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Chris Barrie (I) (Actor, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003))
Barrie Chase (Actress, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963))
Christopher McQuarrie (Writer, The Usual Suspects (1995))
Marie-Christine Barrault (Actress, Marie Curie, une femme honorable (1991))
Chris Barry (II) (Actor, The Moon (2018))
Marie-Christine Adam (Actress, Priceless (2006))
Chris Barrie (II) (Self, Lateline (1990))
Chris Barrier (Actor, Interception (2009))
Carrie Christopher (Camera Department, 1968: The Year That Shaped a Generation (1998))
Carrie Christie (Actress, Edgar Allan Poe's Mystery Theatre (2014))
Carrie Chrisco
Carrie Christine (II) (Make Up Department, My Dad Didn't Believe in Heaven and Neither Do I (2016))
Carrie Christine (I) (Costume Department, My One and Only (2009))
Chris Barrish (Miscellaneous, So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993))
Barrie Chalk (Miscellaneous, Letter to Jane (2012))
Corrie Christopher
Marie-Christine Barrière (Producer, Puissance de la parole (1988))
Matt Barrie-Chapman (Producer, Legend of the Three Caballeros (2018))
Christine Barrie (Miscellaneous, Rebuild (2018))
Kerrie Christie (Miscellaneous, Four Corners (1961))
Chris Barry (VIII) (Actor, The Event (2003))
Chris Barry (XVI) (Actor, Suck (2009))
Chris Barry (XXIII) (Sound Department, Salon (2017))
Chris Barry (VII) (Composer, The Promise Ring (2009))
Chris Barry (XXI) (Art Department, Chicaboom (1977))
Chris Barry (XVII) (Actor, Blendered (2007))
Chris Barry (XIII) (Editorial Department, Loon: From Harlem to the Haram (2009))
Chris Barry (XX) (Actor, Salt, Saliva, Sperm and Sweat (1988))
Chris Barry (X) (Editorial Department, Aswang (1994))
Chris Barry (XXIV)
Chris Barry (V) (Miscellaneous, The Apprentice (2004))
Chris Barry (XXII) (Actor, Redemption of the Heart (2015))
Chris Barry (IX) (Actor, Coluche: l'histoire d'un mec (2008))
Chris Barry (XV) (Actor, Peepers (2010))
Chris Barry (III) (Director, Alone But Not Lonely (2003))
Chris Barry (IV)
Chris Barry (XVIII) (Actor, Rake (2010))
Chris Barry (XII) (Self, The 36 Percent (in development))
Chris Barry (XIV) (Actor, Hannah and Her Sisters (1986))
Chris Barry (XI) (Self, Made (2003))
Chris Barry (VI) (Actor, Flick (2000))
Chris Barry (XIX) (Sound Department, Lollipop (2014))
Chris Barry (I) (Camera Department, The Mighty Ducks (1992))
Carrie Christofferson
Carrie Christoffersen (Self, King Kill 63 (2015))
Rose-Marie Christian (Actor, Still Life (2013))
Marie-Christine Barrow (Thanks, In Tents: Le Mans (2018))
Christophe Charrier (Director, Jonas (2018))
Chris Barrios (II) (Actor, Battle of the Badges: Road to the Championship (2011))
Chris Barrick (Animation Department, Atmosfear: The Third Dimension (1996))
Chris Barrios (III) (Editorial Department, Blindspot (2015))
Chris Barrios (I)
Chris Barritt (Actor, London Unplugged (2018))
Chris Barrios (V)
Chris Barrios (IV) (Transportation Department, Senka (2015))
Chris Barrio (Producer, Big Licks (2016))
Marie Christin Magdu (Miscellaneous, Andra Avenyn (2007))
Chris Carrier (Actor, Zombie Strippers (2008))
Chris Narrie (Producer, Poker Night (2017))
Chris Harries (Producer, Celebrity Carry on Barging (2017))
Christine Charrier (Miscellaneous, The Da Vinci Code (2006))
Marie-Christine Lê Huu (Actress, Le polygraphe (1996))
Marie-Christine Deshayes (Actress, The French Woman (1977))
Marie-Christine Friedrich (Actress, All Is Forgiven (2007))
Christophe Barrier (Director, Soupe Opéra (1991))
Chris Barriere (Actor, Soldiers United for Cash (2001))
Christina McQuarrie (Costume Designer, Sanctuary (2008))
Christopher Barrick (Sound Department, Cars (2006))
Marie-Christine Darah (Actress, L'Atlantide (1972))
Marie-Christine Orry (Actress, Caché (2005))
