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Jean-Marc Barr (I) (Actor, The Big Blue (1988))
Jean-Marc Barr (II) (Producer, Fast and Far (2016))
Jean Marc Barroso (Self, The Singhampton Project (2014))
Jean-Marc Carre
Jean-Marc Lacarrère (Producer, Paris Under Watch (2012))
Jean-Marc Charret (Production Manager, La lectrice (1988))
Jean-Marc Barbeaud (Producer, Iron Dream (2018))
Jean-Marc Lombard (Actor, Missive (2018))
Jean-Marc Barbieux (Director, Tracks (1997))
Jean-Marc Barthélémy (Actor, Dead Man's Hand (2002))
Jean-Marc Lebars (Actor, Carences (1994))
Jean-Marie Barrere (Director, Reverse Exploration (2007))
Jean-Marie Barrière (Music Department, Scratch (1982))
Jean-Marc Garrone (Composer, YouHumour (2008))
Jean-Marc Charrier (Actor, Raid dingue (2016))
Jean-Marc Warrants (Production Manager, The Music Teacher (1988))
Jean-Marc Garrouste (Miscellaneous, The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967))

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