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Christian Bale (Actor, The Dark Knight (2008))
Gabrielle Christian (Actress, South of Nowhere (2005))
Hans Christian Blech (Actor, The Longest Day (1962))
Christiana Leucas (Actress, The Last Stand (2013))
Julie Christiansen (II) (Actress, Borgen (2010))
Ole Christian Madsen (Director, Flame & Citron (2008))
Christian E. Christiansen (Director, The Roommate (2011))
Christian Ashdale (Actor, The Lovely Bones (2009))
Christian Alexander (I) (Actor, The Lying Game (2011))
Dave Christiano (Writer, Pamela's Prayer (1998))
Elise Christian (Actress, Magic Funhouse! (2016))
Christian Bales (Actor, Man Maid (2008))
Kimble Christian (Miscellaneous, Joyful Noise (2016))
Lisa Christine Christiansen (Actress, Can't Buy Me Love (1987))
Steve Christian (I) (Producer, Revolver (2005))
Christiane Lechle (Actress, Christiane F. (1981))
Tale Christiansen (Costume Department, Kamilla og tyven (1988))
Gale Christianson (Self, Nova (1974))
Stephanie Christian (II) (Actress, Anon (2018))
Michelle Christian Corp (Actress, The Sopranos (1999))
Pale Christian Thomas (Actor, Rampage (2009))
Lee Christian (I) (Director, Dissecting the Campus Corpse: A Look Back at 'The Hazing' (2008))
Christian Alexander Cruz (Actor, Naruto: Kakashi vs. Obito - Re: Anime (2018))
Dale Christie (I) (Actor, Suggestion Box (2016))
Dale Christie (II) (Actor, The Spaceman (2017))
CeCe Christian
Lee Christian (III) (Actor, Hurt (2006))
Mae Christian (Self, All Fired Up (2009))
Sue Christian (I) (Assistant Director, Hawken's Breed (1987))
Rae & Christian (Soundtrack, It Runs in the Family (2003))
Joe Christian (I) (Actor, Bless Your Heart (2018))
Joe Christian (III) (Actor, Hollows Wood 3D (2013))
The Christians (Soundtrack, The Handmaid's Tale (1990))
Zoe Christian (Actor, Morning Stars (2017))
Sue Christian (II)
Lee Christian (IV) (Writer, Eazy Meets (2018))
Ole Christian Løken (Animation Department, Song of the Sea (2014))
Christian Sebaldt (Cinematographer, Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004))
Maggie Christian (Self, Home & Family (2012))
HaleyRae Christian Cannell (Actress, Sunday Dreamer (2017))
Christian Als
Sage Christian Drake (Director, His Good Wife (2017))
Kyle Christian (III) (Actor, Things Don't Stay Fixed )
Ole Christian Vatland (Art Department, Sejer - Svarte sekunder (2006))
Ole Christian Hansen (I) (Music Department, Ulvetid (1981))
Ole Christian Apeland (Actor, Side om side (2013))
Nicole Christiansen (Actress, New Low (2010))
Mile Christian (Actor, Hall of Fame (2012))
Nichole Christian (Producer, Strong from Detroit (2011))
Wille Christiani (Stunts, Kung Fury (2015))
Ole Christiansen (III) (Writer, Level Up Norge (2016))
Camille Christian (Set Decorator, Here Lies (2014))
Christian Blech
Ole Christian Hansen (II) (Camera Department, Dyden går amok (1966))
Michelle Christiane (Actress, Savage Days (2008))
Kole Christian (Writer, A Lapse of Memory (2012))
Michelle Christian (II) (Camera Department, Night Train to Venice (1993))
Pearle Christian
Ole Christian Løvold (Self, Showman (2009))
Ole Christiansen (I) (Actor, Krøniken (2004))
Ole Christian Skaug (Director, Brødrene Dal og Vikingsverdets Forbannelse (2010))
Ole Christiansen (II) (Composer, Ultima Thule (1968))
Nicole Christian (Self, Twenty12 (2012))
Christiane Flechsig (Make Up Department, Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus! (2004))
Michaele Christian (Producer, Jazz in the Diamond District (2008))
Kyle Christian Hatch (Cinematographer, A Whiteboard Love Story (2011))
Ole Christian Flåm (Actor, Varg Veum - Dødens drabanter (2011))
Jarle Christiansen (Actor, Bak Fasaden (2008))
Lille Christian
