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Dee Austin Robertson (Writer, The Happytime Murders (2018))
Austin Robert (Actor, Halloween: The Curse of Haddonfield (2017))
Austin Roberts (III) (Soundtrack, Tender Mercies (1983))
Justin Robert (Composer, Interview with the Minotaur (2011))
Robert Austin (I) (Actor, Agony (1979))
Dustin Robertson (Editor, Lady Gaga: I Want Your Love (2015))
Austin Roberts (VII)
Austin Robert Moore (Actor, I'm Sorry (2015))
Austin Roberts (VI) (Sound Department, Cut Up (2010))
Austin Roberts (IV) (Music Department, Begone Dull Care (1949))
Austin Roberts (XIV) (Actor, Defiant Wrestling (2016))
Austin Roberts (X) (Producer, 70 Years of Sears (2016))
Austin Robertson
Austin Roberts (XIII)
Austin Roberts (I) (Self, A Year at War (2010))
Austin Roberts (XII) (Sound Department, Memories (2016))
Robert Austin Rossi (Writer, The Bench (2016))
Austin Roberto (Actor, The Timeless Murder (2012))
Austin Roberts (IX) (Actor, We the Jury (2002))
Austin Robert Hines (Producer, Singularity Principle (2013))
Austin Roberts (V) (Self, America's Got Talent (2006))
Austin Robert Miller (Actor, All My Brothers )
Austin Roberts (XI)
Austin Roberts (II) (Actor, Run, Angel, Run! (1969))
Austin Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Child's Tale: Once Upon A Crime (2012))
Justin Robert Vinall (Producer, Emiko (2017))
Dustin Robert Young (Actor, Where We Go (in development))
Justin Roberts (I) (Actor, WWE NXT (2010))
Justin Roberts (V) (Actor, Imitation Life (2008))
Justin Roberts (XXVI) (Self, Jake Paul: Team 10 Tour Minnesota (2018))
Justin Roberts (IX) (Producer, No Greater Love (2015))
Martin Roberts (I) (Self, Homes Under the Hammer (2003))
Austin Robins (Actor, As Long as There is Plenty (2013))
Austin Rospert (Miscellaneous, How to Get Fired from Your Job (2017))
Robert Austin (III) (Cinematographer, The Olympiad (1976))
Robert Austin (XVII)
Robert Austin (XII) (Actor, Pillow Talk (2014))
Robert Austin (V)
Robert Austin (XVI) (Editor, Main Blessings (2017))
Robert Austin (VIII) (Composer, Skinwalker (2017))
Robert Austin (XI)
Robert Austin (XIX) (Composer, Twelve (2017))
Robert Austin (X)
Robert Austin (VII) (Actor, Deacon's Choice )
Robert Austin (VI) (Miscellaneous, Love Stuffed (2013))
Robert Austin (XIII)
Robert Austin (XVIII)
Robert Austin (XV) (Actor, The Satan Killer (1993))
Robert Austin (XIV)
Robert Austin (II) (Editorial Department, Don't Go in the Woods (2010))
Robert Austin (IV)
Justin Robert Purser (Writer, And Two If by Sea: The Hobgood Brothers )
Justin Robert Young (Actor, Prison Logic )
Justin Roberts (XIX)
Justin Robert Doan (Actor, Hannah Kay (2015))
Dustin Robert Dugre (Writer, The Natural Disaster (2018))
Justin Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Pro Wrestler (2011))
Justin Roberts (II) (Writer, Championship Wrestling from Arizona (2016))
Justin Robertson (III) (Actor, Secret Decoder Ring (2013))
Justin Roberts (XII) (Composer, Second Wind Storms McKenzie Farms (2013))
Justin Roberts (X) (Camera Department, Casual Encounters (2014))
Dustin Robert Coombs (Miscellaneous, Fido (2006))
Justin Robert Huxley (Miscellaneous, 21 (2008))
Justin Roberts (XXI) (Producer, Championship Wrestling from Arizona (2016))
Justin Roberts (XIV)
Justin Roberts (XXV) (Self, Good Morning Britain (2014))
Justin Roberts (XXIII) (Self, Operation American Dream (2016))
