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Ambrosia (VI) (Soundtrack, Coast to Coast (1980))
Ambrosia (VII) (Director, Untold (2014))
Goddess Ambrosia (Actress, Rejuvenatrix (1988))
Ambrosia Kelley (Actress, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003))
Ambrosia Parsley (Soundtrack, Silver Linings Playbook (2012))
Ambrosia Williams (Actress, Mario: How Could You (2005))
Ambrosia Vanette (Actress, Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation (2018))
April Moss (Actress, Creeporia (2014))
nickname "Ambrosia Mayne"
Alessandra Ambrosio (Actress, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016))
Lauren Ambrose (I) (Actress, Six Feet Under (2001))
Gary Ambrosia (Actor, The Angels of Death Island (2003))
Hira Ambrosino (Actress, The Terror (2018))
Cj Ambrosia (Actor, Clockwork (2008))
Franc D'Ambrosio (Actor, The Godfather: Part III (1990))
Jacqueline Ambrosia (Actress, Addictions (2013))
Vito D'Ambrosio (Actor, The Flash (2014))
aka "Vito D'Ambrosia"
Derek Ambrosi (Editor, Mortdecai (2015))
LuLu Lambros (Actress, Stuck in the Middle (2016))
Bianca D'Ambrosio (Actress, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (2014))
Joey Ambrosini (Actor, The Find )
Ambrosi (I) (Actress, Madame Sans-Gêne (1911))
Ambrosi (II) (Art Department, César (1936))
Joe D'Ambrosia (Writer, Blast Vegas (2013))
G.F. Ambrosia (Producer, The Angels of Death Island (2003))
Matt Ambrosia
Dan Ambrosia (Set Decorator, Lady in the Wall (2018))
Ambrosia Cray (Actress, Post-Mortem (2010))
Jimmy Ambrose (Actor, Agent Carter (2015))
Chiara D'Ambrosio (I) (Actress, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (2014))
Ivan D'Ambrosio (Producer, La terra dell'abbastanza (2018))
Alejandra Ambrosi (Actress, Hidden Moon (2012))
Nathan Ambrosioni (Director, Les drapeaux de papier (2018))
Tangie Ambrose (Actress, Why Him? (2016))
Melissa Ambrosini (Actress, Home and Away (1988))
Ambrosio De Luca (Actor, Mother! (2017))
Anisha Ambrose (Actress, Okkadu Migiladu (2017))
Rich Ambrosio (Self, Big Bad BBQ Brawl (2016))
Ambrose Hui (Actor, Qiu tian ri ji (2002))
Jon Ambrose (II) (Actor, Cardinal (2017))
David Ambrosi (I) (Stunts, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004))
Matthew D'Ambrosio (Miscellaneous, The Vampire Diaries (2009))
Allesandra Ambrosia
Anthony Ambrosino (Producer, Painless (2017))
Mark Ambrose (Producer, The Punisher (2017))
Adam Ambrosio (Producer, Sunset (2018))
Antonino D'Ambrosio (Director, Frank Serpico (2017))
Jason Ambrose (Actor, Lovecraft Country (2019))
Ambrosine Lara Davies (Actress, Wombat Talent (2017))
Nicoló Ambrosio (Actor, Master of None (2015))
Andy Lambros (Actor, Fatso (1980))
The Ambrosian Singers (Soundtrack, Get Smart (2008))
Giacomo Ambrosini (Editor, The Abandoned (2015))
Mia Ambrosi (Actress, Dunamis Pitch Trailer (2017))
Justin Ambrosino (Writer, The 8th Samurai (2009))
Ambrosine Phillpotts (Actress, Room at the Top (1959))
Dean Ambrose (Self, Original Specials (2014))
Dario D'Ambrosi (Writer, Il ronzio delle mosche (2003))
Ambrosio Hernandez (Actor, La casa de al lado (2011))
Ambrose Kenny-Smith (Composer, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard: People-Vultures (2016))
David Ambrose (I) (Writer, The Survivor (1981))
Marc Ambrose (I) (Producer, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years (2016))
Stephen Ambrose (Writer, Band of Brothers (2001))
Janek Ambros (Producer, Imminent Threat (2015))
Elizabeth D'Ambrosio (II) (Actress, Troma's Monster Kill (2016))
June Ambrose (Producer, Styled by June (2012))
Caroline Ambrose (I) (Actress, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999))
