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Roy Andersson (Director, Sånger från andra våningen (2000))
Bibi Andersson (Actress, Persona (1966))
Harriet Andersson (Actress, Cries & Whispers (1972))
Lina Leandersson (Actress, Let the Right One In (2008))
Peter Andersson (I) (Actor, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009))
Benny Andersson (I) (Composer, Mamma Mia! (2008))
Björn Andersson (I) (Actor, Himlen är oskyldigt blå (2010))
Ulf Andersson (III) (Producer, Payday (2013))
Ulla Andersson (Actress, To Bed or Not to Bed (1963))
Emil Andersson (IV) (Sound Department, A Man Called Ove (2015))
Kent Andersson (I) (Actor, Jönssonligan på Mallorca (1989))
Kris Andersson (Actor, Titanic (1997))
Per Andersson (II) (Writer, Virus i bataljonen (2009))
Birgitta Andersson (I) (Actress, Jönssonligans största kupp (1995))
Inez Andersson (II) (Actress, Mr. Sugar Daddy (2016))
Jenny Sandersson (Actress, The Rose in the Flame (in development))
Malin Andersson (XVIII) (Self, Love Island (2015))
Bengt Andersson (I) (Actor, Snowroller - Sällskapsresan II (1985))
Sandra Andersson (II) (Actress, Svenska Hollywoodfruar (2009))
Adam Andersson Roth
Rikke Louise Andersson (Actress, Nattevagten (1994))
Gerd Andersson (Actress, Fanny and Alexander (1982))
Martin Andersson (I) (Actor, Bert - Den siste oskulden (1995))
Lars Andersson (III) (Actor, Beck (1997))
Mona Andersson (I) (Actress, Fanny and Alexander (1982))
Siff Andersson (Actress, Høsten (2015))
Fancy Alexandersson (Actress, Expat: Italia (2018))
Ludvig Andersson (Soundtrack, Get Smart (2008))
Carl Andersson (V) (Actor, Genius (2017))
Mats Andersson (I) (Actor, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011))
Andersson (Soundtrack, Får jag lov: Till den sista dansen? (2008))
Zandra Andersson (Actress, Jordskott (2015))
Guhn Andersson (Actress, The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (2013))
Tommy Andersson (I) (Actor, Himlen är oskyldigt blå (2010))
Solveig Andersson (Actress, Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1973))
Arn Andersson (Music Department, Z for Zachariah (2015))
Thérèse Andersson Lewis (Actress, When we dreamed (2017))
Lena Andersson (I) (Actress, Backup (1995))
Lynn Endersson (Actress, Porno Girls (1977))
Kim W. Andersson (Writer, Alena (2015))
Kristin Andersson (I) (Actress, Chicago P.D. (2014))
Jonathan Andersson (I) (Actor, Ettor & nollor (2014))
Emma Andersson (II) (Self, Expedition: Robinson (1997))
Janne Andersson (IV) (Self, BingoLotto (1989))
Mats Andersson (VII) (Actor, Snabba cash - Livet deluxe (2013))
Ulf Andersson (I) (Actor, Dogville (2003))
Bo Andersson (II) (Camera Department, 'Harry Lund' lägger näsan i blöt! (1991))
Inga-Lill Andersson (Actress, Morden (2009))
Pär Andersson (Actor, Höök (2007))
Lill Andersson (Actress, Tuppen (1981))
Kaj Andersson (Actor, Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn (1960))
Anna Andersson (V) (Music Department, Mamma Mia! (2008))
Pia Andersson (V) (Actress, En dag i taget (1999))
Nikeisha Andersson (Director, Para knas (2017))
Håkan Andersson (I) (Actor, Kenny Starfighter (1997))
Lars Andersson (IV) (Actor, Isprinsessan (2007))
Lena Andersson (III) (Miscellaneous, I Remember When I Die (2015))
Anders Andersson (II) (Actor, Vaktmästaren och professorn (2002))
Annika Andersson (Actress, Söderkåkar (2006))
Björn Andersson (III) (Actor, Fallet (2017))
Mia Andersson (Costume Department, Melancholia (2011))
Kjell-Åke Andersson (Director, Juloratoriet (1996))
Therese Andersson (III) (Actress, Himlen är oskyldigt blå (2010))
Hans Andersson (II) (Music Department, Sune i fjällen (2014))
Pia Andersson (III) (Actress, Hymyilevä mies (2016))
Arne Andersson (I) (Actor, Springpojkar ä vi allihopa! (1941))