Justin Robertson (IV) (Location Management, The Man in the Chair (2014))
Justin Roberts (VII) (Actor, Prodigal (2011))
Justin Roberts (XI) (Actor, Clay's Rampage (2014))
Justin Roberts (XXIV) (Camera Department, Literary Landmarks: Twain's Tramps Abroad (2014))
Dustin Roberts (Camera Department, Every Other Holiday (2018))
Justin Robertson (I) (Cinematographer, POL Movie (2012))
Justin Robert Warner (Actor, Escaping Freedom )
Justin Robertson (VII) (Self, Music Nation (2014))
Justin Robertson (VIII) (Self, Manchester Keeps on Dancing (2017))
Justin Roberts (IV) (Miscellaneous, Poorman's Bikini Beach (2000))
Justin Roberts (XX) (Editor, Someday (2015))
Justin Roberts (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Friday Night Tykes (2014))
Justin Robertson (V) (Actor, Milfs vs. Zombies (2015))
Justin Robertson (IX) (Self, Secret State: Inside North Korea (2017))
Justin Robertson (II) (Camera Department, Focus North (1999))
Justin Roberts (III) (Sound Department, MTV Movie Special: Die Another Day (2002))
Justin Roberts (VI) (Producer, Owl and Friends (2010))
Justin Robertson (VI) (Self, Broadway.com #LiveatFive (2015))
Justin Roberts (XV)
Justin Roberts (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Jack's Apocalypse (2015))
Justin Roberts (XXII) (Art Department, Satori (2016))
Justin Roberts (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Zombie College: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety (2013))
Justin Roberts (XVI)
Justin Robson (II) (Art Department, Count Yoga (2013))
Justin Robson (I) (Visual Effects, The Time Guardian (1987))
Jake Austin Robertson (Actor, The Chamber (2017))
Tracy Robert Austin (Actress, Avenging Angel (1985))
Martin Robert (I) (Composer, Clic (2011))
Martin Robert (IV) (Writer, Puzz 3D: The Orient Express (2000))
Martin Robert (III) (Actor, The Resellers (2015))
Martin Robert (II)
Austin Robeldo (II) (Camera Department, Truth be Told (2015))
Austin Robeldo (I) (Camera Department, Abraham Lincoln: The Time Traveler (2013))
Justin D. Robertson (Editor, Who Do You Think You Are? (2010))
Richard Justin Roberts (Camera Department, Everybody Wants Some!! (2016))
Austi Roberts (Actress, Bruthas 321 (2018))
Kristin Roberts (Art Department, The Void (2016))
Kristin Robert (Actress, Catching Faith (2015))
Robert Justin Robinson (Actor, The Ray Bradbury Theater (1985))
Robert Austin Richardson (Actor, Huntin' Buddies (2008))
Justin R. Roberts (Producer, Waterfront Nightmare (2012))
Austin Butler (I) (Actor, Aliens in the Attic (2009))
Austin Robinson (IV)
Austin Robbins (II) (Cinematographer, 6 Days (2017))
Austin Robinson (I) (Actor, Affection/Affectation (2010))
Austin Robinson (V) (Make Up Department, Kartoon Circus (2016))
Austin Robinson (II) (Actor, Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012))
Austin Robbins (I) (Actor, Class of '91 (2010))
Austin Robinson (III)
Ty Austin Robinson (Actor, Mind Games (2018))
Robert Dustin (Producer, The Chase (2005))
Robert Gustin
Austin Gordon Roberts
Robert Austin Smith (Producer, Breakup by Jury (in development))
Austin F. Roberts (Writer, Oh, What a Boob! (1913))
Robert Austin Page (Miscellaneous, Indignation (2016))
Austin Wayne Roberts (Actor, Neurotica )
Robert Austin-Taylor (Camera Department, The Call Up (2016))
Austin Justice Roberts (Actor, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (2004))
Roberto Faustino (Producer, A Hora e a Vez de Augusto Matraga (2011))
