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Andreas Türck (Actor, Dalli Dalli (1971))
Andreas Trolf (Writer, Sanjay and Craig (2013))
Andreas Türk (Sound Department, Kanzleramt Pforte D (2010))
Andreas Thürck (Director, Involution (2015))
Andreas Treske (Editor, Takim böyle tutulur (2005))
Alexandre Astruc (Director, Les mauvaises rencontres (1955))
Andreas Tröster (Miscellaneous, Tatort (1970))
Andrea Strubl (Sound Department, The House of the Spirits (1993))
Andrea Strohl (Actress, Willkommen Österreich (2007))
Andrea Strang (Actress, The Mighty Macs (2009))
Andrea Straková (Actress, Gympl s (r)ucením omezeným (2012))
Andrea Strong (Actress, Naked Sushi (2009))
Andreas Tröger (I) (Director, Squalid (2008))
Andrea Streit (Self, Die Zuwanderin (2017))
Andrea Struble (Producer, A Girl's Best Friend (2003))
Andrea Strenge (Self, Gib mir 5 (2007))
Andrea Strydom (Costume Department, Vrou soek boer (2014))
Andreas Trygg (Actor, The Cake General (2018))
Andreas Tröger (II) (Camera Department, Star Mac (1990))
Andrea Straw (Actress, 3 Ways to Sunday (2009))
Andreas Trokas (Actor, Mavra mesanyhta (2008))
Andreas Trepte (Sound Department, SOKO Leipzig (2001))
Andreas Trutz (Camera Department, Wilsberg (1995))
Andreas Trägårdh (Self, Killarna - en far og seks syv brødre (2006))
Andrea Strková (Actress, Ordinace v ruzové zahrade 2 (2008))
Andreas Traint (Sound Department, Wien - Hitlers Stadt der Träume (2017))
Andreas Törner (Editor, Undercover in the Alt-Right (2018))
Andrea Sastre (Actress, La filosofía de la futilidad (2009))
Andrea Strobl (Music Department, Das Mädl aus der Vorstadt (1989))
Andrea Street (Sound Department, Lifestyles of Squirrels (2011))
Andreas Tretow (Actor, Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies (1992))
Andreas Tröstl (Set Decorator, Dancing Stars (2005))
Andrea Struss (Actor, He Gave Her His Phone (2013))
Andreas Truong (Composer, Togetherness?! (2013))
Andreas Tranøy (Location Management, Mammon (2014))
Andrea Strazis (Costume Department, Into the Sun (1991))
Andrea Strenitz (Actress, Los decentes (2016))
Andrea Stradling (Actress, Shut Up and Drive (2015))
Andreas Tremmel (Camera Department, Phettbergs nette Leit Show (1995))
Hélène Mastrandreas (Actress, Fairy Queen (2012))
Andreas Treinen
Andrea Strickler (Actor, Hillbilly Horror Show (2014))
Andreas Troedsson (II) (Cinematographer, Fågelfångarens Son )
Andrea Strangio (Actor, Dark Resurrection Volume 0 (2011))
Andrea Streeter (Make Up Department, Deeply (2000))
Andrea Streefkerk (Sound Department, Tranced (2010))
Andrea Strachan (Actress, Blood Trail (2005))
Andrea Streisel
Andreas Traxler (Miscellaneous, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2003))
Andreas Trachonitis (II) (Sound Department, 5 Ways 2 Die (2014))
Andrea Strening (Actor, Trubadeaux: A Restaurant Movie (2013))
Andreas Kastrunis (Actor, Reinikainen (1982))
Andreas Traczyk (Actor, The Boys of St. Vincent (1992))
Andreas Trachonitis (I) (Sound Department, Nightfall of Eden (2010))
Andreas Triebel (Art Department, Rächer, Retter und Rapiere (1982))
Andrea Strianese (Camera Department, Zio Vania di Anton Cechov (1990))
Andrea Strasser (Miscellaneous, ...und plötzlich sahen wir den Himmel (1998))
Andreas Kastrinos (Self, Touche pas à mon poste! (2010))
Andreas Trier Mørch
Andreas Troussas (Music Department, Rizoto (2000))
Andreas Törnblad (Producer, Hooked for Life (2011))
Andreas T. Ramani (Actor, Sunset Sunrise (2008))
Andreas Trautwein (Camera Department, Poem: I Set My Foot Upon the Air and It Carried Me (2003))
Andreas Trujillo (Actor, Innerspace II (Vuelve el chip prodigioso) (2018))
Andreas Trahonitis (Sound Department, Aishe Is Going on Vacation (2013))
Andreas Troedsson (I) (Director, Surfzombies (2009))
Andrea Stretton (Miscellaneous, Human Touch (2004))
Andreas Törnqvist (Actor, Rottweiler (2012))
Andreas Troeger (Editor, Lifepak (1991))
Andrea Straitmann (Miscellaneous, Szerelem elsö vérig (1986))
Andreas Trauttmansdorff (Camera Department, Dead Ringers (1988))
Andreas Tryfonopoulos (Producer, Panikos kai paranoia mesa se mia paraisthisi (2007))

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