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Amy Acker (Actress, Angel (1999))
Peter Ackerman (I) (Writer, Ice Age (2002))
Smita Thackeray (Producer, Haseena Maan Jaayegi (1999))
Paul Overacker (Director, The Grey Conspiracy (2018))
Peter Ackerman (III) (Actor, Gidget's Summer Reunion (1985))
Ramin Ackert (Actor, The Whispering (1995))
Jerramy Acker (Actor, Negotiating Life (2009))
William Makepeace Thackeray (Writer, Barry Lyndon (1975))
Gerald Packer (I) (Cinematographer, Schitt's Creek (2015))
Meenatai Thackeray
Oliver Acker (Animation Department, Hercules (1997))
Ianka Fleerackers (Actress, Flikken (1999))
Alya Thackeray (Actress, Trapped in Amber (2017))
Jeetendra Thackeray (Producer, Lai Bhaari (2014))
Amy Ackerman (I) (Producer, Stroker and Hoop (2004))
Jamison Acker (Camera Department, Jessica (2016))
Amy Ackerman (III) (Actress, The Accidental Wolf (2017))
Amy Habacker (Costume Department, Vanilla Sky (2001))
J.P. Ramackers (Actor, Wraak (2013))
Amy Ackerman (II) (Costume Department, Tell Me a Story: the Life of J.L. Tramel (2016))
Lucy Thackeray (Actress, After Eric: Part of That World (2015))
J. Hunter Ackerman (Actor, Dead Air (2009))
Oliver Ackermann (I) (Production Manager, The 5th Wave (2016))
Jacke Ramos Castillo (Sound Department, Ode to Paz (2018))
Aboobacker Amani (Writer, The Transparent Life! (in development))
Kera Mackenzie (Director, Abductive Object #4 (2013))
Benjamin Packer (Editorial Department, Fallen (2016))
Jennifer Amy Decker (Actress, A Cry In The Night (1995))
Vera Mittenbecker (Actress, Solange es Männer gibt (2000))
Gram Cracker
Raman Macker (Producer, Being Cyrus (2005))
Jordan Cockeram (Producer, Broke A$$ Game Show (2015))
Josh Cockeram (Actor, Midnight's Children (2012))
Brocke Ramel
Kera McKeon (Actress, Lucy (2012))
Lycke Ramel (Actress, Punchline (2012))
Harry Keramidas (Editor, Back to the Future (1985))
Tamyra Mackey (Actress, Justice: By Any Means (2015))
Gordon MacKeracher (Miscellaneous, Tracker (2001))
JamieLee Ackerman (Actress, Los Angeles Overnight (2018))
Jamie Packer (Self, Foxy Lady TV (2012))
Jamie Thacker (Actor, Sharp as Marbles (2008))
Camille Acker (Art Department, Hatching Max (2012))
Amy A. Ackerman (Sound Department, 3 Bahadur (2015))
Amy Ackermann
Amy Blacker (Miscellaneous, Stoker (2013))
Jamie Kackert
Amy Ackerman (IV) (Actor, 93Queen (2018))
Jamine Ackert
Amy M. Sacker (Miscellaneous, The Ghost Flower (1918))
Damien Acker (Visual Effects, Christopher Robin (2018))
Amy Thacker (Miscellaneous, The Doctor's Case (2018))
K.T. Thackeray (Costume Department, Maa Kasam (1985))
Peter Acker (II) (Actor, Larchmont (2016))
Kim Thackeray (Art Director, Harry and Grace (2017))
Summer Ackery (Actress, Made in Wales (2009))
Tim Thackeray (Animation Department, Microscopic Milton (1997))
Omer Ackerman (Art Department, Jeruzalem (2015))
Vera Bracker (Actress, The Millionaire (1927))
Tyler Acker (Actor, Love Ain't Suppose to Hurt (2006))
Vera Blacker (Actress, Killer Instinct (1989))
Sue Thackeray (Actress, Eight O'Clock Walk (1954))
Gerald Packer (II) (Camera Department, Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1990))
Peter Acker (I) (Sound Department, War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death (2007))
Kyle Racker (Assistant Director, Curious Coeds (2005))
Luke Rackers (Composer, Spell )
Walter Ackerman (Actor, A Midsummer Night's Dream (1909))
Jake Ramirez (VII) (Producer, Jersey Chasers (2013))
Jeramy Parker (Sound Department, Safe Word (2017))
Mike Ramirez (VI) (Actor, Kill Season (2013))
