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Kristen Bell (I) (Actress, Frozen (2013))
Annabella Sciorra (Actress, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992))
Isabella Laughland (Actress, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011))
Isabella Hofmann (Actress, Burlesque (2010))
Annie Belle (Actress, House on the Edge of the Park (1980))
Annabella (I) (Actress, 13 Rue Madeleine (1946))
Annabelle Lanyon (Actress, Legend (1985))
Cristiana Dell'Anna (Actress, Gomorra: La serie (2014))
Jeannie Bell (I) (Actress, Mean Streets (1973))
Jana Bellan (Actress, American Graffiti (1973))
Blandine Bellavoir (Actress, Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie (2009))
Joe Bellan (Actor, Sudden Impact (1983))
Anne Bellamy (Actress, Cast Away (2000))
Campbell Lane (Actor, Dreamcatcher (2003))
Hannah Yelland (Actress, Dinotopia (2002))
Christiann Castellanos (Actress, Ladies of Rap (2012))
Bella Neal (Self, Home & Family (2012))
Brittany Belland (Actress, Other Versions of You (2018))
Isabella Giannulli (Actress, Alone Together (2018))
Annie Bellac (Actress, Emmanuelle VI (1993))
Carla Abellana (Actress, Shake Rattle and Roll 12 (2010))
Scott Allan Campbell (Actor, White Oleander (2002))
Brianna McClellan (Actress, Unmasked: Sidewalk Superheroes (2018))
Annie Campbell (I) (Actress, The Perfect Host (2010))
Allan Nixon (I) (Actor, Dragnet (1947))
Rey 'PJ' Abellana (Actor, Zuma (1985))
Danniella Westbrook (Actress, EastEnders (1985))
Isabell Andén (Actress, Wallander (2008))
Annabella Gutman (Actress, Clique (2015))
Jojo Abellana (Actor, Proboys (1995))
Chris Bellant (I) (Actor, Loserville (2016))
Abel Lanna (Camera Department, Nova (2016))
Annica Bellander (Producer, A Man Called Ove (2015))
Esabella Anna Karena Strickland (Actress, Enlightenment (2018))
Allan Niblo (Producer, Monsters (2010))
Anna Bellato (Actress, Torno subito (2008))
Isabella Iannuzzi (Actress, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012))
Isabella Nurkovic (Actress, Deadly Daycare (2014))
Marianna McClellan (Actress, The Blacklist (2013))
Christina Bellantoni (Self, Media Buzz (2013))
Danni McClellan (Miscellaneous, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016))
Annabella Price (I) (Actress, Practical Magic (1998))
Bella Conlan (Actress, Boys with Eyes (2011))
Annabella Piugattuk (Actress, The Snow Walker (2003))
Michael Lannan (Producer, Remember Me (2010))
Florian Bellanger (Self, Cupcake Wars (2009))
Bellan Roos (Actress, Man on the Roof (1976))
Bruce Belland (Soundtrack, National Lampoon's Vacation (1983))
Isabella Nichols (Stunts, The Shallows (2016))
Annabella Incontrera (Actress, The Assassination Bureau (1969))
Annabel Langbein (Actress, Palmers Garden Show (1994))
Belleamie McMillan (Producer, The Assassin's Apprentice (2018))
Gianni Bella (Soundtrack, El grito en el cielo (1998))
Gianna Isabella (I) (Producer, The Ballad of Audrey Earnshaw )
Arabella Neale (Actress, A Very English Scandal (2018))
Bella Oelmann
Gini Campbell Annis (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Gianni Bellandi (Actor, Orlando furioso (1974))
Vanni Corbellini (Actor, Charlemagne (1993))
Abel Land (Actor, A Desert Between Us and Them (2013))
Mabel Landó (Actress, Aprender a vivir... 83 (1983))
Abel Lannan (Camera Department, Yesterday Once More (2015))
Annabel Lange (Art Director, Dunkel war's (2007))
Jella Niemann (Actress, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014))