Marie-Christine Descouard (Actress, The Professional (1981))
Marie-Christine Herriger (Actress, Otto - Der Liebesfilm (1992))
Marie-Christine Gambart (Director, Empreintes (2007))
Carrie Chinaris (Writer, The Blind Birds (2018))
Marie-Christine Février (Miscellaneous, Mesrine Part 1: Killer Instinct (2008))
Marie-Christine Demarest (Actress, Richelieu (1977))
Marie-Christine Dal Farra
Valérie Christophe (Actress, Remous (1987))
Marie-Christine Dara
Marie-Christine Gély (Miscellaneous, Irina Palm (2007))
Laurie Christianson (Miscellaneous, Warriors: TKO (2007))
Marie Christine Gérand
Marie Christensen (I) (Miscellaneous, Hundeliv (2016))
Marie Christopher (Actor, United World (2015))
Marie-Christine Vaz (Miscellaneous, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (2002))
Marie-Christine Guité (Production Manager, L'encerclement - La démocratie dans les rets du néolibéralisme (2008))
Marie Christine Guité (Editorial Department, Ziva Postec (2018))
Marie Christin Jagau (Miscellaneous, The Box (2013))
Marie Christine Leon (Actress, Thuis (1995))
Marie-Christine André (I) (Actress, Madame Butterfly (1995))
Marie-Christine Soulé (Actress, Nitrato d'argento (1996))
Marie-Christine Bras (Actress, Je suis la première et la dernière (2017))
Marie-Christine Rieß (Actress, Forsthaus Falkenau (1989))
Marie Christiana (Actor, Palewatch (2017))
Valerie Christensen (Editorial Department, Whisper Island (2007))
Marie-Christine Fall (Miscellaneous, Nicolas Le Floch (2008))
Marie-Christiane Marek (Self, Absolument fabuleux (2001))
Christina Grieche (Miscellaneous, Schneewittchen (2009))
Marie-Christine André (II) (Production Manager, Y a-t-il un terroriste dans l'avion? (2003))
Marie-Christin Hahne (Sound Department, 8cht (2014))
Marie-Christine Ruh (Sound Department, Irma Vep (1996))
Marie-Christine Le Dû (Self, La Maison de la radio (2013))
Marie-Christine Uzan (Production Manager, Histoire clandestine de ma région (2001))
Marie Christina (Actress, Die Drehscheibe (1964))
Marie Christensen (II) (Miscellaneous, Ungt hjerte (2016))
Marie-Christine Menu (Actress, Ni d'Ève, ni d'Adam (1996))
Cherie Christmas
Valerie Christy (Actress, The Only Way (2004))
Marie-Christine Ray (Actress, La mer couleur de larmes (1980))
Marie-Christina (Actress, Humor ist, wenn man trotzdem singt (1970))
Marie-Christine Paul (Actress, Protea (2015))
Anne-Marie Christine (Actress, Wake Up Alone (2017))
Marie-Christine Rey (Actress, Border Line (1992))
Marie Christener (Writer, Unter Tannen (2016))
Marie-Christine Katz (Actress, The Louise Log (2007))
Marie-Christine Jean (Sound Department, Alex Tagliani: L'homme, l'athlète (2013))
Marjorie Christie (Actress, Brotherly Love (1970))
Donna Marie Christie (Actress, New York Minute (2004))
Laurie Christov (Producer, Planet X TV (1995))
Marie-Christine Losa (Sound Department, Une image de trop (1993))
Marie-Christine Robert (Actress, The Phantom of the Opera (1990))
Christie Carrigher (Make Up Department, Colin (2008))
Christophe Charrieau (Actor, Le cahier volé (1992))
Christine Carriere (Make Up Department, Source Code (2011))
Ève Christin-Cuerrier (Miscellaneous, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan )
Christophe Charrière (Composer, Les ailes du plaisir (1994))
Christopher Barrie Hopp (Actor, NDP Philo Cafe (2006))
Marie-Christine Labelle (Actress, La dernière fugue (2010))
Christian Barrios
Christophe Barrière (Sound Department, ...Vanities... (2012))
Christian Barrio (Miscellaneous, I Know Who You Are (2000))
Chris Barrington (Actor, Ambush at Devil's Gap (1966))
Christina Barrios (Animation Department, Major Lazer (2014))
Christopher Barrio (Sound Department, Motion Picture Martyr (2014))
Chris Barriosas (Actor, Zhon: The Alien Interviews (2012))
Christian Arrieta (Actor, Bandidas (2006))