Julien Kerami (Sound Department, Entretien de débauche (2014))
Mike Ramirez (III) (Art Department, The Black Dahlia (2006))
Jake Ramirez (I) (Camera Department, There Is No God and We All Die Alone (2013))
Mike Ramirez (I) (Editorial Department, Target for Seduction (1995))
Mado Keramida (Actress, Lines (2016))
Efi Keramyda (Actress, O kamikazi tsantakias (1982))
Jake Ramirez (III) (Producer, Jersey Chasers (2013))
Pike Ramirez (Composer, Selda (2007))
Kike Ramirez (Actor, Balas con olor a pulpo (2010))
Folke Ramirez (Art Department, Best Ink (2012))
Mike Ramirez (IV) (Director, Charlie (2011))
Jake Ramirez (VIII) (Camera Department, An American in Texas (2017))
Mike Ramirez (VII) (Miscellaneous, Another Chance for Romance (2008))
Mike Ramirez (V) (Actor, Closer (2011))
Jake Ramirez (IV) (Composer, Paranormal Chasers Soul of the Angelfire (2016))
Mike Ramirez (II) (Actor, Harder They Fall (2005))
David Thackeray (Actor, Silent Eye (2018))
Paul Hasegawa-Overacker (Director, Guest of Cindy Sherman (2008))
Richard Oberacker (Actor, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away (2012))
James Thackeray (Actor, Dreaming Whilst Black (2018))
Anthony Tucker Amirante (Camera Department, Blood Sown (2014))
Binda Thackeray (Producer, Agni Sakshi (1996))
Rahul Thackeray (Director, Raada Rox (2011))
Ellie Thackeray (Actress, Under the Greenwood Tree (2005))
Petra Mertensacker (Actress, Einmal Jenseits und zurück (2000))
Samara Mackereth (Producer, The Cody Rivers Show (2008))
Zackery Ramos-Taylor (Assistant Director, Collisions (2018))
Silvaine Rameckers (Producer, Dateline NBC (1992))
Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazz Band (Soundtrack, Four Hits and a Mister (1962))
Carter A. Mickens (Actor, Thicker Than Blood (2017))
Benhamin Acker (Miscellaneous, Far North (2007))
Camila Whitacker (Miscellaneous, Imminente Luna (2000))
Amilcar Packer
Benjamin Ackermann (Location Management, Hanna (2011))
Crumpacker Family (Actor, Roadkill (2012))
Amy Crumpacker (Actress, Loaded Paradise (2012))
Sami MacKenzie-Kerr (Miscellaneous, The Matrix (1999))
Jamie Lyn Kackert (Special Effects, After Earth (2013))
Jamie Hammerbacker (Make Up Department, Murder at High Tea (2014))
The Backer Family
Camille Habacker (Actress, The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man (2016))
Benjamin Acker (Actor, Le fruit du désir (2005))
Holger Ackermann (I) (Camera Department, Kanzleramt Pforte D (2010))
Francis Thackeray (Miscellaneous, L'odyssée de l'espèce (2003))
Spencer Ackerman (III) (Self, Now with Alex Wagner (2011))
Amber Ackerman (Actor, Rosie (2010))
Vivian Rieracker
Peter Ackermann (II) (Camera Department, Ein Feigenblatt für Kuhle Wampe oder Wem gehört die Welt? (1975))
Peter Ackerman (II) (Producer, Orange Revolution (2007))
Tyler Ackermann (Composer, A Knife of Her Own (2008))
General Blackery (Actress, Left for Dead (2014))
Jennifer Ackerman (I) (Writer, Great Migrations (2010))
Dieter Adenacker (Production Manager, Der Tod ist kein Beinbruch (2002))
Rajeev Lackeray (Editor, Holding Back (2015))
Spencer Ackerman (II)
Stevie Ray Ackerman (Actor, Kung Fu Graffiti (2010))
Daniel Thackeray (Actor, The Chauffeur's Hat (2008))
Curtis Thackeray (Visual Effects, Psycho Meets Girl (2009))
Holland Van Ackeran (Transportation Department, Little Minx Exquisite Corpse: Waffles for Breakfast (2008))
Xavier Ackerman (Self, Antes do silencio (2006))
Danielle Thackeray (Miscellaneous, Liar's Dice (2009))
Gordon Mackeracher (Miscellaneous, Kodachrome (2017))
Greg Overacker (Self, Disappeared (2009))