Bitte Andersson (Actress, Dyke Hard (2014))
Maja Andersson (I) (Actress, Masjävlar (2004))
Eva Andersson (II) (Self, Melodifestivalen 1985 (1985))
Alex Andersson (Actor, Hotet från yttre rymden (2013))
Rebecka Andersson (III) (Actress, Clank: Legacy (2016))
Jan Andersson (III) (Animation Department, The Illustrated City (2010))
Dan Robert Andersson (Director, Under Snön (2010))
Hans Andersson (VII) (Sound Department, En liten film om Fimpen (2015))
Iréne Andersson (Costume Department, En ö i havet (2003))
Jan Andersson (VIII) (Actor, Nasty Old People (2009))
Guje Andersson (Miscellaneous, Spanska flugan (1983))
Sten Andersson (I) (Actor, Sånger från andra våningen (2000))
Sara Andersson (V) (Composer, Semestersystern (2008))
Nina Andersson (II) (Self, V###n puhelinmyyjät! (2015))
Adam Andersson (VIII) (Assistant Director, Bonusfamiljen (2017))
Mats Andersson (IX) (Music Department, Vem skall trösta knyttet? (1980))
Bo Andersson (IV) (Miscellaneous, Autumn Sonata (1978))
John Andersson (III) (Composer, Femman (2010))
Gösta Andersson (Actor, Mitt hjärtas Malmö: Vol 5 1955 -1968 (2007))
Hans Andersson (IX) (Miscellaneous, Irene Huss (2007))
Bo Andersson (VIII)
Tord Andersson
Ulf Andersson (IV) (Self, ABBA: 40 Jahre Waterloo (2014))
Anders Andersson (IV) (Actor, Sound of Noise (2010))
Erik Andersson (XII)
Svea Andersson (Director, 360° - Die GEO-Reportage (1999))
Eric Andersson (III) (Visual Effects, As You Command (2017))
Elin Andersson (I) (Actress, Kurt Olssons julkalender (1990))
Gunder Andersson (II) (Camera Department, Någonstans i Sverige (1973))
Timo Andersson (Self, Kuppikunta (2008))
Tony Andersson (Camera Department, 4 korta (2016))
Per Andersson (VI)
Ina Andersson (Costume Designer, Bröder i midnattssol (2016))
Mark Andersson (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Babadook (2014))
Anders Andersson (I) (Actor, Ogifta par ...en film som skiljer sig (1997))
Kent Andersson (VI) (Self, Paroni (1998))
Mats Andersson (VIII) (Actor, Offerrollsretorik (2013))
Lars Andersson (IX) (Composer, Rikets Makt (2011))
Elin Andersson (XII) (Make Up Department, Min Søster (2017))
Nina Andersson (I) (Make Up Department, Adam & Eva (1997))
Gun Andersson (Actress, Farligt löfte (1955))
Eric Andersson (I) (Self, Life After (2009))
Anna Andersson (IX) (Visual Effects, Filth (2013))
Kurt Andersson (II) (Art Department, Sebastian (1995))
Anna Andersson (XVII) (Actress, Amatörer (2018))
Lisa Andersson (IV) (Actress, Meningen med Hugo (2012))
Mark Andersson (V) (Director, Lucky Country: The Video Diaries (2009))
Eva Andersson (I) (Make Up Department, Vackert väder (1996))
Anders Larsson (III) (Actor, Närkingarna (1923))
Leif Andersson (I)
Jan Andersson (I) (Art Department, Fanny and Alexander (1982))
Örjan Andersson (Miscellaneous, Sandor slash Ida (2005))
Adam Andersson (V)
Mark Andersson (III) (Production Manager, Backdraft: Igniting the Story (2006))
Jan Andersson (V) (Actor, Raja 1918 (2007))
Kent Andersson (VII) (Self, Continental Circus (1972))
Jan Andersson (XI) (Art Department, Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014))
Björn Andersson (II) (Actor, Scelerophobia (2015))
Erik Andersson (XV) (Cinematographer, Thank You (2015))
Nole Andersson (Sound Department, The Examined Life (1998))
Marc Andersson (I) (Art Department, 165 Hässelby (2005))
Rolf Andersson (II) (Actor, Morran & Tobias - Som en skänk från ovan (2016))
Lisa Andersson (V) (Editor, Karda Katt (2014))
Andre Andersson (Art Department, White Wall (2010))
Emma Andersson (VI) (Self, Paradise Hotel (2005))
Marc Andersson (II) (Self, P3 Guld (2003))
Jan Andersson (XV) (Actor, The Bomber (2001))
Anders Larsson (XI) (Self, 7 Days (2013))