Christopher Narrie (Cinematographer, Miss Holland (2012))
Christina Arrieta (Costume Department, Amor latino (2000))
Christian Charrier
Carrie Gilchrist (Producer, Boundless: The Adventure of Making a Musical (2016))
Chris Carriere (Art Department, The Shipping News (2001))
Christophe Jarrier (Actor, Sous X (2015))
Christopher Carrie (Actor, Le prince du ghetto (2012))
Christian Larrie (Miscellaneous, Riders (2002))
Christopher Farries (Actor, Fox Mystery Theater (1984))
Christopher Harries (Art Department, Snake City (2014))
Linn Marie Christensen (Director, Perpleks (2015))
Marie-Christine Lafosse (Production Manager, The Artist (2011))
Marie-Christine Damiens (Miscellaneous, Two Days, One Night (2014))
Pennie Christie Barger (Miscellaneous, Lawn Dogs (1997))
Marie-Christine Desplat (Music Department, Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009))
Marie-Christine Duhamel (Casting Department, Simon & Simon (1981))
Marie-Christine D'Amours (Miscellaneous, Gothika (2003))
Marie-Christine Millière (Music Department, Point de fuite (1984))
Marie-Christine Chanet (Actress, Les arpents dorés (1976))
Marie-Christine Culioli (Self, Le grand 8 (2012))
Marie-Christine Cazals (Self, Zone interdite (1993))
Marie-Christine Lefort (Actress, Lettre à la prison (1969))
Marie-Christine Boulard (Actress, Point de chute (1970))
Marie-Christine Heruy (Actress, Wonder Boy - De sueur et de sang (1994))
Marie-Christine Casse (Costume Department, Three Lives and Only One Death (1996))
Marie-Christine Trouvat (Actress, L'amour nu (1981))
Marie-Christine Duchalet (Casting Department, Le temps des porte-plumes (2006))
Marie-Christine Maufus
Julie Marie Christensen (Self, Food Choices (2016))
Marie-Christine Lezzi (Producer, Hasards ou coïncidences (1998))
Marie-Christine Lemieux (Editorial Department, Big Bear (1998))
Marie-Christine Medouze (Costume Department, Plus tard, je serai Zorro (2009))
Marie-Christine Rabedon (Actress, Lettre à la prison (1969))
Marie-Christine Munchery (Actress, Adrénaline (1990))
Marie-Christine Gastaud (Music Department, Affaire de famille (2008))
Marie Christine Ridgway (Self, Around the World with Ridgway (1978))
Marie-Christine Lecomte (Production Manager, Skin (2013))
Marie-Christine Desbiens (Miscellaneous, World of Passage (2015))
Marie-Christine Boyer (Actress, Révolutions, d'ébats amoureux, éperdus, douloureux (1982))
Marie-Christine Fusco
Marie-Christine Lavoie (II)
Marie-Christine Dieme (Actress, Et la lumière fut (1989))
Marie-Christine Sanchez (Actress, Studio Bagel (2012))
Marie-Christine Lavoie (III)
Marie-Christie Olivier (Actor, Charlotte, dis à ta mère que je l'aime (1980))
Marie-Christine Delmotte (Miscellaneous, For Ever Mozart (1996))
Marie-Christine Dufort (Actress, La Métropolitaine (2010))
Marie-Christine Mercier (Visual Effects, Thumbsucker (2005))
Marie-Christine Letort (Actress, Gangsterdam (2017))
Annmarie Christiansen (Miscellaneous, Matilda (1996))
Marie Christine Bellaart
Marie-Christine Vasquez (Writer, Eva sur paysage ordinaire (1984))
Marie-Christine St-Arnaud (Production Designer, Villeray (2014))
Marie-Christine Bayens (Actress, Les sept péchés capitaux (1992))
Marie-Christine Dubois (Actress, C.A. (2006))
Marie-Christine Pouliot (II)
Marie-Christine Gagnon (Costume Designer, Ethereal Chrysalis (2011))
Marie-Christine Bouillé (Art Director, La table verte (2013))
Marie Christine Poisot (Actress, Dog's Dialogue (1977))
Marie-Christine Simoneau (Actress, Imaginaerum (2012))
Marie-Christine Breton (Miscellaneous, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006))
Marie-Christin Zeisset (Miscellaneous, Nicht ohne deine Liebe (2002))
Marie Christine Nadon (Miscellaneous, A Time There Was: Stories from the Last Days of Kenya Colony (2009))
Marie-Christine Kamke (Actress, Vom Hirschkäfer zum Hakenkreuz (2002))