Martin Robert Smith (Actor, Autopsy: The Last Hours of (2014))
Austin Rosenberger
Martin Robertson (VIII) (Actor, Front Row Boston (2014))
Martin Robertson (II) (Miscellaneous, The Kenny Everett Video Show (1978))
Martin Roberts (XIV)
Martin Roberts (V) (Actor, The Point (2006))
Martin Robertson (VII) (Sound Department, Bill & Maggie's Intergalactic Taxi Service (2016))
Martin Roberts (II) (Composer, California Sunshine (1997))
Martin Roberts (VII) (Editor, The Lotus Flowers (2005))
Darin Robert Inkster (Actor, Mutant X (2001))
Martin Roberts (XV)
Martin Roberts (XI) (Editorial Department, Sea Shadow (2011))
James Martin Roberts (Actor, Lonely Hearts (2006))
Martin Robertson (IX) (Camera Department, Pop Rox (2017))
Martin Robert Noss (II) (Actor, Emma (2016))
Hélène Longtin-Robert (Actress, Un cri au bonheur (2007))
Martin Roberts (X) (Assistant Director, Bad to the Bone (2011))
Martin Roberts (XII) (Visual Effects, Djinn (2013))
Martin Robertson (I) (Music Department, Thor: Ragnarok (2017))
Corentin Robert (Camera Department, Sur nos traces (2013))
Martin Roberts (VI) (Miscellaneous, Kinky Boots (2005))
Quentin Robert (Sound Department, Par le Sang (2018))
Martin Robertson (III) (Producer, The Checkout (2013))
Martin Roberts (IV) (Miscellaneous, Rhinoceros (1974))
Martin Robertson (IV) (Actor, Defenceless: A Blood Symphony (2004))
Benoît Longtin-Robert (Actor, Un cri au bonheur (2007))
Martin Robertson (V) (Miscellaneous, Flipper & Lopaka (1999))
Martin Roberts (XVI) (Costume Department, Reign of Fire (2002))
Lucie Longtin-Robert (Actress, Un cri au bonheur (2007))
Martin Roberts (IX) (Actor, De père en flic (2009))
Martin Roberts (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Lake Noir (2013))
Martin Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Sheena (2000))
Martin Robertson (VI) (Music Department, Miranda )
Martin Roberts (XVIII) (Producer, The Adventurer's Diary (2019))
Martin Roberts (III) (Actor, 7 Days (2010))
Martin Robert Noss (I)
Martin Roberts (XVII) (Self, El comidista (2017))
Austen Robertson (Actor, Give Me the Rope (2018))
Robert Martin Robinson (Actor, The Sum of All Fears (2002))
Justin Hughston-Roberts (Miscellaneous, The Mark of Cain (2007))
Michael Robert Austin (Director, The Recycle Man Show (2007))
Robert Justin Moore (Art Department, Wild Card (2015))
Justin McRoberts (Producer, Carpool (2017))
Justine Roberts (Self, Dispatches (1987))
Justin Mcroberts
Justine Robert (Art Department, Son Reflet en Héritage (2017))
Justin J. Robertson (Cinematographer, Holy Terrors (2017))
Robert Augustine
Robert Justin Brown (Sound Department, Love Online )
Robert Augustin (Actor, Erinnern ausgeschlossen (2013))
Robert Justin Leblanc
Robert Christopher Austin (Actor, Rush (2013))
Sebastián Romero Berndhart (Editor, Amor, etc... (2013))
Sebastián Romero Bernhardt (Sound Department, Entre ríos: todo lo que no dijimos (2014))
Fausto Nilo & Robertinho do Recife (Composer, DreamWaves (2013))
Bob Card (Actor, Prairie Law (1940))
Bobby Jaggerjack (Actor, Whatever It Takes (2017))
Robert Harmon (VI) (Actor, I Am Kill (2013))
Robert A. Emmons Jr. (Producer, Goodwill: The Flight of Emilio Carranza (2007))
Austin Doty (Assistant Director, Debt Man (2014))
Chris DiRico (Producer, Bad Obsession (2008))
Robert Destolfe (Location Management, The Insider (1999))

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