Amy Ambrosio (Make Up Department, The Beast of Bottomless Lake (2010))
Marco D'Ambrosio (Composer, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000))
aka "Marco d'Ambrosia"
Shannon Ambrosio (Self, Kids BBQ Championship (2016))
Jérôme d'Ambrosio (Self, Formula E (2014))
Joseph Ambrosia (Actor, Jammin with Freshie (2015))
Nichole Ambrosia (I) (Make Up Department, Eating for Beginners (2013))
Stephanie Ambrosia (Miscellaneous, The Angels of Death Island (2003))
David Ambrosia (Miscellaneous, F/X2 (1991))
Aron Ambrosiani
Ambrosia Sirvack (Actress, Ghost House: A Haunting (2018))
Michael Ambrosia (Producer, Attraction (2000))
Marco Ambrosia (Actor, Solo per amore (2015))
Ambrosia Kingstone (Actress, Sunshine Sports Hour (2015))
Angela D'Ambrosia (Actress, The Doctors and the Nurses (1962))
Ambrosia Wolmarans (Actress, Saints & Strangers (2015))
Nick D'Ambrosia (Actor, In the Way (2015))
Natalia Ambrosia
Nichole Ambrosia (II) (Make Up Department, Closet Made of Sheets (2017))
Adelpho Ambrosiano (Producer, Hercules, Prisoner of Evil (1964))
Ambrosia Sessie (Costume Department, Somewhere Between Now and Then (2016))
Elin Ambrosiani
Nancy Ambrosiano
Judith D'Ambrosia (Miscellaneous, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (2004))
Michael D'Ambrosia (Camera Department, Humanoids from the Deep (1996))
Vince Ambrosia (Self, When Nature Strikes (2008))
Ambrosia Wilder (Self, The Discussion (2011))
Ambrosia Healy (Miscellaneous, Dave Matthews Band: Listener Supported (1999))
Ambrosia Roque (Actress, Eggbaby (2009))
Dominick D'Ambrosia (Actor, Last Curtain Call (2014))
Ambrosia Kreps (Actress, Maintenance by Any Means (2003))
Marlo Ambrosia (Set Decorator, Lady in the Wall (2018))
Sydney Ambrosia (Miscellaneous, Coupon Extremists (2015))
Matthew Ambrosia (Actor, Red Stroke (2011))
Ambrosia Noronha (Actress, Suku Hali (2010))
Leslie D'Ambrosia (Self, Cold Case Files (1999))
Laura Ambrosiano (Animation Department, Mack & Moxy (2015))
Samantha D'Ambrosia (Actress, Now That's Sketchy! (2008))
Andrea Ambrosia
Francis Ambrosia (Camera Department, Tactical Force (2011))
Richard D'Ambrosia
Sam Ambrosio (Miscellaneous, As the World Turns (1956))
Paul Ambrosi (Self, 2006 FIFA World Cup (2006))
Carlo Ambrosi (Camera Department, Un amore così grande (2018))
Jay Ambrosini (Miscellaneous, Schlimmer (2004))
Guy Ambrosio (Art Department, The Bike Heist (2012))
Joe Ambrosius (Actor, Knights of Mayhem (2011))
Luisa Ambrosi (Miscellaneous, Un amore (1999))
David Ambrosi (II) (Production Manager, La grange (2014))
Luca Ambrosi (Camera Department, Los Mal Mirados (2013))
Max D'Ambrosio (Actor, Dollar Cinema (2014))
Ambrosio Gómez (II) (Art Department, Fantástico (1978))
Bruno Ambrosi (Self, Blu notte (1998))
Jason Ambrosi (Actor, Cherry on a Highway (2018))
Ambrosio Saiz (Actor, He's the Cowboy (2018))
Tony Ambrosio (I) (Art Department, Border Line (1999))
Joji Ambrosio (Miscellaneous, Sa aking mga kamay (1996))
Alex Ambrosio (Actor, Destroyer (2013))
Joe D'Ambrosio (II) (Self, ESPN 25: Who's #1? (2004))
Bob D'Ambrosi (Actor, Punk Vacation (1990))
John Ambrosio (Producer, The Special Without Brett Davis (2015))
Maura Ambrosi (Actress, At Your Service (2010))
Ale Dambrosio (Actor, Re loca (2018))
Tom D'Ambrosio (Producer, Oprah Goes to Broadway: The Color Purple (2015))
Tony Ambrosio (II) (Actor, Beggar Girl (2016))
Ambrosio Gómez (I) (Miscellaneous, There Be Dragons (2011))
J.B. De Ambrosio (Music Department, The Old Music (1985))
Rick Ambrosio (Actor, Stevie Ray (2010))
Maria Ambrosi (Actress, The Force Within (1993))
Eric D'Ambrosi (Transportation Department, Oui, mais... (2001))
Amy Ambrosino (Producer, Everything's Gonna Be Pink (2015))
