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Patricia Barry (I) (Actress, Sea of Love (1989))
Mary Patricia
Garry Patrick (Actor, Rockliffe's Babies (1987))
Larry Patrick (Self, Horizon (1964))
Harry Patrick (Self, Harlan County U.S.A. (1976))
Patricia Barr (Miscellaneous, Sahara (2005))
Patricia Barry (IV) (Actress, Bored of Education (1936))
Patricia Barry (III) (Visual Effects, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989))
Patricia Barry (V) (Actress, Hard to Be Me (2010))
Patricia Barry (IX)
Patricia Barry (X)
Patricia Barry (VIII)
Patricia Barry (II) (Miscellaneous, I, Robot (2004))
Patricia Barry (VII)
Patricia Barry (VI)
Mary Patricia Allen (Actress, Rogue (2013))
Mary Patricia Nunan (Writer, Great Decisions (1986))
Mary Patricia Finn (Actress, Canterbury Tales (1969))
Mary Patricia Denniz (Writer, Jeevajalam-II (2017))
Mary Patrician (Art Department, X-Perts (1995))
Mary Patricia Paulin
Mary Patricia Seidel (Actress, Mississippi Grind (2015))
Mary Patricia White (Actress, Swimming Lessons (2006))
Harry Patrick Rae (Composer, Damned to Hell (2012))
Carry Patrick Martin
Patricia Barreto (Actress, No Me Digas Solterona (2018))
Patricia Barrett (I) (Actress, Short Term 12 (2013))
Patricia Garry (Miscellaneous, Wild Cherry (2009))
Patricia McGarry (Set Decorator, The Good Fight (2004))
Patricia Harry (Miscellaneous, The X-Files (1993))
Patricia Larrymore (Actress, Tiszta Amerika (1987))
Patricia Barril (Art Department, Force spéciale (1995))
Patricia Ibarrondo (Costume Department, Él nunca lo haría (2009))
Patricia Barros (II) (Actor, A Guerra dos Gibis (2011))
Patricia Luna Ibarra (Actress, Heli (2013))
Patricia Barron (III) (Actor, Myra (2018))
Patricia Iribarra (Actress, Playa salvaje (1997))
Patricia Barron (I) (Actress, Chopsuey (2007))
Patricia Barrios (III) (Production Manager, La factoría (2013))
Patricia Ibarra (Art Director, Tosie (2015))
Patricia A. Barron (Producer, Beautiful Homes & Great Estates (2003))
Patricia Olabarría (Actress, Godspeed (2006))
Patricia Albarracín (Actress, Vestigio (2016))
Patricia Barrios (II) (Writer, Mother's Heart (2014))
Patricia Barros (I) (Actress, Corações Feridos (2012))
Patricia Barrios (I) (Editor, You and Me (1999))
Patricia Barrón (Art Department, Sólo con Tu Pareja (1991))
Patricia Barrena (Make Up Department, iFamily (2017))
Patricia Barrett (II) (Miscellaneous, The Price Is Right (1972))
Patricia Barron (II) (Actress, The EyE of Genie Strauss (2011))
Patricia Barrow (Miscellaneous, The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984))
Mary Patricia Panzenbeck (Make Up Department, The Maiden (2016))
Patricia García Barragan (Editor, El aliento de Dios (2008))
Patricia Barrionuevo (Actress, Escenas de la Historia de un País (2011))
Patricia Varela Barros (Actress, Casa Manola (2014))
Patricia Barraclough (Producer, Eyes Down and Welcome to Hay (2007))
Martha Patricia Barriantas Gonzales (Actor, My Lonely Christmas in Berlin )