Paul Bellany (Visual Effects, The Bourne Ultimatum (2007))
Michael Lanni (Actor, Doctors (2000))
Nanni Avellan (Actress, Kylä (1957))
Joel Lanning (Self, ESPN College Football Thursday Primetime (1997))
Anna Bella Chapman (Miscellaneous, Jessica Jones (2015))
Abel Lanzac (Writer, The French Minister (2013))
Isabella Niems (Actress, Officer Down (2013))
Alicia Bellan (Actress, Procesado 1040 (1958))
Jezibell Anat (Actress, Arte Factum: Legends (2018))
Michael Lanning (Soundtrack, Cocktail (1988))
Chloë Bellande (Writer, While the Village Sleeps (2012))
Annabella Lwin (Soundtrack, Marie Antoinette (2006))
Charisse Bellante (Actress, Shame (2011))
Isabella Flanagan (Actress, Coronation Street (1960))
Ann Bell (I) (Actress, Tenko (1981))
Rosemary Annabella (Actress, The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009))
Jennifer Lauren DiBella (Actress, Grey's Anatomy (2005))
Ellan Nance (Actress, The Laughing Policeman (1973))
Annie Bell
Bella Land (Actress, Lycan (2017))
Dawn Bellante (Self, The Simple Life (2003))
Cassandra M. Bellantoni (Self, The Millionaire Matchmaker (2008))
Allan Nick (Actor, Detective Bros. (2018))
Will Lanni (Producer, Suckers (2001))
Hannah Bella Bowden (Actress, Sleeping Beauty (2011))
Nancy Bellany (Actress, The Church Office (2010))
Bella Nalle (I) (Actress, Young Blades (2005))
Pat Belland (Actor, La danse des accrochés (2016))
Joy Bellan (Miscellaneous, Slash Dance (1989))
Bella Lane (Composer, Memory (2013))
Bella Bellando (Actress, Ellipsis (2014))
Bella Noell (Make Up Department, Blue Iguana (2018))
Gabe Llano (Actor, Fast Rodney, Who Was on His Way Out (2016))
Max Belland (Special Effects, Anges (2015))
Loïc Belland (Writer, Père et maire (2002))
Allan Bell (III) (Thanks, Til Debt Do U$ Part (2005))
Allan Bell (I) (Miscellaneous, Trainspotting (1996))
Bella Neri (Actress, Der 42. Himmel (1962))
Lani Bella (Actress, Kuchi Costs Money and CoKane Keeps the Cable On (2016))
Allan Bell (II) (Self, 72 Hours: True Crime (2003))
Eva Belland (Actress, The Sun (2011))
Annabella (II) (Actress, Dois na Lona (1968))
Anna Bella (V) (Actress, Kanim vatan için (1971))
Anna Bella (VI) (Actress, Giselle: My Heart Goes (2016))
Anne Bella (Costume Department, Pinoy Idol (2008))
Anna Bella (III) (Actress, Flores Raras (2013))
Annabella (III)
Anna Bella (IV)
Anna Bella (I) (Actress, Szerelmes biciklisták (1965))
Isabella Roland (II) (Actress, Turnt (2018))
Yannick Bellon (Director, Somewhere, Someone (1972))
Isobel Lang (Self, Sky News: Sunrise (1989))
Bella Noelle Winkowski (Actress, The Darkest Minds (2018))
Lanny Bell (Self, Ancient Mysteries (1994))
Danny Castellanos (Actor, We the Geeks of East L.A. (2013))
Sanna Stellan (Actress, Siskonpeti (2014))
Hannibal Lang (II) (Editorial Department, Losers United (2015))
Annabella Calabrese (Actress, Giorni di precaria follia (2016))
Vanni Castellani (Costume Department, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975))
Isabella Nefar (Actress, National Theatre Live: Salomé (2017))
Sophia Annabella Kim (Actress, The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018))
Vanni Brighella (Visual Effects, The Predator (2018))
Anna-Bella Vuolanen (Actress, Tom of Finland (2017))
Campbell Gollan (Director, Gloria's Romance (1916))
Anniella Beck (Actress, Cats and Mice (2003))
Nanni Garella (Actor, Passaggio a vuoto (2000))
Tara Bellando (I) (Actress, 100 Proof (1997))
Isabel Lansdale (Actress, Tenko (1981))
