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Anthony Russo (II) (Director, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014))
Tony Russel (I) (Actor, The Last Charge (1962))
Anthony Russo (I) (Actor, Mail Order Bride (2003))
Anthony Russo (V) (Actor, Followed (2015))
Anthony Russo (VIII) (Actor, Apostles of Park Slope (2010))
Anthony Russo Jr. (Actor, This Thing of Ours (2003))
Anthony Russo (XVI) (Producer, The Prancing Elites Project (2015))
Anthony Russo (XII) (Assistant Director, DECo (2013))
Anthony Russo (XXII) (Animation Department, Angry Birds Blues (2017))
Anthony Russo (XIX) (Actor, Thicker Than Water (2007))
Anthony Russo (VI) (Actor, Square One (2008))
Anthony Russo (X) (Actor, 12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate (2009))
Anthony Russo (XX) (Actor, The Mustard Seed Film )
Anthony Russo (XIII) (Director, Untold Stories of the Bible (2014))
Anthony Russo (XIV) (Actor, Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead (2007))
Anthony Russo (IV) (Self, Life & Cooking (2000))
Anthony Russo (IX) (Camera Department, Pictures of Poetry (2010))
Anthony Russo (III) (Cinematographer, American Surfrider (2008))
Anthony Russo (XVIII) (Producer, Running the 184 (2016))
Anthony Russo (XV) (Actor, Sugar! (2017))
Anthony Russo (VII)
Anthony Russo (XXI)
Anthony Russo (XI) (Writer, Paper (2017))
Anthony Russell (I) (Actor, Norbit (2007))
Anthony Ruivivar (Actor, Starship Troopers (1997))
Anthony Russ (Actor, The Lost Realities of Hog Caller (2011))
Anthony Ruiz (I) (Actor, Custody (2016))
John Anthony Russo (Actor, Dog Park (2014))
Louis Anthony Russo (Casting Director, Byline (2001))
Anthony Rush (II)
Anthony Rush (I)
Russo Anthony (Assistant Director, Ant-Man (2015))
Anthony Ruban (Sound Department, Aurangzeb (2013))
Anthony Russell (II) (Location Management, Cast a Deadly Spell (1991))
Anthony Russ Collins (Miscellaneous, The Force (1994))
Anthony Russell (XIV) (Editor, Anonymous: Anonymous (2013))
Anthony Russell (XV) (Actor, The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's (1961))
Anthony Russell (VII) (Self, Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin (2018))
Anthony Russell (IV) (Actor, Police Rescue (1989))
Anthony Russell (XII) (Editorial Department, Welcome to the Circus (2013))
Anthony Russev (Actor, Lost & Found (2015))
Anthony Russell (XVI) (Composer, Tides (2017))
Anthony Russell (XI)
Anthony Russell (VI) (Actor, Justifiable Romance (2006))
Anthony Russell (VIII) (Actor, Warm Blooded Killers (1999))
Sean Anthony Russell (Miscellaneous, 2004 MTV Video Music Awards (2004))
Anthony Russell (III) (Art Department, King Kong (2005))
Anthony Russell (X) (Composer, Circles (2012))
Anthony Russell (V) (Editorial Department, House Rules (2013))
Anthony Russell (IX) (Writer, Purple Haze (2011))
Anthony Russell (XIII) (Actor, The Visitor )
Anthony Russel (Actor, Joe and Max (2002))
Anthony Russell Jr. (Actor, It Had to Be You (1993))
Marlon Anthony Russ (Actor, Mommy Loves Me (2014))
Anthony Lorusso (Actor, Amor secreto (2015))
Anthony Rue II (Miscellaneous, Honey (2003))
Anthony Rumph (Producer, The Fix (2015))
Anthony Ruiz (III) (Cinematographer, The Short Cut (2007))
Anthony Ruis (Actor, Les dessous de la passion (1991))
Anthony Rullo (Producer, Pounce (2016))
Anthony Ruiz (V) (Self, The First 48 (2004))
Anthony Ruiz (VII) (Actor, Enraptured (2017))
Anthony Rubio (Actor, Run Cholo Run (2012))
Anthony Rutz (I) (Actor, Xtreme Backyard Wrestling: The Reunion (2010))
Anthony Ruf (Actor, There's Always One (2018))
Anthony Ruby (Actor, Cinderella Man: The James J. Braddock Story (2005))
Anthony Ruiz (IV) (Self, Strikeforce Challengers (2009))
Anthony Ruff (IV) (Production Designer, Head Count (2017))
Anthony Ruede (Actor, Peers XVIII: Fine Lines (2012))
Anthony Ruffo (Self, Billabong Odyssey (2003))
Anthony Ruff (III) (Assistant Director, 50 Ways (2017))
Anthony Ruff (VI) (Sound Department, Camp Villa, IN (2014))
Anthony Rue (I) (Miscellaneous, Inside the Britannic (2002))
Anthony Rutz (II) (Miscellaneous, The God I Found (2016))
Anthony Ruey (Visual Effects, I, Robot (2004))
Anthony Ruff (I) (Camera Department, That's Funny, Isn't It? (2006))
Anthony Ruff (II) (Actor, Slaughter Among Pigs (2009))