Ole Christian Sundèn (Sound Department, Den Hengte Mannen (2011))
Kyle Christian (II)
Cole Christian Lee (Actor, Black of Life (2001))
Kyle Christian (I) (Camera Department, Machine Gun Preacher (2011))
Christian Lechner (Sound Department, Karl May (1974))
Ole Christian Nymoen (Actor, Johnny og Johanna (2004))
Rachelle Christian (Actress, Tempest: the Stage Play (2017))
Lyle Christianson (Transportation Department, Möbius (2011))
Lyle Christiansen (Self, Decoded (2010))
Christianne Tisdale (Actress, Wallflowers (2013))
Anne Christianson (Actress, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993))
Blake Christian (I) (Costume Department, Terminator Genisys (2015))
Christianne Christensen (Actress, Crosstown (2013))
Julie-Christian Young (Actress, If You See God, Tell Him (1993))
Christian Halsey Solomon (Producer, American Psycho (2000))
Christian Zalec (Miscellaneous, Social Creatures (2018))
Alec Christian (Actor, Deadlands 2: Trapped (2008))
Rose-Marie Christian (Actor, Still Life (2013))
Christian de Chalonge (Director, L'argent des autres (1978))
Christine Christian (Actress, Starved (2005))
Christian Amechi (Producer, Lavell Crawford: Home for the Holidays (2017))
Christian Brecht (Writer, Spielmacher (2018))
Christian Balser (Actor, Enderal: The Shards of Order (2016))
Christian Balsamo (Composer, La teoria del vaso (2012))
Diane Christiansen (I) (Actress, The Stranger (1999))
Malene Christian (Actress, Besat (1999))
Diana Leafe Christian (Self, Within Reach (2012))
Andalee Christiansen (Actress, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers (2012))
Ove Christian Owe (Actor, Kodenavn Hunter (2007))
Christian D'Alessi (Producer, Epilogue. (2008))
Christian Gonzalez (XXII) (Actor, The Four: Battle for Stardom (2018))
Christian Moullec (Writer, Les routes secrètes des oiseaux migrateurs (2014))
Christian Baltauss (Actor, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972))
Christian Fechner (I) (Producer, The Lovers on the Bridge (1991))
Luke Christian (II) (Actor, Extremists (2015))
Christian Duvaleix (Actor, Paris When It Sizzles (1964))
Charlie Christian (Soundtrack, Focus (2001))
Annette Christian (Actress, Emelie (2015))
Serge Christianssens (Actor, The Jackal (1997))
Jessie Christiansen (Self, Global News Morning BC (2002))
Christiane Barale (Casting Department, Priceless (2006))
Blake Christian (II) (Sound Department, Chronicles of Jessica Wu (2017))
Christian Alers (Actor, Au théâtre ce soir (1966))
Christian Bechtloff (Camera Department, The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (2018))
Emile Christiaens (Camera Department, Enfants, heureux enfants (1955))
Christiane Balthasar (Director, Mein Leben gehört mir (2000))
Jane Christiansen (Actress, Napoleon Dynamite (2004))
Bente Christiansen (Costume Department, Dogville (2003))
Christian Gonzalez (IV) (Actor, Masterminds (2016))
Christian Valera (Cinematographer, El Candidato (2016))
Christian Anabalon (II) (Miscellaneous, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (2018))
Jaime Lee Christiana (Actress, On the Floor (2006))
Christian Balistrari (Music Department, Colourful (2016))
Katie Christian (I) (Miscellaneous, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014))
Christian Blecken (Actor, Das heimliche Geräusch (2008))
Christian Lecavelle (III)
Christian Golecki (Stunts, Planet of the Apes (2001))
Christian Haslecker (I) (Actor, Faustrecht (2005))
Christian Lecavelle (II)
Christian Lecour (Miscellaneous, Heavy Metal (1981))
Christian Leclercq (Director, Métamorphose (1976))
Christian Mikulecky (Actor, The Rainy Day Escape (2003))
Christian Corvellec (Art Department, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
Christian Lecavelle (I) (Actor, Room of Death (2007))