Brianna Belladonna (Actress, How I Met Your Mother (2005))
Lanny Campbell (Costume Department, Star Trek: Beyond (2016))
Ann Kellan (Self, Science and Technology Week (1985))
Dennis Bellanca (Miscellaneous, The Bad Penny (2011))
Jennifer Belland (Miscellaneous, Let It Begin Here (2012))
Annabel Lambe (Actress, The Brittas Empire (1991))
Isabella Manniche (Actress, Kraschen (2015))
Giovanni Bellavia (Actor, La Gioconda (2006))
Giovanni Mirabella (I) (Cinematographer, One hundred years running (2018))
Isabella Giannini
Jeannie Abella (Assistant Director, Les filles d'à côté (1993))
Annika Bellamy
Isabella Degioanni (Self, Mapa emocional de Tánger (2014))
Gianni Gambella (Miscellaneous, Marco Polo (1982))
Annie Bellaïche
Isabella Giovannini
Gianni La Bella (Production Manager, Nel giorno del signore (1970))
Giovanni Mirabella (II) (Actor, Unlikely Web Series (2012))
Ronnie Bella (Actor, Home Alone da Riber (2002))
Adrian Bellani
Bella Nelson (Self, Navigating a World Full of Nothing (2010))
Abbe Lanning (Miscellaneous, The Young Poisoner's Handbook (1995))
Gaëlle Bellan (Writer, Spiral (2005))
Todd Bellanca (Producer, The Bad Penny (2011))
Isabella Nightingale (Actress, The Spy Who Caught a Cold (1995))
Carol Ann Bell (Actress, Personal Pain (1994))
Paul Bellantoni (II) (Actor, Hannah Arendt (2012))
Alejandro Abellan (Miscellaneous, The 13th Warrior (1999))
Dollan Cannell (Director, CNN Presents (1993))
Isabella Celani (Actress, A Room with a View (1985))
Ariella Mastroianni (Actress, Audition (2015))
Bella Norton (Camera Department, From The Air We Breathe (2018))
Vannika Bell
Jeannie Bell (II) (Actress, Glamour Girl (1948))
Bello Duannie (Producer, Xploratv (2015))
Fannie Belle (Actress, Abdul Loves Cleopatra (2005))
Fannie Bell
Annie Belley (Actress, Times (2002))
Annie Hubbell (Self, America Now (2010))
Annie Bellec (Animation Department, Sharky & George (1990))
Annie Bellino (Actor, To Each His Own (2010))
Annie B. Ellett (Actress, Hell to Pay (2005))
Yannick Bellée (Production Manager, Heures creuses (2002))
Rannie Bello (Composer, Last Full Show (2005))
Annick Sheedy McLellan (Actress, The Boy She Met Online (2010))
Annabel Langman (Self, Geordie Shore (2011))
Allann Campbell (Costume Designer, Jack's Apocalypse (2015))
Annabella Nezri (Producer, Jumbo (2018))
Annabel Langevin (Make Up Department, Chick'n Swell (2001))
Annabella Blanche (Make Up Department, Dirty Games (1989))
Annabella Nucara (Self, Àrtic (2013))
Isabella Nnaji (Assistant Director, Coke Champagne & Cigarettes )
Annabel Langlois (Self, Holiday Festival on Ice 2007 (2007))
Anne Marie O. Belland (Actress, The 2nd Annual Geekie Awards (2014))
Annabella Milan (Actress, Zombie Nation (2004))
Annabel Lanchbery (Producer, Eamonn Investigates: The Alien Autopsy (2006))
Brianna Belland
Annabella Carlander (Costume Designer, Kärleken (1980))
Allan Nieto (Camera Department, Aviator (2016))
Annie Holland (Self, Top of the Pops (1964))
Allan Nixon (II) (Actor, Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1981))
Allan Niklas (Editor, Grün (2010))
Paul Lannin (Composer, The Poor Fish (1933))
Allan Nichols (Actor, A Cadaver Christmas (2011))
Phil Lanning (Art Department, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968))
Allan Nielsen (III) (Actor, Krøniken (2004))
Annie Challan (Composer, Blanche (1971))
Carol Lanning (Miscellaneous, Mother Lode (1982))

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