Anthony Ruiz (VI) (Miscellaneous, Plain Vanilla (2014))
Anthony Rudge (Actor, Realtime (2005))
Anthony Ruiz (II) (Editor, SARS: What You Need to Know (2003))
Anthony Rutowicz (Actor, Snowfall (2017))
Anthony Rosso (Actor, The Strange and Unusual (2014))
Anthony Rushton (Actor, Enter the Cage (2016))
J. Anthony Rubio (Actor, Killer Party (2019))
Maurice Anthony Russell (Writer, 120 Years (2015))
Anthony Russell-Roberts (Miscellaneous, Great Performances (1971))
Anthony LaRusso (Actor, Horrible People (2008))
Anthony Ruggiero (I) (Actor, Bad Lieutenant (1992))
Anthony J. Russo (I) (Writer, Grand Avenue (in development))
Anthony Musso (I) (Editorial Department, Starz Special: Gridiron Gang (2006))
Anthony Musso (II) (Actor, After Dust (2009))
Anthony Colarusso (Sound Department, Mark of the Dog Rose (2013))
Anthony J. Russo (II) (Director, The Lardfather (1973))
Anthony La Russo (Actor, The Necrotic (1978))
Anthony Rumford
Anthony Ruelas (Actor, Snitch'd (2003))
Anthony Rutherford (III)
Anthony Rutter (Art Department, Get Real (1998))
Anthony Rubino (II) (Writer, Desperate Measures (2015))
Anthony Rubini (II) (Actor, Snarl (1999))
Anthony Ruggiero (III) (Self, Panorama (1953))
Anthony Runblade (Actor, The Language of Laundry (2008))
Anthony Ruelasa (Actor, Exodus of the Prodigal Son (2017))
Carlos Anthony Ruiz (Actor, Chicago Fire (2012))
Anthony Ruiz Duarte (Composer, La liberté de l'intérieur (2006))
Anthony Rutherford (II)
Anthony Ruybalid (Self, The Players' Score )
Anthony Ruttgaizer (Actor, 1PW: First Anniversary (2007))
Anthony Rutabingwa (Actor, Nairobi Half Life (2012))
Anthony Rubino (I) (Cinematographer, The Next Step (2015))
Peter Anthony Rudge (Producer, Lost Diagnosis (2017))
Neal Anthony Rubin (Actor, The Ides of March (2011))
Anthony Ruggiero (II) (Actor, After Romeo & Juliet (2012))
Anthony Runfola (Actor, Number 13 (1997))
Anthony Rundblade (Writer, The Love of Hammers (2016))
Anthony Rutherford (I)
Anthony Rudolph (II) (Editor, Nile River: Playa (2011))
Anthony Ruggeri (Actor, Kriemhild's Dream (2011))
Jonas Anthony Rubio (Actor, Postino: I Love It (2013))
Anthony Rukstele (Actor, Phantom of the Ritz (1988))
Anthony Ruben Ramos (Art Department, Assassin's Creed: Origins (2017))
Frank Anthony Ruiz (Sound Department, Turtle Love (2016))
Anthony Ruffolo (Actor, Fear in Shadows (2012))
Anthony Rudolph (I) (Director, The Sea of Dreams (2011))
Anthony Rubini (I) (Camera Department, Judge Dredd (1995))
Anthony Ruotolo (Sound Department, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011))
Anthony Rutherford (IV)
Anthony Rugnetta Jr. (Actor, Black Ribbon (2007))
Anthony Rudenko (Miscellaneous, Independence Day (1996))
Anthony Ruksys (Camera Department, Anthrax (2001))
Anthony Rumolo (Sound Department, No Boys Dorm (2015))
Anthony Rubenstein (Producer, The Last Big Thing (1996))
Anthony R. Caruso
Anthony Rasmussen (Camera Department, The Blackout (2013))
Anthony Rousseau (Camera Department, L'enfant perdue (2008))
Anthony Giambusso (Actor, Yours Truly (2012))
Anthony Ravi Kissoon (Actor, Anomalies (2002))
Anthony Rossomando (Composer, Hedgehog (2017))
Jon Anthony Colarusso (Actor, Analog Days (2006))
Anthony A. Russell (I) (Actor, The Beast in Heat (2013))
Anthony Brussard (Actor, The Nigga Project Experience (2014))
Anthony A. Russell (III) (Editor, Laura Inserra: Windswept (2013))
Anthony A. Russell (II) (Composer, In the Mist (2012))
Anthony Andruss (Actor, The Whisperer in Darkness (2011))
Russell Anthony (I) (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Russell Anthony (III) (Actor, Peacock Season (2009))
Russell Anthony (IV) (Actor, Stark Naked (2016))
Russell Anthony (II) (Actor, Drone (2013))
Anthony Musson (Self, Who Do You Think You Are? (2010))
Anthony Mussolini (Camera Department, Eye to Eye (2009))
Anthony Mussolino (Camera Department, Roger Dodger (2002))
Giorgio Anthony Ruggeri (Self, Masterchef Italia (2011))
Anthony Rutter Giappone (Producer, A Pair of Silver Wings (in development))
Anthony Rutanashoodech (Cinematographer, The Last Elephants in Thailand (2009))
Alexander Lazyrus Anthony (Producer, Mixtress X (2005))
Russell Anthony Stewart (Sound Department, Deaners (2016))
Marty Russo (Actor, Alpha House (2013))