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Kim Basinger (Actress, L.A. Confidential (1997))
Trish Basinger (Actress, I Only Want You (2019))
Jeanine Basinger (Actress, A Better Way to Die (2000))
Clint Basinger (Writer, LGR Thrifts (2014))
John Basinger (Actor, Children of a Lesser God (1986))
Matt Basinger (Actor, The Murderous Rampage of Malachi Stitch (2011))
Luke Basinger (Actor, Love Digital (2012))
Mary Basinger
Sean Basinger (Director, Don't Go Upstairs (2015))
Rob Asinger (Art Department, I'm Here (2010))
Dana Basinger (Visual Effects, Iron Man (2008))
Basil Singer (Actor, Science Investigators (2007))
Lexi Basinger (Make Up Department, The Messenger's Box (2015))
Kimmy Wasinger
Walter Kissinger (Self, The Kissinger Saga (2008))
Meredith Basinger (I) (Actress, Charades (2009))
Chris Basinger (Self, Why Be Good? Sexuality & Censorship in Early Cinema (2007))
Gunther Kissinger (Producer, Hunter 1 (2016))
Meredith Basinger (II) (Miscellaneous, Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies (2017))
Corinne Basinger (Actress, Black Snow (1990))
Ebba Sinzinger (Producer, Brüder der Nacht (2016))
William T. Basinger II (Actor, The Fountain of Life (2012))
Sebastian Kasinger (Self, Stern TV (1990))
Nathan Basinger (Soundtrack, 50/50 (2011))
Jon Basinger-Flores
Sommer Basinger (Editorial Department, The Works (2008))
Rusty Basinger (Actor, Mad Dog (2011))
Justin Basinger (Camera Department, The Last Farewell (2011))
April Basinger (Actress, Before the Fall (2016))
Samantha Basinger (Editorial Department, Man-Made (2007))
Sasha Basinger (Actress, Dream Trap (1990))
Stuart Basinger (Editor, The Beltway Boys (1998))
Erica Basinger (Actress, The Visitors (2005))
Gunner Basinger (Composer, Vans (2014))
Wendall Basinger (Camera Department, Enemies Among Us (2010))
Billy Basinger (Self, Unusual Occupations (1937))
David Basinger (Soundtrack, Nerve (2016))
Dennis Basinger (Actor, Before the Fall (2016))
Peter Basinger (Self, When Animals Strike (2009))
Jeffrey Basinger (Editor, Hush: The rhythm of a hometown chef (2015))
James Basinger (Self, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (1993))
Kimberly Wasinger (Miscellaneous, Jane the Virgin (2014))
Molly Singer-Kingsmith (Director, The Kaleidoscope Boy (2017))
Molly Singer Kingsmith (Writer, The Kaleidoscope Boy (2017))