritage Minutes (1991))
Lindsey Lloyd Roos (Producer, Waterfront (2011))
Lloyd Roberson
Lloyd Rothschild (Camera Department, Black Swan (2010))
Lloyd 'Rocky' Allen (Actor, Stepping Razor: Red X (1992))
Johnny Lloyd Rollins (Actor, Lost in a Moment (2014))
Loyd Rodrigues (Actor, Only Hope (2008))
Lloyd Rosenfeldt (Actor, The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo (1996))
Cheryl Cloyd Robbins (Writer, Forbidden Fruits (2015))
Judy Lloyd-Rogers (Costume Department, Barry Lyndon (1975))
Floyd Rose Guitars
Earl Lloyd Ross (Director, An American in Sophiatown (2007))
Lloyd Rosamond (Writer, Hawaiian Eye (1959))
Sue Lloyd-Roberts (Actress, The Deal (2008))
Lloyd Robinson (II) (Writer, Stickmen (2005))
Simon Lloyd-Roberts (II)
Cory Lloyd-Robinson (Actor, Hot Valley Nights (2018))
Lloyd Rodriguez (Actor, Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy (2006))
Mike Lloyd Ross (Writer, Salvage 1 (1979))
Tara Tanner Oldroyd (Actress, 17 Miracles (2011))
George Elroy Boyd (Writer, The Gospel According to the Blues (2010))
Rupert Oldroyd (Actor, Primal Shift (2015))
Cindy Ormondroyd (Camera Department, Capture the Flag (2010))
Joshua Oldroyd (Actor, Doctors (2000))
Eleanor Oldroyd (Self, Commonwealth Games (1954))
Edward Ormondroyd (Writer, Time at the Top (1999))
Warren Ormondroyd (Art Department, The City and the City (2018))
Brooke Oldroyd
Gracie Oldroyd (Actress, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012))
Tracey Oldroyd
Marjorie A. Oldroyd
Michael Oldroyd (Self, Steve Dez Island (2013))
Corrine Oldroyd (Actress, Utah Flash Mob (2011))
Peter Holdroyd (Director, Marriage Games (2012))
John Ormondroyd (Self, 72 Hours: True Crime (2003))
Rachel Oldroyd (Self, Camilla: The Uncrowned Queen (2005))
Timothy Oldroyd (Actor, Grange Hill (1978))
Jeffrey Lloyd-Roberts (Actor, Anna Nicole (2011))
Boyd Raeburn Orchestra (Actor, Columbia Thrills of Music: Boyd Raeburn and His Orchestra (1947))
Floyd Robert Maduekwe (Assistant Director, Back then they ate my eyes (2018))
Geoffroy de Boissezon (Producer, The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch (2008))
Maisie Joelle Oldroyd (Actress, Inside Fear )
Alejandro Ydone Sánches (Visual Effects, El delfín: La historia de un soñador (2009))
Christopher Lloyd Robert Baker (Miscellaneous, Lost Tapes (2008))

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