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Theodoros Angelopoulos (Director, Topio stin omihli (1988))
aka "Theo Angelopoulos"
Angelo Poulos (Actor, The Gunman (2013))
Angelo Angelopoulos (Actor, Displaced (2016))
Elisseo Angelopoulos (Actor, Displaced (2016))
Ellisseo Angelopoulos


Theo Angelopoulos (2004) (TV Short)
Theo Angelopoulos dreht 'Der Staub der Zeit' (2009) (TV Episode)
- Kinomagazin (1993) (TV Series)
O 20os aionas mesa apo to vlemma tou Th. Angelopoulou (2001)
aka "The 20th Century Through a Gaze: Theo Angelopoulos"

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