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Jeff Bennett (I) (Actor, Enchanted (2007))
Jeff Bennett (V) (Actor, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988))
Jeff Kennett (Self, Four Corners (1961))
Jeff Bennett (VI) (Actor, Emmerdale Farm (1972))
Jeff Bennett (XV) (Sound Department, Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998))
Jeff Bennett (X) (Actor, The Afterlife (2013))
Jeff Bennett (II) (Editor, In Camera (2001))
Jeff Bennett (III) (Camera Department, Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without a Pause (2003))
Jeff Bennett (XIV) (Producer, Prepper (2016))
Jeff Bennett (XIII) (Director, At Home, Southern Style (2003))
Jeff Bennett (IV) (Actor, Thomas Green Clemson: A Life and a Legacy (2007))
Jeff Bennett (IX)
Jeff Bennett (XVI) (Cinematographer, I NEED MORE: The Story of Daquann W. Harrison (2019))
Jeff Bennett (XI) (Actor, G.H.N.R. (2007))
Jeff Bennett (XII) (Producer, Distant Aidenn (2014))
Jeff Bennett (VIII) (Cinematographer, The Room (2006))
Jeff Bennett (VII) (Miscellaneous, Weird Science Whatever (2008))
Bennett Jenisch (Composer, My Big Bad Wolf (2013))
Bennett Jones (Actor, I Am a Knife with Legs (2014))
Bennett James (Cinematographer, The Apparatik (2002))
Peter Bennett-Jones (Producer, Mr. Bean (1990))
Jeff Bennet (I) (Producer, Hey Hey It's Andy (1977))
Jeff Bennet (II)
Jeff Pennett (Director, Crushed (2012))
Hayley Bennett-Jones (Actress, Rise of the Footsoldier (2007))
Jeffery Bennett (I) (Camera Department, The Black Hearts (2011))
Jeffery Bennett (V) (Actor, Sunday Videos (2018))
Jeffrey W. Bennett (Art Department, Night of the Running Man (1995))
Jeffrey Alan Bennett (Producer, Three Sister's Laundry (2010))
Jeffery Bennett (III)
Jeffery Bennett (II) (Self, 2013 Sympoisum on Official and Scientific Investigations of UAP (UFO's) (2013))
Jeffrey Bennett (Actor, The Psycho of Happiness (2008))
Jeffery Bennett (IV) (Editorial Department, Milk Money (2011))
Owen Bennett-Jones (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Kevin Bennett Jr. (Actor, Ugly (2016))
Bennett Johnston (II)
Peter Bennett Jr. (Assistant Director, For Queen & Country (1988))
Bennett Jackson (Self, 2013 Discover BCS National Championship Game (2013))
George Bennett Jr. (Actor, Hefty's (1983))
Benton Bennett Jr. (Miscellaneous, VictimEyes (2009))
Bennett J. Kashdan
Bennett J. Meder (Actor, Maximum Security: The Real Life Tomb (2014))
Richard B. Bennett Jr. (Producer, Fast Fitness (2012))
Bennett Justin (Camera Department, Welcome to the Punch (2013))
Bennett James Galef (Actor, Tapestry (2017))
Bennett Johnston (I) (Self, America Betrayed (2008))
Mona Bennett Johnson (Actress, Chi Nu Legacy (2017))
Reginald Bennett Jr. (Actor, New York Song Series (2012))
Bennett Johnson (Director, A Man and His Horse (2014))
Charles W. Bennett Jr. (Actor, Rollercoaster (1977))
Michael Bennett Jr. (Producer, State Life (2012))
Bennett Juliette (Actress, I'm in Love with a Church Girl (2013))
Russell Bennett Jr. (Actor, Alzheimer's Magic Mirror (2014))
Emmett L. Bennett Jr. (Self, A Very English Genius (2002))
Portia Bennett Johnson (Actress, Night Trap (1993))
Clarkson Kennett Jebo (Actor, Enduring Love (2013))
Jeffrey Pennett (Actor, Shlemiel (2013))
Jeffrey Gennette (Self, 91st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (2017))
Bennetti Greeff (Camera Department, A Night to Remember (2014))
Marlon Bennett Joseph (Actor, Chocolat (2016))
Thomas Bennett Jobling (Writer, Sprint Vector (2018))

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