Mao Ambrosio (Animation Department, Rumo (2019))
Inoc Ambrosio (Camera Department, Anatomiya ng korupsiyon (2011))
Joe D'Ambrosio (I) (Miscellaneous, Body Rock (1984))
Ana Ambrosio (Production Designer, A Stranger's Confession (2014))
Tony Ambrosi (Assistant Director, The Doodlebops (2004))
Al Ambrosio (Camera Department, Blow (2001))
Dan Ambrosio (Producer, 6 Degrees of Hell (2012))
Pam Brosius (Actress, The Tragic Account of the Untimely Yet Decidedly Nonviolent Death of Francis Bartholomew Bucket III (2018))
Paola Ambrosi (Actress, The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966))
Aldo Ambrosi (Miscellaneous, Sabato, domenica e lunedì (2004))
Alain Ambrosi (Writer, The Forgotten War (1986))
Jimmy Ambrosi (Actor, The Force Within (1993))
Lou D'Ambrosio (Self, The Story of Sales (2018))
Joe D'Ambrosio (III) (Music Department, The Girl on the Train (2016))
Joe D'Ambrosi (Actor, The Last Stop (2017))
Mike Ambrosio (Costume Department, Thirteen Days (2000))
Gina Ambrosi (Actress, The Force Within (1993))
Ray Ambrosini (Self, Did You Know Anime? (2014))
Neil Ambrosio (Actor, Born to Love You (2012))
Tom Ambrosio (Actor, Divine Reality (2001))
Félix Ambrosio (Producer, Fuego gris (1994))
Rita Ambrosio (Production Manager, Whiskey for Robinson (2018))
Zack Ambrosio (Camera Department, High-Land (2015))
F.G. D'Ambrosio (Producer, Reflections (2014))
L.H. Ambrosius (Miscellaneous, Wegweiser Licht (1961))
Ivo Ambrosic
Brita Ambrosi (Miscellaneous, Herzschlag - Das Ärzteteam Nord (1999))
Maxi Ambrosio (Self, Nunca es tarde (2015))
Ambo Ambrosio (Miscellaneous, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story (2011))
Fg D'Ambrosio (Director, FG D'Ambrosio (2013))
Dave Ambrosio (Camera Department, Soundstage (2003))
Luis Ambrosio (Casting Department, Cusp (1997))
Laura Ambrosy (Miscellaneous, Ambushed (2013))
Jude Ambrosio (Actor, Ruckkehr (2016))
Michael Ambrose (I) (Camera Department, The Fate of the Furious (2017))
Marsha Ambrosius (Soundtrack, Guess Who (2005))
Michael D'Ambrosio (I) (Editor, Hardboiled Eggheads (2014))
David Ambrosini (II) (Director, Arianna (2017))
Peter Ambrosio (Director, Sunday Girl )
Sarah Ambrosio (Actress, Colorless (2015))
Ambrose (I) (Actor, Men Against the Sun (1953))
Ambrose (III) (Actress, Road Lawyers and Other Briefs (1990))
Ambrose (IV) (Camera Department, Baseball, Dennis & The French (2011))
Ambrose (II) (Actor, Dead Babies (2000))
A.M.B. Rose (Actor, Amchem Noxib (1963))
Javier Ambrossi (Writer, La llamada (2017))
Grace Ambrose (Actress, Compromessi sposi (2019))
Roger C. Ambrose (Self, Hot Set (2012))
Harry Ambrose (Director, Acapulco H.E.A.T. (1993))
Amber Ambrose (Actress, Sexy Movie (2003))
Ambrose Eng (Cinematographer, American Mirror - Intimations of Immortality (2018))
Ambrose Hanna (Actor, Fight Within (2019))
Pablo D'Ambrosi (Editor, Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers (2017))
Aimee Rose Ambroziak (Actress, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002))
Rossella Ambrosini (Actress, The Little Hours (2017))
Ambrose Bierce (I) (Writer, The Twilight Zone (1959))
Beth Ambrose (II) (Production Manager, New Tate Modern Switched On (2016))
Jonathan D'Ambrosio (I) (Actor, An American Dream (2017))
Anthony D'Ambrosio (I) (Actor, Outrage (2003))
Paula Ambrosini (Production Manager, Holy Motors (2012))
Michael D'Ambrosio (III) (Camera Department, Behind the B (2013))
Ambrose Martos (Actor, Across the Universe (2007))
Terri D'Ambrosio (Sound Department, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000))
Ambrose Schindler (Actor, The Wizard of Oz (1939))

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