Christiane Lecoq (Self, À la recherche du paradis perdu (1993))
Christian Haslecker (II) (Actor, Short Trip (2014))
Christian Golec (Actor, Club Utopia (2013))
Christian Walsh (II) (Director, Weltschmerz (2018))
Mike Christian (II) (Self, The Battle for Gold (1988))
Ole Christian Tronstad (Actor, Okkupert (2015))
Ole Christian Böttcher (Miscellaneous, 80 Days (2005))
Ole Christian Ringstad (Camera Department, Fribillett til Soria Moria (1984))
Ole Christian Solbakken (Writer, Stål (2014))
Michelle Christiance (Animation Department, Walden: Life in The Woods (2017))
Bethea Michelle Christian (Self, Miss World 1990 (1990))
Ole Christian Hagestad (Actor, Jötunheimr )
Ole Christian Rudstaden (Writer, Level Up Norge (2016))
Christiane Schlechter (Actress, Déi zwéi vum Bierg (1985))
Ole Christian Slyngstad (Camera Department, Frikjent (2015))
Jeanette Christiansen
Dennie Christian (Actor, Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman (2017))
Liselotte Christian (Actress, Un homme à ma taille (1983))
Christian Ubaldo (Art Department, El Cesar (2017))
Christian Zabalza (Actor, Garúa (2005))
Christian Aballi (Miscellaneous, Gundemonium Recollection (2010))
Christian Gubalke (Sound Department, Erledigung Einer Sache (2014))
Christian Balka (Camera Department, Carnie Wilson: Unstapled (2010))
Christian Balouzat (Camera Department, Le Retour d'Arsène Lupin (1989))
Christian Balz (Producer, Krabat (2008))
Christian Cristobal (Cinematographer, The Mold (2017))
Christian Baldi (Camera Department, Whatever Works (2009))
Christian Baltazar (I) (Art Department, Be Careful with My Heart (2012))
Christian Sebalt
Christian Caballero (II) (Visual Effects, Bloodlines (2015))
Christian Ballund (Director, Episoder (2002))
Christian B. Allen (Sound Department, Rocket Science (2007))
Christian Balanda (Actor, The Kid B.I. (2011))
Christian Kobald (Director, The Moon, the Sea, the Mood (2008))
Christian Anabalon (I)
Christian Balibrera (Miscellaneous, The Dentist 2 (1998))
Christian Ballard (II) (Soundtrack, Sleepover (2004))
Christian Ball (Sound Department, First Impressions (2013))
Christian Hormazábal (Director, Árbol de papel (2008))
Christiane Baldauf (Self, Nachtcafé (1987))
Christian Balvig (Music Department, Human Flow (2017))
David Christian Ball (Miscellaneous, Two Doors Down (2009))
Christian Anabalon (III)
Christian Caballero (I)
Christian Balhaus (Actor, Lachtauben weinen nicht (1979))
Christian Balcom
Christian Ballard (III) (Self, 2009 Outback Bowl (2009))
Christian Ballister (Actor, Les baratineurs (1965))
Christian Balzer (Editorial Department, Zapp (2002))
Christianne Bal (Actress, Dansen op de vulkaan (2014))
Christian Balbuena (Director, Juanita's Gran Salón y Spa (2009))
Christian Balkenius (Self, Tiden är ingen rak sträcka (1995))
Christian Bercebal (Camera Department, Un minuto (2018))
Christian Balabanis (Music Department, Maurizio Costanzo Show (1982))
Christian Ballard (I) (Transportation Department, Boltneck (2000))
Christian Balducci (Camera Department, In Apnea (2010))
Christian Baltazar (II) (Actor, The Blind Wanderer (2015))
Christian Balch (Actor, Sunday School Musical (2008))
Christiane Rombaldo (Actress, Jeunes filles en détresse (1939))
Steve Christian (XII) (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Sophie Christiano (Actress, Pamela's Prayer (1998))
Christian Becheanu (Cinematographer, Is the Dream (2016))
Söhnke Christiansen (Visual Effects, After Earth (2013))
Steve Christian (XIII) (Art Department, Skyscraper (2015))
Christian Lamprecht (Sound Department, The Longest Ride (2015))
Lars E. Christiansen (Actor, Solen er så rød (2000))
Minnie Christiansen (Actress, Kampen om den røde ko (1987))