Darren Thackeray (Transportation Department, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004))
John Overacker (Camera Department, Miracle Mile (1988))
Jennifer Ackerman (II) (Actress, Hustler: the Series (2017))
Meyer Ackerman (Producer, American Masters (1985))
Alexander Acker (Writer, Tramper (2004))
Holger Ackermann (II)
Rainer Ackermann (Director, Über die Grenzen (1990))
Peter Ackermann (I) (Art Department, Big Game (2014))
Scooby Thacker-Allan
Homer Ackerman (Sound Department, The Three Musketeers (1933))
Heather Ackerman (Miscellaneous, Elvis: His Life and Times (1993))
Kris Fleerackers (II) (Actor, Re-Psycho (2013))
Josef Überacker (Actor, Der Marquis von Bolibar (1922))
Sheri Backer Aitkens (Producer, May Through August (2015))
Charles Thackeray (Art Director, Raise Your Kids on Seltzer (2015))
Rodger Ackerson (Self, Snapped: Killer Couples (2013))
Curt Thackeray (Writer, Friend (2009))
Kris Fleerackers (I) (Director, Applause! (2001))
Werner Ackermann (Producer, Scotty & Co. (1970))
Susan Thackeray (Miscellaneous, Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza (2008))
Kieran Mackerras (Actor, Emulsion (2014))
Jasper Ackerman (Self, This Is Your Life (1971))
Gareth Thackeray (Actor, The Accountant (1999))
Digby Thackeray
Spencer Ackerman (I) (Miscellaneous, In the Loop (2009))
Shreekant Thackeray (Composer, Mohre (1998))
Arnulf Uiberacker (Costume Designer, The High Command (1937))
Mortimer Acker
Ella Rose Rackers (Actor, Wind Up (2012))
Gerald Ackerman (Self, The Electric Dreamer: Remembering Philip K. Dick (2007))
Oliver Ackerman (Actor, Scorpion Girl (2017))
Aaishvary Thackeray (Assistant Director, Bajirao Mastani (2015))
Sheryl Thackeray (Producer, Friend (2009))
Jasmine Mackeras (Make Up Department, La spagnola (2001))
Mark Thackeray (Animation Department, Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game (2006))
Kobe Fleerackers (Camera Department, De Zon is een Maffe God (2018))
Peter Ackermann (III) (Composer, Some More Sweets (2010))
Peter Thackerah (Actor, Neighbours (1985))
Raymond Thackeray (Cinematographer, There Are No Robots (2014))
Manny Mackeral (Casting Department, The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989))
Gail Thackeray (Stunts, Siesta (1987))
Marjorie Thackeray
Anthony Thackeray (Self, BBC Super League Show (1999))
Jerald Ackerman
Geraldine Packer (Actress, Floater: A Ghost Story (2006))
Shackera Samuels (Actress, Noh Matta Wat (2005))
Nicola Thackeray
Kieran Ackerman (Self, Mission: 4Count (2014))
Evelyn Necker-Acktun (Make Up Department, Der Westen leuchtet (1982))
Christian Overacker (Miscellaneous, Blaze and the Monster Machines (2014))
Sheila Thackeray
Oliver Ackermann (II) (Soundtrack, Carrie (2013))
Alexander Ackerman (Cinematographer, The Cube (2013))
Nicolas Keramidas (Animation Department, Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001))
Zafiris Keramidas
Louis Keramidas (Miscellaneous, The Castle (1997))
Evangelos Keramidas (Self, Extreme Makeover (2008))
Dimitra Keramitzi
Dimitris Keramidas (Stunts, Pente lepta akoma (2006))
Lakis Keramidiotis (Actor, Gi kai anthropoi (2001))
Secunder Kerami (Self, Midlands Today (1964))
Keramidiotou Niki (Actress, One Simple Idea (2016))
Stasi Keramidis (Actor, Greasewood Flat (2003))
Jason Keramidas (Producer, Trophy Husband (2012))
Chrisa Keramidas (Actress, Dancers (1987))
Robert Keramidas (Camera Department, Vixen Vexing (2016))
Nikos Keramidas (Writer, Fortsa patrida (2017))

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