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Barry Newman (I) (Actor, Vanishing Point (1971))
Barry Newman (III) (Self, In Melbourne Tonight (1957))
Barry Newman (IV) (Self, There IS Many Like Us (2015))
Barry Newman (II) (Location Management, Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017))
Larry Newman (I) (Actor, Do It for Uncle Manny (2002))
Barry Newmark (Miscellaneous, Chicago Cab (1997))
Harry Newman (VII) (Actor, Cops (1989))
Harry Newman (XI)
Harry Newman (V) (Actor, Jacktown (1962))
Harry Newman (IX) (Actor, The Big Something (2011))
Harry Newman (II) (Art Department, Tommy (1975))
Larry Newman (III) (Self, Awakenings: The Real Story (1998))
Harry Newman (VIII) (Writer, Inside the Capitol (1939))
Harry Newman (X) (Self, City Confidential (1998))
Larry Newman (VI) (Self, Topic Time with Harrison Young (2010))
Larry Newman (IV) (Self, The American Sportsman (1965))
Harry Newman (IV) (Director, Lady Desire (1968))
Harry Newman (I) (Actor, The Green Caravan (1922))
Harry Newman (III) (Actor, The Sky Raiders (1938))
Larry Newman (II) (Director, Music Matters: LA Kids and Their Music (2015))
Harry Newman (XII) (Self, The Paytech Show (2018))
Harry Newman (XIII)
Garry Newman (Writer, Garry's Mod (2004))
Larry Newman (V) (Miscellaneous, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007))
Harry Newman (VI) (Music Department, Have You Been Left Behind? (1999))
Jerry Newman (II) (Editorial Department, The Electric Company (1971))
Gary Newman (II) (Actor, Family Guy (1999))
Terry Newman (II) (Self, Backstage Pass (1996))
Jerry Newman (III) (Producer, Every Time Every Ride (1995))
Terry Newman (I) (Actress, Teenage Catgirls in Heat (1994))
Terry Newman (III) (Writer, Crooked Billet II (2018))
Terry Newman (V) (Self, The Toughest (2016))
Jerry Newman (I) (Sound Department, Wit's End (1971))
Terry Newman (VI) (Self, Matthews (2017))
Terry Newman (IV) (Writer, Encounter (1952))
Kerry Newman (Producer, UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied III - UFOs from Outer Space (2016))
Gerry Newman (Actor, My Fool Heart )
Terry Newman (VII) (Writer, Crooked Billet II (2018))
Geary Newman
Mary Newman (I) (Actress, Water for Elephants (2011))
Barry Newell (II) (Actor, S.W.A.T. (2017))
Barry D. Newman (Actor, Divided We Unite (2012))
Henry Newman (I) (Actor, The Migrants (1974))
Cory Newman (Actor, Romeo + Juliet (1996))
Gary Newman (V) (Camera Department, New Blood (2016))
Henry Newman (III) (Art Department, Husbands (1970))
Henry Newman (V) (Actor, Britain's Most Evil Killers (2017))
Mary Newman (II) (Miscellaneous, Bong of the Dead (2011))
Mary Newman (III) (Actress, Trekkies 2 (2004))
Mary Newman (V) (Actress, Return to Ravenswood (2006))
Gary Newman (VIII) (Self, Breaking Big (2018))
Gary Newman (I) (Visual Effects, Speed (1984))
Gary Newman (VI) (Visual Effects, World War Z (2013))
Gary Newman (VII) (Actor, Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park (2016))
Gary Newman (III) (Actor, The Magnificent Dead (2010))
Gary Newman (IV) (Composer, My Uncle Sidney (1998))
Mary Newman (IV)
Henry Newman (II) (Actor, When She Died... Death of a Princess (2002))
Zakary Newman (Special Effects, Backwoods )
Henry Newman (IV) (Self, Sky News: Press Preview (2011))
Barney Newman (Producer, The One Show: Music Festival (2014))
Jerry Newman Sr. (Self, Coming Home (1978))
Larry M. Newman (Actor, Steeletown (1979))
Darryl Newman (Self, Masterchef Goes Large (2005))
Harry Newman-Plotnick (I) (Camera Department, The Sketch Artist (2012))
Harry Newman-Plotnick (II) (Actor, A Voice for Radio (2018))
Barry Newton (V) (Music Department, Everybody Wants to Be Italian (2007))
Barry Newton (VII) (Self, Britain's Got Talent (2007))
Barry Newhook (Camera Department, The Shipping News (2001))
Barry Newton (II) (Camera Department, Absolon (2003))
Barry Newell (I) (Transportation Department, The Parent Trap (1998))
Barry Newton (I) (Visual Effects, Sleeping Dogs (1997))
Barry Newbery (Production Designer, The Lost Boys (1978))
Barry Newton (III) (Actor, Prisoner (1979))
Barry Newland (Self, E! True Hollywood Story (1996))
Barry Newton (VIII) (Actor, His Wives (2018))
Barry Newton (IV) (Actor, The Newspaper (2015))
Barry Newton (VI) (Camera Department, The Town That Came A-Courtin' (2014))
Barry John Newman (Actor, Sex, Lies, & Birthday Cake (2009))
Gregory Newman (Visual Effects, Alice in Wonderland (2010))
Jeffery Newman (Camera Department, Bright Falls (2010))
Zachary Newman (Actor, Those Other Days (2010))
Ida Mary Newman (Actress, Breaking Legs (2017))
Barnaby Newman
Barry Neil Kaufman (Writer, Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love (1979))
Harry & Oliver Newman
Harry Paul Newman (Actor, Come Away )
Barrett Newman
Harry Glenn Newman III
Godfrey Ho (Director, The Ninja Squad (1986))

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