Nils Andersson (III) (Director, Sagan om Spexet: Borgarringen (2017))
Elin Andersson (II) (Producer, Cosmomind (2003))
Erik Andersson (III) (Writer, Tre kronor (1994))
Leif Andersson (III)
Emil Andersson (III) (Actor, Ont Blod (2010))
Kent Andersson (VIII)
Mats Andersson (II) (Editor, Och skeppets namn var Gigantic... (1980))
Jan Andersson (XIII) (Animation Department, Hummeri nimeltä Frank (2014))
Finn Andersson (Director, Sabina - Miksi riisut rintsikat? (1998))
Gunder Andersson (I) (Writer, Dubbel-8 (2000))
Satu Andersson (Make Up Department, The Eurovision Song Contest (2007))
Jon Andersson (III) (Camera Department, Enhälligt beslut (2006))
Anders Larsson (IV) (Camera Department, Allra mest tecknat (2002))
Erik Andersson (X) (Camera Department, Turist (2014))
Arne Andersson (V) (Self, Fredsstyrkan (2008))
Dag Andersson (Actor, Cirkus Imago (2009))
Jan Andersson (VI) (Self, Miss Skandinavia 1971 (1970))
Lars Andersson (I) (Actor, Främmande makt (1990))
Elin Andersson (VII) (Art Department, Falks Grav (2014))
Anna Andersson (VII) (Actress, Singer (2010))
Adam Andersson (IX) (Sound Department, Gjeteren (2018))
Anna Andersson (II) (Actress, Ninja Mission 2000 (2000))
Liam Andersson (Camera Department, Gruen XL (2015))
Kurt Andersson (I) (Actor, Kauas pilvet karkaavat (1996))
Elin Andersson (IX) (Actress, NAMCAR Night Race Official Music Video (2016))
Karl Andersson (I) (Cinematographer, Blaavand melder Storm (1938))
Ann Andersson (Actress, One Swedish Summer (1968))
Anna Andersson (III) (Actress, Död vid ankomst (2008))
Mark Andersson (II) (Cinematographer, My Generation (2008))
Max Andersson (III) (Location Management, Apflickorna (2011))
Emma Andersson (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Eurovision Song Contest: Semi Final 1 (2016))
Jens Andersson (I) (Writer, The Darkness (2007))
Lena Andersson (V) (Actor, Snutliv (1985))
Åke Andersson (III) (Actor, Kollektivet (2003))
Per Andersson (IX) (Actor, Gladiator Games (2010))
Håkan Andersson (II) (Music Department, Percy, Buffalo Bill och jag (2005))
Hans Andersson (V) (Actor, Åshöjdens BK (1985))
Greg Andersson (Editor, 78 Days (2005))
Per Andersson (I) (Composer, Ja jestem Jurek (2000))
Dan Andersson (I) (Self, Skavlan (2009))
Inez Andersson (I) (Self, All Star Mr & Mrs (2008))
Carl Andersson (II) (Camera Department, Tre kärlekar (1989))
Noa Andersson (Camera Department, Otobüs (1975))
Helén Andersson (Animation Department, Resan till Melonia (1989))
Lars Andersson (V) (Self, Landet som inte längre är (2012))
Sven Andersson (II) (Actor, Havets melodi (1935))
Li Andersson (II) (Self, Uutisvuoto (1998))
Boel Andersson (Actress, Överlevarna - Det tionde året (2015))
Jan Andersson (II) (Self, Presidentinvaalit 2018 (2017))
Kent Andersson (IV) (Camera Department, After Dinner (2010))
Eddy Andersson (Actor, Sånt händer inte här (1950))
Adam Andersson (III) (Sound Department, Trädgårdsgatan (2017))
Bo Andersson (VII) (Actor, The Making of Wanted: The Game (2008))
Egil Andersson (Actor, Polisen som vägrade ta semester (1988))
Erik Andersson (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Maj Andersson (Editorial Department, Ø (2016))
Arne Andersson (III) (Self, Pappa Bom (1949))
Adam Andersson (II) (Sound Department, Paperwork (2013))
Hugo Andersson (Actor, Jävla pojkar (2012))
Knud Andersson (Self, DR-Friland (2002))
Karl Andersson (V) (Self, Täuschung - Die Methode Reagan (2014))
Jon Andersson (I) (Self, Paul Cadmus: Enfant Terrible at 80 (1984))
Märit Andersson (Director, Poeten som slutade dikta (1995))
Anni Andersson (I)
Anders Andersson (III) (Self, Fångarna på fortet (1990))
Ella Andersson (Director, Bakersfield )

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